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H.D.: A Bibliography 1905-1990
A Bibliography 1905-1990
Hardcover      ISBN: 0813914124

This is a bibliography of the British modernist poet H.D., who has become the subject of renewed interest. It lists all primary and secondary material by and about H.D., including descriptions of all editions and issues of her books.

The Houses and Collections of the Marquis de Marigny [With Architecutral Plans]
The Houses and Collections of the Marquis de Marigny [With Architecutral Plans]
Hardcover      ISBN: 089236694x

How do plant and animal populations change genetically to evolve and adapt to their local environments? How do populations grow and interact with one another through competition and predation? How does behaviour influence ecology and evolution? Introduction to Population Biology covers all these areas and more. Taking a quantitative and Darwinian perspective, the basic theory of population processes is developed using mathematical models. To allow students of biology, ecology and evolution to gain a real understanding of the subject, key features include: - step-by-step instructions for spreadsheet simulations of many basic equations to explore the outcomes or predictions of models - worked examples showing how the equations are applied to biological questions - problem sets together with detailed solutions to help the reader test their understanding - real-life examples to help the reader relate the theory to the natural world

McCall-Crabbs Standard Test Lessons in Reading, Book F
McCall-Crabbs Standard Test Lessons in Reading, Book F
Paperback      ISBN: 0807755508

Each book contains a total of 60 short reading selections (fiction and nonfiction) followed by eight multiple choice questions. Scoring will help estimate your student's reading level, reading comprehension, and test-taking ability. The Instructional Benefits of McCall-Crabbs:

  • Supplement basal reading programs
  • Motivate and challenge even the most reluctant readers
  • Allow for individualization with different grade level books
  • Monitor reading progress over time
  • Provide a graded informal reading inventory
  • Practice test-taking skills
  • Provide "power-work," progressively timed or untimed
  • Oral reading practice
  • Useful in adult education, ESL, and special education

Book A: Grades 2-4

Book B: Grades 3-5

Book C: Grades 4-6

Book D: Grades 5-7

Book E: Grades 6-8

Book F: Grades 7-12

Teachers' Manual/Answer Key is for all books in the series.

Student Answer Sheet is available as a free download.

Sexual Key to Tarot
Sexual Key to Tarot
Hardcover      ISBN: 0806502428
Images of the Universe
Images of the Universe
Hardcover      ISBN: 0521391784

Images of the Universe is a special collection of essays written to celebrate astronomy and the inauguration of the British Astronomical Association. Colin Ronan opens the book with a fascinating account of developments over the past hundred years. Next, the solar system is explored by Richard Baum, John Rogers, Richard McKim, and Patrick Moore. Comets and meteors are explained by David Hughes. The stars, birthplace of the elements, are examined by Jacqueline Mitton and John Isles. Paul Murdin gives an account of the brightest supernova to be seen from Earth since 1604. Iain Nicolson explores G2, the single dwarf called the Sun. Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest look at the Milky Way, the hazy band of light that is the edge on view of our galaxy. Malcolm Longair looks beyond our own galaxy into the deep sky. Paul Davies gives an account of the first one second of the existence of our expanding Universe. How did it all happen? Martin Rees, the cosmologist, speculates on the origin of the Universe. The ensuing narrative by many famous astronomers and science writers is written at a general level and will be accessible to anyone with a passing interest in the astronomical wonders of our universe. Carole Stott is the author of The Greenwich Guide to Stargazing (1990), and The Greenwich Guide to Astronomy in Action (1990).

Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Don't Want You to See
Derailing Democracy
The America the Media Don't Want You to See
Paperback      ISBN: 1567511848

Is the U.S. a beacon of progress? That's how the mainstream media want you to see it. But in Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Don't Want You to See, David McGowan has compiled an index of disturbing facts that point to ominous trends. Did you know:
-- We're number one: the United States has the highest number of death-row inmates of any country on Earth: 3,300.
-- That the U.S. is one of only two countries to defy an International Court ruling (over Nicaragua 1986) -- the other one is Iran.
-- That only a handful of countries opposed a 1998 UN Commission on Human Rights call for a moratorium on all executions -- Bangladesh, China, South Korea, Rwanda, and the United States.
-- That 133 nations, including virtually all U.S. allies, have signed a treaty banning landmines -- but the U.S. insists on continued production.
-- That in 1996 the list of the top ten richest people in the world contained two Americans who held 28% of the wealth on the list; by 1999 they numbered seven out of ten, with 84% of the wealth.
-- Since the early 1990s, more than 60 people in the USA are reported to have died in police custody after being exposed to pepper spray.
-- That the U.S. is selling surveillance equipment to countries with the worst human rights records -- so that they can track dissidents in an international tracking system for individuals 'of interest.'
-- That the California prison population grew from 19,600 in 1977 to 159,000 in 1998.
-- Stun belts used on prisoners have been widely condemned for the incapacitating pain they deliver. In instances where children are tried as adults, they are not exempted from wearing the belts.

From mandatory minimumsentencing laws to new more liberal search-and-seizure rules, from Three Strikes You're Out to congressional legislation for a national ID card, in Derailing Democracy, David McGowan has compiled the facts to show that the noose around democracy is tightening every day.

Common Courage Press, 2002. Printed paper wraps. Crease on front cover, traversing vertically from top to bottom edges.

For the Soul of the People: Protestant Protest Against Hitler
For the Soul of the People
Protestant Protest Against Hitler
Paperback      ISBN: 019512118x

The Confessing Church was one of the rare German organizations that opposed Nazism from the very beginning, and in For the Soul of the People, Victoria Barnett delves into the story of the Church's resistance to Hitler. For this remarkable story, Barnett interviewed more than sixty Germans who were active in the Confessing Church, asking them to reflect on their personal experiences under Hitler and how they see themselves, morally and politically, today. She provides a haunting glimpse of the German experience under Hitler, but also gives a provocative look into what it has meant to be a German in the twentieth century.

Shibboleth: My Revolting Life
My Revolting Life
Paperback      ISBN: 1873176406

The extraordinary autobiography of Jeremy John Ratter, a.k.a. Penny Rimbaud, founder, lyricist, and drummer of Crass, a band unique in the history of rock 'n' roll. Crass took the idealism of punk seriously. When Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten screamed "No Future" the challenge was taken. In the space of seven short years, from 1977 to their breakup in 1984, Crass almost single-handedly breathed life back into the then moribund peace and anarchist movements. They birthed a huge underground network of do-it-yourself activism, fanzines, record labels, activist action groups, and concert halls. While remaining on their own independent record label, and steadfastly refusing any interviews with the major press, they managed to sell literally millions of records. Their political "pranks" included the now infamous "KGB tapes," trumpeted among others, on the front page of the "New York Times," and the duping of "Total Loving" magazine into including a Crass song (ranting against the patriarchy of marriage) as the "perfect song to play on your wedding day." In this book, Penny takes us from his strict lower-middle class childhood and his experiences in art school to the Crass years, the hippies, and Free Festivals, including the now legendary, illegal Stonehenge Festival, of which Rimbaud was a cofounder.
"Shibboleth" also includes, for the first time, the full story of Wally Hope "The Last of the Hippies," close friend of Rimbaud, cofounder of the Stonehenge Festival, and who was murdered by the State while incarcerated in a mental institution.

Constitutionalizing Globalization: The Postmodern Revival of Confederal Arrangements
Constitutionalizing Globalization
The Postmodern Revival of Confederal Arrangements
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847687872

Constitutionalizing Globalization explores two converging trends: the spread of federalism and federal arrangements around the world, and the globalization taking place on the international scene. Daniel Elazar shows how globalization of the economy and the concern for global human rights bring with them the need for development of a constitutional order that will control both. The gradual development of appropriate constitutional mechanisms and controls are part of a general shift from modern statism to post-modern federalism. The reliance on the sovereignty of the nation state, which marked the era from the Treaty of Westphalin in 1648 to the end of World War II, gave way to the beginning of a world order which, while built on states, links those states in various ways through enforceable constitutional bonds. These trends have been recognized by both students of federalism and students of international relations. Constitutionalizing Globalization is the first book to join the perspectives of both in order to explain the new paradigm. It is important reading for students and scholars of constitutional issues, federalism, and international relations.

Ace in the Hole
Ace in the Hole
Paperback      ISBN: 0553282530

Individuals possessing unusual powers after being infected with an alien virus, attempt to influence the U.S. presidential campaign