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The Peregrine
The Peregrine
Paperback      ISBN: 1590171330
A memoir of life in the wild on the trail of the peregrine falcon chronicles the habits and hunting techniques of the elusive predator while revealing the effects of human encroachment on their habitats. Original.
Birdwatching Notes
Birdwatching Notes
Paperback      ISBN: 1782491171
192 pages. 6.6" x 8.75"
Stokes Birdfeeder Book: The Complete Guide to Attracting, Indentifying, and Understanding Your Fee Der Birds
Stokes Birdfeeder Book
The Complete Guide to Attracting, Indentifying, and Understanding Your Fee Der Birds
Paperback      ISBN: 0316817333
Describes different types of bird feeders, identifies, a variety of birds attracted to feeders, and offers advice on bird watching
Sibley's Birding Basics
Sibley's Birding Basics
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0375709665
A noted bird painter and author of the Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior offers an easy-to-follow introduction to birding, explaining how to identify various species of birds from their habitats, behaviors, characteristic feathers, and sounds and providing tips on where to look for birds. Original. 150,000 first printing.
North American Birdfeeder Handbook
North American Birdfeeder Handbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789403374
A guide to creating a bird-friendly environment, with tips on feeders, nestboxes, birdbaths, recipes, and bird identification
Bird Homes and Habitats
Bird Homes and Habitats
Paperback      ISBN: 0618904468
"Two of the best-known names in birding--Peterson and Bird Watcher's Digest--team up to provide reliable, expert advice on how to attract the birds you want into your yard. Which birds use nest boxes? What's required to maintain a birdhouse? What kind of habitat will attract which birds? What does it take to be a bluebird trail operator? What does it mean if baby birds or eggs disappear from their nest? Bill Thompson III answers all of these questions and more, helping readers to create yards and gardens where birds will make their homes and raise their young. It's easy enough to hang a birdfeeder. But there are plenty of other things that can attract birds to a landscape--and, in fact, birds need four essentials: food, water, shelter, and a place to nest. The more of these elements a yard has, the more attractive it is to birds. A lavishly illustrated chapter provides ideas and inspiration for creating bird havens by profiling "Birdy Backyard All-Stars," fifteen homeowners from around the country who have actively worked to create bird-friendly habitats"--
Audubon North American Birdfeeder Guide
Audubon North American Birdfeeder Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0756658837
An illustrated handbook of bird identification provides tips on the art of birdwatching, closeup illustrations, locator maps, birding etiquette, essential equipment, and tips on the best ways to attract, feed, and observe various bird species in one's own backyard.
The Verb to Bird: Sightings of an Avid Birder
The Verb to Bird
Sightings of an Avid Birder
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1589880013
All around the world, birds are the subject of intense, even spiritual, fascination, but relatively few people see the word bird as a verb. Peter Cashwell is one who does, and with good reason: He birds (because he can't help it), and he teaches grammar (because he's paid to). An English teacher by profession and an avid birder by inner calling, Cashwell has written a whimsical and critical book about his many obsessions — birds, birders, language, literature, parenting, pop culture, and the human race. Cashwell lovingly but irreverently explores the practice of birding, from choosing a field guide to luring vultures out of shrubbery, and gives his own eclectic travelogue of some of the nation's finest bird habitats. Part memoir, part natural history, part apology, The Verb 'To Bird' will enlighten and entertain anyone who's ever wandered around wet fields at the crack of dawn with dog-eared field guides crushed against the granola bars in their pockets. But you don't have to know the field marks of an indigo bunting to appreciate Cashwell's experiences with non-lending libraries, venomous insects, sports marketing, and animated Christmas specials. A Barnes & Noble "Discover Great New Writers" Selection for Summer 2003 A Summer Paperback Book Sense 76 Pick
Fifty Places to Go Birding Before You Die: Birding Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations
Fifty Places to Go Birding Before You Die
Birding Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations
Hardcover      ISBN: 1584796294
It's estimated that 50 to 60 million Americans count birding among their hobbies. Some hang feeders in their backyards and accumulate yard lists; others participate in annual ôChristmas Countsö; a select few travel to the ends of the earth in an effort to see every bird in the world. With Fifty Places to Go Birding Before You Die, Chris Santella takes the best-selling ôFifty Placesö recipe and applies it to this most popular pastime. Santella presents some of the greatest bird-watching venues in the United States and abroad through interviews with prominent birders, from tour leaders and conservationists to ornithologists and academics. Interviewees include ornithologist Kenn Kaufman; David Allen Sibley, author and illustrator of The Sibley Guide to Birds; Rose Ann Rowlett, the ômother of modern birdingö; John Fitzpatrick, director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology; and Steve McCormick, president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. The places vary from the urban (New York City's Central Park) to the mystical (the cloud forests of Triunfo in Chiapas, Mexico) to the extremely remote (the sub-Arctic islands of New Zealand). The book includes 40 gorgeous photographs that capture the vibrancy of our feathered friends, and the beautiful places they call home.
Outwitting Squirrels: 101 Cunning Strategems to Reduce...Misappropriation of Seed from You Birdfeeder by Squirrels
Outwitting Squirrels
101 Cunning Strategems to Reduce...Misappropriation of Seed from You Birdfeeder by Squirrels
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1556520360
Presents 101 strategies for outsmarting the greedy, crafty squirrels who are determined to make all birdseed their own