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Future of an Illusion
Future of an Illusion
Paperback      ISBN: 0393008312
In the manner of the eighteenth-century philosopher, Freud argued that religion and science were mortal enemies. Early in the century, he began to think about religion psychoanalytically and to discuss it in his writings. The Future of an Illusion (1927), Freud's best known and most emphatic psychoanalytic exploration of religion, is the culmination of a lifelong pattern of thinking.
The Ego and the Id
The Ego and the Id
Paperback      ISBN: 0393001423
Presents Freud's psychoanalytical treatise on the divisions of the mind and their interrelations
Paperback      ISBN: 087477375x
Argues that our bodies reflect our life history, state of being, and growth potential, discusses the connection between mental and physical well-being, and explains how to follow an holistic plan for health
A Guide to Rational Living
A Guide to Rational Living
Paperback      ISBN: 0879800429
Two psychotherapists describe the nature and success of their rational-emotive approach to solving mental and emotional problems and present actual case histories
Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness
Darkness Visible
A Memoir of Madness
Paperback      ISBN: 0679736395
The author chronicles his descent into depression, discussing not only his own experience and recovery but also how others can find help
No More Secondhand Art: Awakening the Artist Within
No More Secondhand Art
Awakening the Artist Within
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0877734828
Shows how to use art as a means of personal transformation, and explains how to free one's powers of creative expression
For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence
For Your Own Good
Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0374522693
An analysis of the roots of violence examines the impact of traditional child rearing practices on human violence in adulthood
Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types
Please Understand Me
Character and Temperament Types
Paperback      ISBN: 0960695400
Describes sixteen basic personality types, argues that people try to reshape their spouses, children, friends, and coworkers into models of themselves, and discusses different styles of leadership
On Dreams
On Dreams
Paperback      ISBN: 039300144x
A translation of Freud's 1900 statement concerning his theory of the nature and mechanism of dreams
Recovery: A Guide for Adult Children of Alcoholics
A Guide for Adult Children of Alcoholics
Paperback      ISBN: 0671645285
Designed to help adult children of alcoholics face life-long problems