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Astronomy: Out of This World!
Out of This World!
Paperback      ISBN: 0753462907
Introduces astronomy and the things it studies through profiles in which the Solar System, the planets, stars, and the Milky Way galaxy introduce themselves.
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789457822
Photographs and text depict different aspects of weather and how it is forecast.
100 Award-Winning Science Fair Projects
100 Award-Winning Science Fair Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 0806973773
Science is at work everywhere--in the kitchen, the sky, the ground, and all around us in plants, animals, machines, even the mind. Here are 100 ways to demonstrate how science works and for you to come out tops at your school fair. Stir up chemical magic and turn a copper pot green with oxidation. Prove that computers emit radio waves; create virtual 3-D with a polarized lens; and show off some "medieval ballistics." Every experiment will impress the judges!
Loon and Moon: And Other Animal Stories
Loon and Moon
And Other Animal Stories
Paperback      ISBN: 0976626438
These collected tales are outstanding read-aloud stories for families, teachers, librarians and, of course, children. Some stories are original, some are based on traditional tales from other cultures, and some are new twists on familiar stories.
A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky: The Story of the Stars, Planets and Constellations-- And How You Can Find Them in the Sky
A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky
The Story of the Stars, Planets and Constellations-- And How You Can Find Them in the Sky
Hardcover      ISBN: 157912366x
Children eight and up will enjoy this conversational but information-packed introduction to astronomy and stargazing, which includes the achievements of the great scientists, the history of space exploration, the story of our solar system, the myths behind the constellations, and how to navigate the night sky. Whimsical color illustrations on every page and handy definitions and sidebars help engage younger readers and develop their interest. The special star wheel helps locate stars and planets from any location at any time of year. This is the third in Black Dog & Leventhal's successful series including The Story of the Orchestra and A Child's Introduction to Poetry.
1st Human Body Encyclopedia
1st Human Body Encyclopedia
Hardcover      ISBN: 0756609976
Taking readers inside the human body to see how things fit and work together, an exciting reference book is packed with fascinating facts that make basic anatomy accessible and fun.
What Makes Day and Night
What Makes Day and Night
Paperback      ISBN: 0064450503
A simple explanation of how the rotation of the earth causes night and day
The Periodic Table: Elements with Style
The Periodic Table
Elements with Style
Paperback      ISBN: 0753460858
Web-style "homepages" introduce to budding chemists each of the chemical elements from the periodic table, complete with witty and informative profiles written by the elements themselves.
There's No Place Like Space
There's No Place Like Space
Hardcover      ISBN: 0679891153
Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat introduces Sally and Dick to the planets, stars, and moons in our universe
How Science Works
How Science Works
Hardcover      ISBN: 0895773821
Suggests simple experiments that demonstrate facts about chemical reactions, energy, motion, light, sound, air, water, magnetism, electricity, electronics, and computers