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Be Healthy Every Day: A Weekly Planner--With Recipe Ideas, Healthy Hacks, and 300+ Stickers
Be Healthy Every Day
A Weekly Planner--With Recipe Ideas, Healthy Hacks, and 300+ Stickers
Paperback      ISBN: 1631595903
Achieve Your Goals to Live a Healthier, Happier, More Balanced Life

Be Healthy Every Day life planner will help you make them a reality

This 52-week motivational calendar and sticker set by noted nutrition and health coach Maria Marlowe guides you to learn about, set goals for, and stick to positive habits that will make you feel healthy, fit, and happy. Each week offers useful and supportive advice and tips, including:

How to choose essential items for your pantry, fridge, and freezer--and what to toss
How to make smart, healthy choices about snacks and packaged foods
Basics for nutritious and delicious batch cooking and building veggie bowls, salad jars, healthy dressings, and more
Plus: 300+ stickers that encourage you to choose healthy priorities, set and achieve healthy goals for eating and exercise, and nurture your relationships--and yourself

With Be Healthy Every Day life planner, you can give yourself the gifts of feeling nourished, strong, focused, calm, and happy.

What are you waiting for? The journey to your healthiest self can start today
Plan B Diary 2019
Plan B Diary 2019
Paperback      ISBN: 178026450x

This diary/planner combines a practical weekly diary with images of action and activism - an exciting collection of photos and illustrations to reflect the cultural richness of our world.