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Hardcover      ISBN: 1623260205
A large-format reissue of the 1962 classic celebrating the importance of books combines vintage illustrations and sumptuous typography that celebrate the unlimited world of language, stories and imagination that children can discover through reading.
The Big Book of Monsters: The Creepiest Creatures from Classic Literature
The Big Book of Monsters
The Creepiest Creatures from Classic Literature
Hardcover      ISBN: 152350711x
An illustrated compendium of monster profiles from 25 works of classic literature offers playful story summaries, full-color illustrations and literary sidebars for such creatures as Dracula, Cyclops and the Invisible Man. 25,000 first printing. Simultaneous eBook. Illustrations.
My First Hip Hop Book
My First Hip Hop Book
Hardcover      ISBN: 918836920x
A different, colorful picture book about culture and everyday life.Rap, Breakdance, Graffiti & DJ:ing
Walk This Underground World
Walk This Underground World
School & Library      ISBN: 1536208566
What Is Contemporary Art?: A Guide for Kids
What Is Contemporary Art?
A Guide for Kids
Hardcover      ISBN: 0870708090
Presents an illustrated look at contemporary art, examining the work of over seventy artists from around the world, the themes they explore, the diverse materials they use, and the techniques they employ.
Diego Rivera: His World and Ours
Diego Rivera
His World and Ours
School & Library      ISBN: 0810997312
Tells the story of Diego as a young, mischievous boy who demonstrated a clear passion for art and then went on to become one of the most famous painters in the world.
The Prehistoric Masters of Literature
The Prehistoric Masters of Literature
Hardcover      ISBN: 1633220982
Read classic literature from the eyes of the dinosaurs, and learn about the literary greats through humorous, prehistoric mashups and fun, dinosaur-themed facts. Jurassic Classics: The Prehistoric Masters of Literature mixes prehistoric dinosaur humor with some of the great names of literary history to teach the classics in a fun and inviting way for children of all ages. The first book in a new series,The Prehistoric Masters of Literature, features an assortment of well-known, classic authors, such as the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, and William Shakespeare, all under the guise of favorite dinosaur mashups (i.e. the "Brontesaurus" sisters).The Prehistoric Masters of Literature features a brief "dino" biography of each author, with real facts intertwined and modified to fit with the prehistoric theme. Each biographical spread also includes a short mini book of one of the author's classic novels, glued into the last pages. For instance, an abridged version of Wuthering Swamp Heightsis included alongside the Brontesaurus sisters' biography. With the timeless popularity of dinosaur subjects for children, this new series is sure to engage and delight, as well as teach children about famous figures in history.
Ballerina Dreams: A True Story
Ballerina Dreams
A True Story
School & Library      ISBN: 0312370296
A true story of love, hope, and courage follows five little girls from Bayside, Queens who wanted to be ballerinas and did not let physical disabilities, or crutches, or wheelchairs, or walkers, get in the way of their dreams. 75,000 first printing.
The Visual Dictionary of Buildings
The Visual Dictionary of Buildings
Hardcover      ISBN: 1564581020
A full-color photographic dictionary provides a close-up look at the world of architecture and building construction, with examples ranging from Egyptian temples to modern skyscrapers, presented in dazzling photographs accompanied by charts, diagrams, and plans.
Viva Frida
Viva Frida
Spanish    School & Library      ISBN: 1596436034
Bilingual text, accompanied by colorful photographs, explores the famous artist's life, and illuminates the laughter, love, and tragedy that influenced her work.