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My Life in Dog Years
My Life in Dog Years
Paperback      ISBN: 0440414717

Gary Paulsen has owned dozens of unforgettable and amazing dogs. In each chapter he tells of one special dog, among them Cookie, the sled dog who saved his life; Snowball, the puppy he owned as a boy in the Philippines; Ike, his mysterious hunting companion; Dirk, the grim protector; and his true friend Josh, a brilliant border collie.

The Bird Atlas
The Bird Atlas
Hardcover      ISBN: 1564583279

More than 350 species are cataloged via glorious art, dramatic photographs, and pictorial maps in this innovative children's guide to the birds of the world.

At Home with the Gopher Tortoise: The Story of a Keystone Species
At Home with the Gopher Tortoise
The Story of a Keystone Species
Paperback      ISBN: 0977753956
At Home with the Gopher Tortoise: The Story of a Keystone Species teaches young readers about the gopher tortoise and the more than 360 different kinds of animals that depend on it for survival. From owls to rabbits, from skunks to scorpions, the gopher tortoise provides creatures with shelter, food, or a place to raise their young. In this fascinating tale of ecological interdependency, glorious illustrations reveal the gopher tortoise's world both below and above ground, showing children how the fate of one species is important to so many others.
Paperback      ISBN: 1901268144

These flightless seabirds are found in the Southern Hemisphere. They have dark upperparts with a mainly white breast and flipper like wings for swimming. There are 11 known species in Antarctica, the largest is the Emperor, at around 120 cm tall. Penguins are fairly widely distributed, forming breeding colonies, varying from year to year, from 10,000 to a few hundred pairs. Fortunately there are no land-based predatory animals in Antarctica, no polar bears or ice foxes. As a result, Penguins are not afraid of humans and one can get close to a colony.

Paperback      ISBN: 0064462544

Cats are a perennial favorite with young kids. Filled with great tips and guidelines for kids getting their first cat. Lavishly illustrated with full-color, up-close photographs, award-winning science writer Seymour Simon captures cats as they hunt, give birth, and play. This nonfiction picture book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling, in particular for children ages 6 to 8. It's a fun way to learn to read and as a supplement for activity books for children.

Seymour Simon knows how to explain science to kids and make it fun. He was a teacher for more than twenty years, has written more than 250 books, and has won multiple awards.

This book includes an author's note, glossary, and index and supports the Common Core Learning Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) standards.

Hardcover      ISBN: 0756658543

The Eye Wonder series answers all the questions about the natural world that young children are curious about. Packed with information on horse anatomy and behavior, "Horse" provides information on the many ways humans have used horses for transportation, warfare, farming, and entertainment, from the ancient world to today.

Moose -OSI
Moose -OSI
Paperback      ISBN: 1559717440

-- Where the animal lives, what it eats, when it sleeps, how it raises its young and much more.
-- Over 30 vivid, full color photos and illustration.
-- Sidebar "Fun Facts, " an index and a list of Internet Sites.

Dolphin Adventure:: A True Story
Dolphin Adventure:
A True Story
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0380732521

Eighty feet below the ocean's surface, Wayne Grover hears a clicking sound. Soon he sees three dolphins--two adults and a baby--swimming toward him. A large fishing hook is embedded in the baby's back, and suddenly Wayne realizes that, in their own way, the dolphins are asking for his help.

Butterflies for Kids
Butterflies for Kids
Paperback      ISBN: 1559715464

Learn about butterflies in this illustrated book.

DK Readers L4: Snow Dogs!: Racers of the North
DK Readers L4: Snow Dogs!
Racers of the North
Paperback      ISBN: 0756640814

Advanced young readers can embark on the world of dogsled racing in this exciting book. Do you have what it takes to be the leader of the pack? Join the "mushers" as they brave snow and ice. Learn the history of this fascinating sport and meet tons of brave dogs

Stunning photographs combine with lively illustrations and engaging, age-appropriate stories in DK Readers, a multilevel reading program guaranteed to capture children's interest while developing their reading skills and general knowledge.

With DK Readers, children will learn to read--then read to learn