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The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science
The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science
Hardcover      ISBN: 076115020x
Stand back Genius at work

Encase your little bother in a giant soap bubble. Drop mentos into a bottle of diet soda and stand back as a geyser erupts. Launch a rocket made from a film canister.

Here are 64 amazing experiments that snap, crackle, pop, ooze, crash, boom, and stink. Giant air cannons. Home-made lightning. Marshmallows on steroids. Matchbox microphones. There's even an introduction to alchemy. (Not sure what that is? Think "medieval wizard.") None of the experiments requires special training, and all use stuff found in the kitchen or in the garden shed. You'd be irresponsible not to try them.

ATTENTION, PARENTS: Yes, your kids may need your help with a few experiments. And yes, sometimes it may get a tad messy. But it's not pure mayhem. The balloon rocket whizzing through the garden? It demonstrates Newton's Third Law of Motion. That chunk of potato launched across the kitchen from a tube? Welcome to Boyle's Law. Every experiment demonstrated real science, at its most memorable.
The Everything Kids' Nature Book: Create Clouds, Make Waves, Defy Gravity and Much More!
The Everything Kids' Nature Book
Create Clouds, Make Waves, Defy Gravity and Much More!
Paperback      ISBN: 158062684x

The natural world holds secrets under every rock and around every tree. If you've ever wondered what life is like through a microscope, telescope, or with the naked eye--you'll love this book

You will:

  • Run with the antelope across the American plains and learn about the food chain.
  • Climb with a monkey to the highest tree in the rainforest and discover how photosynthesis keeps leaves green.
  • Sink to the bottom of the ocean to follow creatures who have adapted to life in total darkness
  • Travel with a meteor at speeds up to 160,000 miles per hour.
  • Burrow with the earthworms in your own backyard.

Through it all, you'll find out how things synergize, regenerate, and evaporate--and lots more And don't worry about the big words--they are all defined and explained with familiar examples in this fascinating trip through the natural world.

Why Does it Thunder and Lightning?
Why Does it Thunder and Lightning?
Hardcover      SKU: 1199585726
Body Battles
Body Battles
Paperback      ISBN: 0590449737

Explains how viruses and bacteria can make people sick, shows how the body keeps them out, and suggests ways to help your body avoid illness

Making Things Change
Making Things Change
Paperback      ISBN: 0761304649

This exciting series introduces children to basic scientific concepts with safe and easy experiments, step-by-step how-tos, and ideas for more great experiments kids can try themselves.

Nick and Tesla's Secret Agent Gadget Battle: A Mystery with Spy Cameras, Code Wheels, and Other Gadgets You Can Build Yourself
Nick and Tesla's Secret Agent Gadget Battle
A Mystery with Spy Cameras, Code Wheels, and Other Gadgets You Can Build Yourself
Hardcover      ISBN: 1594746761

After foiling a gang of kidnappers and fending off an army of robots, 11-year-old siblings Nick and Tesla Holt could use a little rest But as their third mystery opens, they discover there's a spy in their midst, searching for secrets in the home of their beloved (and slightly crazy) Uncle Newt. Is it the new laboratory assistant? The exterminator? The housekeepers? Or someone completely unexpected? To expose the mystery agent, Nick and Tesla must engineer all kinds of outrageous contraptions, from code wheels and fingerprint powder to spy cameras and burglar detectors. Best of all, instructions are included throughout the story, so you can build the projects, too

Volcano Rising
Volcano Rising
School & Library      ISBN: 1580894089

Volcanoes are a scary, catastrophic phenomenon that creates mass destruction as far as its deadly lava can reach, right? Not quite . . .

Elizabeth Rusch explores volcanoes in their entirety, explaining how they're not all as bad as they're made out to be. Using examples of real volcanoes from around the world, Rusch explains how some volcanoes create new land, mountains, and islands where none existed before, and how the ash helps farmers fertilize their fields. Simple, straight-forward prose provides readers with the basics, while a secondary layer of text delves deeper into the science of volcanoes. Susan Swan's bright and explosive mixed-media illustrations perfectly complement the subject matter--they depict volcanoes in all their destructive and creative glory.

Complete with a glossary and list of further resources, VOLCANO RISING is a unique look at a fierce, yet valuable, scientific process.
Rocket Science: 50 Flying, Floating, Flipping, Spinning Gadgets Kids Create Themselves
Rocket Science
50 Flying, Floating, Flipping, Spinning Gadgets Kids Create Themselves
Paperback      ISBN: 0471113573

Blast off into the wacky world of gadgets

Have you ever wondered what makes airplanes fly, how boats float, or why your doorbell works?
* Would you like to build your own flying, floating, diving, spinning, howling, scooting objects?
* Are you looking for a terrific science project that moves?

If you answered "Yes " to any of these questions, then RocketScience is for you. It shows you the science behind how things workby teaching you how to build a rocket boat, kaleidoscope, mousetrapcar, stethoscope, compass, fruit-powered battery, and lots of otherwonderful gizmos. All of the projects are safe and easy to make outof stuff you can find around your house.

This amazing book covers a wide variety of science topics, including mechanics, air power, water power, electricity, magnetism, chemistry, acoustics, and optics.
Paperback      ISBN: 0823422976
Winds howl. Rain pours down. Violent waves crash on to the shore and the storm surge causes flooding. The dangerous, spinning storm is a hurricane.

This best-selling introduction to the most powerful storms in the world explains how and where hurricanes form. Readers will also learn how hurricanes cause damage, how they are named, and how hurricane strength is assessed from Category 1 to Category 5.

The book uses major hurricanes through history as examples--from Galveston in 1900 to Katrina in 2005--and explains how to prepare for a hurricane.

A fascinating science book for younger kids interested in understanding weather, storms and natural disasters, Hurricanes provides straight-forward explanations to the complex facts behind these massive storms--without being too scary.

One of the world's most trusted children's nonfiction author-illustrators, Gail Gibbons' signature combination of bold, clear art and detailed, accessible descriptions creates an invaluable resource for young readers seeking to learn more about the world.
Janice Vancleave's Magnets: Mind-Boggling Experiments You Can Turn Into Science Fair Projects
Janice Vancleave's Magnets
Mind-Boggling Experiments You Can Turn Into Science Fair Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 0471571067

The perfect science fair idea books. Spectacular Science ProjectsJanice VanCleave's Magnets
* How does a compass work?
* What is a magnetic field?
* How can you make a magnet with electricity?
Janice VanCleave's Magnets includes 20 simple and fun experimentsthat allow you to discover the answers to these and otherfascinating questions about magnets, plus dozens of additionalsuggestions for developing your own science fair projects. Learnabout magnetic poles using a bar magnet, paper, and string; aboutmagnetic force fields with a compass, a pencil, and a sheet ofpaper; and much more. All experiments use inexpensive householdmaterials and involve a minimum of preparation and clean up.Children ages 8-12 Also available in the Spectacular ScienceProjects Series: Janice VanCleave's Animals Janice VanCleave'sEarthquakes Janice VanCleave's Electricity Janice VanCleave'sGravity Janice VanCleave's Machines Janice VanCleave's MoleculesJanice VanCleave's Microscopes and Magnifying Lenses JaniceVanCleave's Volcanoes Janice VanCleave's Weather