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Pot of Gold and Other Plays
Pot of Gold and Other Plays
by Platus
Paperback      ISBN: 0140441492
Plautus argued by some to be the supreme comic writer of the Roman world, has also proved the most influential. In this translation, as suitable for the stage as for reading, Plautus' broad and lively humour is re-created.
The Study of Spirituality
The Study of Spirituality
Paperback      ISBN: 0195041704
A companion volume to The Study of Liturgy, this collection examines the nature and form of individual devotion, discussing the various patterns of Christian discipleship that have evolved through the centuries. Written by contributors representing the Anglican, Roman Catholic, Free Church, and Orthodox traditions, it is the definitive study of spirituality.
by Moliere
Paperback      ISBN: 0156881802
An imposter cleric gets into the house of the wealthy Orgon, whom he fools into promising him his wealth, position, and his young daughter.
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Sweeney Todd
The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Paperback      ISBN: 1557830665
Book by Hugh Wheeler Introduction by Christopher Bond "Mr. Sondheim fearlessly explores psychic caverns where civilized people are not dying to go ... A naked Sweeney Todd stands revealed as a musical of naked rage, chewing up everyone in its path as it spits out blood and tears." - Frank Rich, The New York Times * "A work of such scope and such daring that it dwarfs every other Broadway musical that even attempts to invite comparison." - Rex Reed, New York Daily News
A Taste of Honey: A Play
A Taste of Honey
A Play
Paperback      ISBN: 0802131859
Presents the text of a play centering on the private life of an adolescent working-class girl faced with complex emotional problems
Complete Plays of John M. Synge
Complete Plays of John M. Synge
Paperback      ISBN: 039470178x
This volume includes the complete texts of all the plays by J.M. Synge. Produced at the Abbey Theater which Synge founded. Represents one of the major dramatic achievements of the 20th century.
The Palm at the End of the Mind: Selected Poems and a Play
The Palm at the End of the Mind
Selected Poems and a Play
Paperback      ISBN: 0679724451
A collection that all the major long poems and sequences, and every shorter poem of lasting value in Stevens' career. Edited by Holly Stevens, it includes some poems not printed in his earlier Collected Works.
Solo: The Best Monologues of the 80S/Men
The Best Monologues of the 80S/Men
Paperback      ISBN: 0936839651
Presents a collection of powerful monologues for actors, written by the decade's most influential and popular dramatists from the United States and Great Britain
The Robbers and Wallenstein
The Robbers and Wallenstein
Paperback      ISBN: 0140443681
Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805) was one of the most influential of all playwrights, the author of deeply moving dramas that explored human fears, desires and ideals. Written at the age of twenty-one, The Robbers was his first play. A passionate consideration of liberty, fraternity and deep betrayal, it quickly established his fame throughout Germany and wider Europe. Wallenstein, produced nineteen years later, is regarded as Schiller's masterpiece: a deeply moving exploration of a flawed general's struggle to bring the Thirty Years War to an end against the will of his Emperor. Depicting the deep corruption caused by constant fighting between Protestants and Catholics, it is at once a meditation on the unbounded possible strength of humanity, and a tragic recognition of what can happen when men allow themselves to be weak.
The Three Theban Plays
The Three Theban Plays
Paperback      ISBN: 0140444254
Detailed notes accompany modern translations of the stories of Oedipus, a king who is unable to escape his tragic fate and ends his days in exile