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Paperback      ISBN: 1901268179

Dolphins are highly evolved and social animals, with their own language of clicks and whistles and elaborate courtship rituals. Their obvious curiosity about the world extends to humans, if only for a few moments of fun, but unfortunately this factor of their intelligence has made them targets for exploitation. Add that to pollution, toxins and the practice in some cultures to kill them for food, dolphins, while not yet an endangered species, are continually threatened.

The Tennessee Walking Horse
The Tennessee Walking Horse
Library      ISBN: 1600146600

The Tennessee Walking Horse is most popular in trail riding. With its smooth gait and relaxed temperament, it is an easy and enjoyable horse for people to ride. Hit the trails and read all about this breed's history, physical characteristics, and what it is used for today.

Raptor Rescue!: An Eagle Flies Free
Raptor Rescue!
An Eagle Flies Free
Hardcover      ISBN: 0525453016

Follows the work of the Gabbert Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota as an injured bald eagle is nursed back to health and ceremonially released

Planet Dinosaur: The Next Generation of Killer Giants
Planet Dinosaur
The Next Generation of Killer Giants
Hardcover      ISBN: 177085049x

The companion book to the upcoming Discovery Channel television series, Planet Dinosaur is an introduction to the latest and most exciting dinosaur discoveries.

The last decade has been particularly fruitful in the study of dinosaurs, with more new species found than were discovered in the preceding 200 years. Many of these discoveries easily eclipse previously known species and are rewriting what we know about dinosaurs.

Planet Dinosaur is a global survey of the 30 most thrilling dinosaur species found in recent years. It provides a new global perspective on dinosaurs, revealing which species lived at the same time on different continents and how the Earth looked in each time period. Specimens in China, the Sahara, the Arctic, Antarctica and North America are especially exciting. The deadly predator, Giganotosaurus, outsized T-Rex. Dracorex hogwartsia lived in North America 70 million years ago and resembled a real-life dragon.

Comprehensive text describes where the dinosaurs lived, their physical characteristics and their behavior. 120 stunning computer-generated illustrations and graphics render the awe-inspiring creatures in lifelike detail. This is the same technology used in the award-winning TV special Walking with Dinosaurs and in the bestselling book The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life. A three-part TV special on which Planet Dinosaur is based will air on Discovery Channel in the summer of 2012.

Information on the most exciting discoveries of recent years and extraordinary illustrations make Planet Dinosaur essential for anyone interested in dinosaurs.

Under the Sea Poster Book
Under the Sea Poster Book
Paperback      ISBN: 1580176232

Bring home the magical experience of a child's first trip to the aquarium. These 30 full-color posters feature stunning photographs of a variety of exotic sea life, including waddling rockhopper penguins, dolphins, sea otters, and the elusive leafy sea dragon. Encouraging kids to learn more about their favorite underwater creatures, the back of each poster includes fascinating facts and exciting animal profiles. Tack all your favorites on the wall and create an enticing aquatic panorama.

Hardcover      ISBN: 0756658543

The Eye Wonder series answers all the questions about the natural world that young children are curious about. Packed with information on horse anatomy and behavior, "Horse" provides information on the many ways humans have used horses for transportation, warfare, farming, and entertainment, from the ancient world to today.

Owen and Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship
Owen and Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship
The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship
School & Library      ISBN: 0439829739
The amazing true story of the orphaned baby hippo and 130-year-old giant turtle whose remarkable friendship touched millions around the world.
The inspiring true story of two great friends, a baby hippo named Owen and a 130-yr-old giant tortoise named Mzee (Mm-ZAY). When Owen was stranded after the Dec 2004 tsunami, villagers in Kenya worked tirelessly to rescue him. Then, to everyone's amazement, the orphan hippo and the elderly tortoise adopted each other. Now they are inseparable, swimming, eating, and playing together. Adorable photos e-mailed from friend to friend quickly made them worldwide celebrities. Here is a joyous reminder that in times of trouble, friendship is stronger than the differences that too often pull us apart.
Bugs by the Numbers: Facts and Figures for Multiple Types of Bugbeasties
Bugs by the Numbers
Facts and Figures for Multiple Types of Bugbeasties
Hardcover      ISBN: 1609050614

The creators of the award-winning Alphabeasties And Other Amazing Types capture an amazing array of insects in their totally unique and captivating style. While the alphabeasties were comprised of letters, these incredible insects are ingeniously engineered out of numerals. Each entry includes fascinating numeric facts about its subject: An ant has 2 stomachs and 3 body parts, and it can lift 50 times its body weight This one-of-a-kind, eye-catching look at the insect world will entertain, engage, and educate stylish young entomologists everywhere

Hardcover      ISBN: 075345131x

Here's the ultimate guide for the young dinosaur enthusiast who craves the latest information from the lost world of prehistoric animals. With its winning combination of dramatic artwork, and exciting, narrative text, this title goes far beyond the basic facts about dinosaurs, presenting up-to-date information from dinosaur experts and realistic color illustrations by top dinosaur artists. Find out where the world's most important excavations are located and how scientists piece together tiny clues that help them reconstruct these incredible beasts. See Oviraptors babysitting their young in late cretaceous Mongolia. Escape from a pack of Deinonychus in prehistoric Wyoming. The colorful spreads include a geological time-scale that helps the inquisitive reader locate the appearance of the various species of dinosaur. Finally, discover how some of the creatures that shared the dinosaurs' world survived the catastrophe that experts believe led to the dinosaurs' extinction. A special reference section at the end of the book provides an at-a-glance family tree of these fascinating prehistoric animals, along with a helpful illustrated glossary and index.

Hardcover      ISBN: 0525673571

Photographs and text show the development of a mouse from birth to eight weeks old.