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Handbook of Futures Markets: Commodity, Financial, Stock Index and Options
Handbook of Futures Markets
Commodity, Financial, Stock Index and Options
Hardcover      ISBN: 0471087149
Philosophy and Neuroscience: A Ruthlessly Reductive Account
Philosophy and Neuroscience
A Ruthlessly Reductive Account
Hardcover      ISBN: 1402073941
Philosophy and Neuroscience: A Ruthlessly Reductive Account is the first book-length treatment of philosophical issues and implications in current cellular and molecular neuroscience. John Bickle articulates a philosophical justification for investigating "lower level" neuroscientific research and describes a set of experimental details that have recently yielded the reduction of memory consolidation to the molecular mechanisms of long-term potentiation (LTP). These empirical details suggest answers to recent philosophical disputes over the nature and possibility of psycho-neural scientific reduction, including the multiple realization challenge, mental causation, and relations across explanatory levels. Bickle concludes by examining recent work in cellular neuroscience pertaining to features of conscious experience, including the cellular basis of working memory, the effects of explicit selective attention on single-cell activity in visual cortex, and sensory experiences induced by cortical microstimulation. This final chapter poses a challenge both to "mysterians," who insist that empirical science cannot address particular features of consciousness, and to cognitivists, who insist that addressing consciousness scientifically will require experimental and theoretical resources that go beyond those used in neuroscience's cellular and molecular core.
Bickle develops all scientific and philosophical concepts in detail, making this book accessible to specialists, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates in either philosophy or the empirical brain and cognitive sciences. Philosophers of science, mind, neuroscience, and psychology, neuroscientists working at a variety of levels, and cognitive scientists-or anyone interested in interactions between contemporary philosophy and science and the nature of reduction-in-practice that informs current mainstream neuroscience-will find discussions pertinent to their concerns.
World History the Easy Way: Ancient and Medieval Times to A.D. 1500
World History the Easy Way
Ancient and Medieval Times to A.D. 1500
Paperback      ISBN: 0812097653

This volume offers a survey and overview of world history, starting with the earliest-known human settlements and concluding in 1500--the early years of Europe's Renaissance, and in the Americas, the era of the Aztec and Inca empires. Following a summary of prehistoric cultures, the author covers the civilizations of the Fertile Crescent, ancient Egypt, civilization in the Indus and Yellow River valleys, early Mediterranean cultures, India's classical age, the rise of China's dynasties, classical Greek and Roman civilizations, the Islamic world, African kingdoms of the first millenium, Europe's middle ages, the Holy Roman Empire, the Crusaders and their clash with Turks, the Mongol invasion, and the humanism of the early European Renaissance

Valuation of a Medical Practice
Valuation of a Medical Practice
Hardcover      ISBN: 0471299650

What is a medical practice worth? The answer depends, in part, on whom you ask. Purchasers would say value is based on what they plan to bring to the table; sellers assume it's simply a matter of formula applied uniformly across the board. In actuality, both are correct--to a degree. While there are basic guidelines used to ascertain values, valuation must be determined on a case-by-case basis, as each has a unique set of circumstances that ultimately affects final outcome. Covering the specific issues that impact valuation, Valuation of a Medical Practice takes you through the entire process, highlighting pitfalls and mistakes that are commonly made and that should be avoided. Written by Reed Tinsley, Rhonda Sides, and Gregory D. Anderson, leading experts in the field, this comprehensive resource clears up the ambiguous question of what exactly constitutes the value of a medical practice. As the authors stress, there are two main points to keep in mind:
* The strength of the practice's income stream and what it produces for the owner(s) is what creates true value.
* The key to a successful valuation is deciding whether or not the practice's future income stream will mirror its present income stream.

Along with case examples, sample valuation letters, and checklists for gathering data, as well as an exhaustive appendix and glossary of terms, Valuation of a Medical Practice has complete details on:
* Regulatory issues--Medicare fraud and abuse, private benefit/private inurement, the Stark Law.
* Special issues--gross revenues, referral patterns, payer mix, practice efficiencies and transition, productivity.
* Getting started--engagement preplanning and planning, requesting pertinent data.
* On-site inspection and owner interview--fixed assets, personnel, accounting system, supply inventory, marketing, physician and management issues.
* Completing the process--reporting, reviews, reconciling valuation methods, applying premiums and discounts, obtaining client representations.

Straightforward, accessible, and exhaustive, this is an important resource for anyone involved in the valuation of a medical practice. When it comes to valuing a medical practice, the parties involved often disagree on how it should be best assessed. Written by leading authorities in the field, this comprehensive resource clears up any confusion by examining and explaining the key issues involved in the valuation process, as well as common pitfalls and mistakes that should be avoided. Packed with sample valuation engagement letters, checklists for gathering data, and helpful case studies, Valuation of a Medical Practice covers all the essential bases, from regulatory issues and operating costs to capitalization and fixed assets--in short, everything needed for an accurate valuation.

Fuels and Lubricants Handbook: Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing
Fuels and Lubricants Handbook
Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing
Hardcover      ISBN: 0803120966

While other books deal with various aspects of fuels and lubricant chemistry and applications, few focus on testing and provide coverage of fluid properties and testing methodologies together. And, while testing standards publications are abundant, such publications don't deal with the principles be

Book only. CD-ROM is not included.

Analytics in Healthcare and the Life Sciences: Strategies, Implementation Methods, and Best Practices
Analytics in Healthcare and the Life Sciences
Strategies, Implementation Methods, and Best Practices
Hardcover      ISBN: 0133407330

Make healthcare analytics work: leverage its powerful opportunities for improving outcomes, cost, and efficiency.This book gives you thepractical frameworks, strategies, tactics, and case studies you need to go beyond talk to action. The contributing healthcare analytics innovators survey the field's current state, present start-to-finish guidance for planning and implementation, and help decision-makers prepare for tomorrow's advances. They present in-depth case studies revealing how leading organizations have organized and executed analytic strategies that work, and fully cover the primary applications of analytics in all three sectors of the healthcare ecosystem: Provider, Payer, and Life Sciences. Co-published with the International Institute for Analytics (IIA), this book features the combined expertise of IIA's team of leading health analytics practitioners and researchers. Each chapter is written by a member of the IIA faculty, and bridges the latest research findings with proven best practices. This book will be valuable to professionals and decision-makers throughout the healthcare ecosystem, including provider organization clinicians and managers; life sciences researchers and practitioners; and informaticists, actuaries, and managers at payer organizations. It will also be valuable in diverse analytics, operations, and IT courses in business, engineering, and healthcare certificate programs.

Using Financial Accounting Information
Using Financial Accounting Information
Hardcover      ISBN: 0324787960
Art Practice as Research: Inquiry in the Visual Arts
Art Practice as Research
Inquiry in the Visual Arts
Hardcover      ISBN: 1412905354
Psychoanalytic Case Formulation
Psychoanalytic Case Formulation
Hardcover      ISBN: 1572304626

What kinds of questions do experienced therapists ask themselves when facing a new client? How can clinical expertise be taught? From the author of the landmark Psychoanalytic Diagnosis, this book takes clinicians step-by- step through developing an understanding of each client's unique psychology and using this information to guide and inform treatment decisions. McWilliams shows that while seasoned practitioners rely upon established diagnostic categories for record-keeping and insurance purposes, their actual clinical concepts and practices reflect more inferential, subjective, and intuitive processes. Interweaving illustrative case examples with theoretical insights and clinically significant research, chapters cover assessment of client temperament, developmental issues, defenses, affects, identifications, relational patterns, self-esteem needs, and pathogenic beliefs.

Winner--Gradiva Award, National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis
Cesar Chavez and la Causa
Cesar Chavez and la Causa
Paperback      ISBN: 0321187644

Presents an account of the life of the Mexican American who helped organize farm workers into a powerful union.