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Planet Earth/Inside Out
Planet Earth/Inside Out
Paperback      ISBN: 0688158498

A basic and enjoyable introduction to our planet from Washington Post/Children's Book Guild Award winner Gail Gibbons

What if we could open up our planet and look inside? From its red-hot core to the highest mountain peak, come see the ins and outs of Earth as you've never seen them before in a colorful introduction to the powerful forces shaping our home.

With detailed illustrations and diagrams, Gail Gibbons offers a classroom-ready nonfiction picture book that makes complex scientific concepts understandable and entertaining for young readers.

100 First-Prize Make-It-Yourself Science Fair Projects
100 First-Prize Make-It-Yourself Science Fair Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 0806924837

Demonstrate the action of magnetic fields, make a moon box, build "ant architecture," and measure static electricity. "Plus" try homemade perfume, erupting volcanoes, jumping Puffed Wheat, a bubble gum plant graft, a big green solar machine, and a kite sighter. "Well indexed and accurately illustrated with black-and-white pen-and-ink drawings, this book is a good starting place for finding successful science-fair projects."--"School Library Journal." ..".can provide needed direction to parents and students facing looming classroom deadlines."--"The Los Angeles Times." ..".offers a real variety
to young scientists..."--"Parent Council(r)." "Selected as Outstanding"
"by Parent Council(r)."

Astronomy: Out of This World! [With Poster]
Out of This World! [With Poster]
Paperback      ISBN: 0753462907

Basher Science: Astronomy, Out of this World created and illustrated by Simon Basher, Written by Dan Green:

Like a Facebook for the universe, Astronomy gives every important celestial body and concept its own page, where readers can learn its behaviors, likes, and dislikes up close and personal. From the flashy stars to the shadowy and strange objects that hang out like loners at the edges of the universe, no player goes unnoticed. Every profile has a hip anime-style portrait to round out the picture, but make no mistake: while the presentation is all style, the science is rock solid. The universe has never been so cool.
Uncover the Human Body: Take a Three-Dimensional Look Inside the Human Body!
Uncover the Human Body
Take a Three-Dimensional Look Inside the Human Body!
Hardcover      ISBN: 1571457895

Filled with interesting facts and information, this book offers a comprehensive approach to teaching children about anatomy and functions of the human body. Beginning with the dermal system each layer addresses the skeletal system, digestive system, urinary system, circulatory system, repiratory system, muscular system, and nervous system. Children will learn why bones can bend without breaking, how blood travels thru the body and protects against germs, how different parts of the brain controls different functions of the body and what smoking does to your lungs.

Paperback      ISBN: 0064437914

Join award-winning science writer Seymour Simon in this picture book introduction to tornadoes

With winds that can reach speeds of three hundred miles an hour and funnel clouds that can measure a mile in diameter, tornadoes leave enormous damage in their wake.

Now Seymour Simon examines these twisting columns of air and destruction. Simon explains how tornadoes are formed, why and when they are most likely to occur, how scientists classify and track them--and what to do if one touches down.

With clear, simple text and stunning full-color photographs, readers will learn all about these amazing natural wonders in this informative picture book

Perfect for young scientists' school reports, this book supports the Common Core State Standards.

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My Body: A Fun Way to Find Out All the Facts About Your Body
My Body
A Fun Way to Find Out All the Facts About Your Body
Hardcover      ISBN: 155407522x

Picture-packed introduction to the human body.

This book is a bundle of colorful pages, large photographs and easy-to-read type that add up to fun learning. It addresses many of the questions a child will ask about his or her body: Where is my heart? How do I remember things? What are bones made of?

Close-up color photographs, cutaway diagrams and clear text make complex ideas easy to understand. Each spread also features an activity that reinforces a concept and encourages further learning.

The author efficiently covers a wide variety of topics. The chapter on the brain, for example, is divided into such sections as Senses, Quick as a Flash and Feelings. The chapter on the digestive system explains why we burp and features an activity that uses string to show how long the digestive system is.

Designed to be read alone or shared with friends or parents, My Body is a fun way to engage children's curiosity about the human body, particularly their own.

Making Shapes
Making Shapes
Paperback      ISBN: 0761304630

Includes instructions for and explanations of experiments that introduce such topics as elasticity, tessellation, fibers, and bridges.

Making Things Float & Sink
Making Things Float & Sink
Paperback      ISBN: 1562946358

Understanding the basics of density and how that affects flotation and buoyancy comes to life in a step-by-step guide that presents simple but effective experiments that include creating a hydrometer and a jet boat

Hearing Sounds
Hearing Sounds
Paperback      ISBN: 1562946323

This exciting series introduces children to basic scientific concepts with safe and easy experiments, step-by-step how-tos, and ideas for more great experiments kids can try themselves.

Basher Science: Rocks and Minerals: A Gem of a Book [With Poster]
Basher Science: Rocks and Minerals
A Gem of a Book [With Poster]
Paperback      ISBN: 0753463148

Simon Basher is back with another zany primer to science Following his 3 successful titles on the basics of chemistry, physics, and biology, BASHER SCIENCE: ROCKS AND MINERALS is an in-depth look at the ground beneath our feet. Like his other titles, Basher presents these topics through charming and adorable illustrations and pairs them with basic information told from a first person perspective. He develops a community of characters based on the things that form the foundations of our planet: rocks, gems, crystals, fossils and more. And what's more, he makes it understandable, interesting, and cute. It's not what you expect out of a science primer.