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Paperback      ISBN: 1901268179

Dolphins are highly evolved and social animals, with their own language of clicks and whistles and elaborate courtship rituals. Their obvious curiosity about the world extends to humans, if only for a few moments of fun, but unfortunately this factor of their intelligence has made them targets for exploitation. Add that to pollution, toxins and the practice in some cultures to kill them for food, dolphins, while not yet an endangered species, are continually threatened.

Dinosaur Discovery: Everything You Need to Be a Paleontologist
Dinosaur Discovery
Everything You Need to Be a Paleontologist
School & Library      ISBN: 1416947647

Dinosaurs like you've never seen them before--in a book packed with more than 25 hands-on experiments.

What do dinosaurs look like from the inside out? Take a journey with renowned paleontologist Chris McGowan as he examines species from Allosaurus to T. Rex Along with each creature are experiments that kids can do on their own to make sedimentary rock, replicate a fossil, and uncover how we know what we know about dinosaurs, even though they've been extinct for millions of years. More than twenty-five hands-on experiments include Breaking Bones, which uses chicken bones to see how fossils were preserved; creating a replica of a feathered Archaeopteryx fossil; and using a turkey neck to dissect a Brachiosaurus' bone structure. You'll be a paleontologist in no time
Brown Bears
Brown Bears
Paperback      ISBN: 1901268500

Whatever people's individual views, bears are absorbing and captivating creatures. Intelligent and adaptable, and instinctively caring, at the same time they can be lazy, belligerent and cantankerous. Always, however, they demand respect. They have survived for centuries at the top of the food chain, kings and queens of their environment - a creature to which all others bow.

Monkeys of the Amazon
Monkeys of the Amazon
Paperback      ISBN: 1901268101

These enchanting, fascinating creatures range in size from the Pygmy Marmosets, from a quarter of a pound to around 4 inches tall, to the largest Humboldt's Woolly monkeys, weighing in at up to 20 pounds and over 2 feet tall. For all their numbers - so far 209 species identified - these monkeys live well camouflaged, high up in the thick, tangled vegetation of the rainforest canopy. Nick Gordon's wonderful pictures and vivid text reveals their secret lives.

Big Cats
Big Cats
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789485486

Open your eyes to a world of discovery. Prowl into the wild and exciting world of big cats. From lounging leopards to the king of beasts, explore the super senses of big cats. A wealth of facts, combined with dramatic photography, ensures that Eye Wonders are the perfect educational start for young children. Eye Wonders is a groundbreaking reference series specially developed for younger children aged five plus. In a stunning style departure for DK, wonderful photography shows subjects within their natural setting, offering a whole new level of information through powerful images. Vocabulary is accessible to children aged five plus, with the meanings of new, subject-related words clearly explained. The series provides an excellent knowledge base on the natural world for children starting to learn. The combination of breathtaking visuals and informative, accurate text will hook even those children who usually avoid books.

Albino Animals.
Albino Animals.
Hardcover      ISBN: 1581960166

Presents information on and photographs of albinism in organisms ranging from plants to humans, and includes references to named individuals such as Ghost Boy, the albino koala.

Raptor Rescue!: An Eagle Flies Free
Raptor Rescue!
An Eagle Flies Free
Hardcover      ISBN: 0525453016

Follows the work of the Gabbert Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota as an injured bald eagle is nursed back to health and ceremonially released

At Home with the Gopher Tortoise: The Story of a Keystone Species
At Home with the Gopher Tortoise
The Story of a Keystone Species
Paperback      ISBN: 0977753956
At Home with the Gopher Tortoise: The Story of a Keystone Species teaches young readers about the gopher tortoise and the more than 360 different kinds of animals that depend on it for survival. From owls to rabbits, from skunks to scorpions, the gopher tortoise provides creatures with shelter, food, or a place to raise their young. In this fascinating tale of ecological interdependency, glorious illustrations reveal the gopher tortoise's world both below and above ground, showing children how the fate of one species is important to so many others.
Meeting the Whales: The Equinox Guide to Giants of the Deep
Meeting the Whales
The Equinox Guide to Giants of the Deep
Paperback      ISBN: 0921820232

In the deep, dark canyons of the sea live the largest animals on Earth: the heart of the blue whale is the size of a sports car, the eye of a right whale is the size of a grapefruit, and the 'wing span' of a humpback's flippers can reach 12 metres. In Meeting the Whales, author Erich Hoyt pieces together the life histories of the enigmatic giants that swim the waters of the northern hemisphere. Hoyt has spent years working with these mammals, and his fascination and empathy for them is evident in Meeting the Whales.

Bringing us face-to-face both with these intriguing creatures and the scientists who study them, Hoyt leads us through the underwater world of whales, investigating their unique communication skills and feeding and mating behaviors, their remarkable migrations and their astounding acrobatics. Beautifully illustrated by whale specialist Pieter Folkens, and the work of the world's best wildlife photographers, Meeting the Whales is a unique contribution to the study of this increasingly rare animal.

Giant Pandas
Giant Pandas
Paperback      ISBN: 1901268136

Giant Pandas inspire affection and instant recognition with their distinctive white faces and black ears and eye patches. Meet China's national treasure, pictured in a natural, protected mountain habitat where we have the chance to follow on photographer Heather Angel's shoulder as she reveals pandas as we have never seen them: playing in the snow, a mother with baby, leading their lives, apparently oblivious of one another.