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Ballerina Dreams: A True Story
Ballerina Dreams
A True Story
School & Library      ISBN: 0312370296
A true story of love, hope, and courage follows five little girls from Bayside, Queens who wanted to be ballerinas and did not let physical disabilities, or crutches, or wheelchairs, or walkers, get in the way of their dreams. 75,000 first printing.
The Visual Dictionary of Buildings
The Visual Dictionary of Buildings
Hardcover      ISBN: 1564581020
A full-color photographic dictionary provides a close-up look at the world of architecture and building construction, with examples ranging from Egyptian temples to modern skyscrapers, presented in dazzling photographs accompanied by charts, diagrams, and plans.
Viva Frida
Viva Frida
Spanish    School & Library      ISBN: 1596436034
Bilingual text, accompanied by colorful photographs, explores the famous artist's life, and illuminates the laughter, love, and tragedy that influenced her work.
Ballet for Martha: Making Appalachian Spring
Ballet for Martha
Making Appalachian Spring
1st Edition    School & Library      ISBN: 1596433388
Martha Graham : trailblazing choreographer Aaron Copland : distinguished American composer Isamu Noguchi : artist, sculptor, craftsman Award-winning authors Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan tell the story behind the scenes of the collaboration that created APPALACHIAN SPRING, from its inception through the score’s composition to Martha’s intense rehearsal process. The authors’ collaborator is two-time Sibert Honor winner Brian Floca, whose vivid watercolors bring both the process and the performance to life.
Black Music Greats
Black Music Greats
Hardcover      ISBN: 1786034719
Each '40 Inspiring Icons' title introduces readers to a fascinating non-fiction subject through its 40 most famous people or groups. In this book, 40 of the most inspirational movers, shakers and innovators in black music history are waiting to be heard. Find out about each artists most iconic shows, genre defining techniques, friends, rivals and nicknames. Each artist profile is complete with 5 must-listen-to tracks: perfect for the budding audiophile.
Hardcover      ISBN: 0679819878
An inspiring picture-book biography discusses in English and Spanish Diego Rivera's childhood and how it influenced his art. Reissue. K. SLJ.
Building a House
Building a House
Paperback      ISBN: 0688093566
Brief text and illustrations describe the steps in building a house
Romeo and Juliet: For Kids
Romeo and Juliet
For Kids
Paperback      ISBN: 1552092291
A retelling in rhymed couplets of Shakespeare's tragedy of ill-fated young lovers is accompanied by illustrations from the author's second-grade class
Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction
The Story of Its Construction
Paperback      ISBN: 0395316685
Presents an ingenious, splendidly illustrated look at the step-by-step building and construction of a thirteenth-century Gothic cathedral
10-Minute Plays for Kids
10-Minute Plays for Kids
Paperback      ISBN: 1495053393
(Applause Acting Series). In 10-Minute Plays for Kids , young thespians will find terrific plays by some of our most prominent playwrights such as Sharyn Rothstein, Alex Broun, Jenny Lyn Bader, Claudia I. Haas, and Mark Harvey Levine, and by others less well known but equally terrific such as Sharai Bohannon, Suzanne Bailie, and Shirley King. The characters and situations portrayed are perfect for the kid actor. Some of the plays explore relatable tales of friendship and family, while others allow the actors to take on the personas of nonhuman characters, such as fish and chess pieces! 10-Minute Plays for Kids is ideal for theater students, youth groups, and acting classes.