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An Introduction to Mathematical Physiology and Biology
An Introduction to Mathematical Physiology and Biology
Hardcover      ISBN: 0521641101
A textbook about the mathematical modelling of biological and physiological phenomena for mathematically sophisticated students.
Justificatory Liberalism: An Essay on Epistemology and Political Theory
Justificatory Liberalism
An Essay on Epistemology and Political Theory
Paperback      ISBN: 0195094409
Gerald Gaus draws on current work in epistemology and cognitive psychology to defend a modest version of cognitive relativism. Building on this theory of personal justification, he asks, "How do we justify moral and political principles to others?" Here, the "populist" proposal put forward by "political liberals"--that the assent of all reasonable citizens must be obtained--is considered and rejected. Because reasonable people often ignore excellent reasons, moral and political principles can be considered conclusively justified, even in the face of some reasonable dissent. Conclusive justification, however, is difficult to achieve, and Gaus acknowledges that most of our public justifications are inconclusive. He then addresses the question of how citizens can adjudicate their inconclusive public justifications. The rule of law, liberal democracy and limited judicial review are defended as elements of a publicly justified umpiring procedure.
Regulation Versus Litigation: Perspectives from Economics and Law
Regulation Versus Litigation
Perspectives from Economics and Law
Hardcover      ISBN: 0226432181
The efficacy of various political institutions is the subject of intense debate between proponents of broad legislative standards enforced through litigation and those who prefer regulation by administrative agencies. This book explores the trade-offs between litigation and regulation, the circumstances in which one approach may outperform the other, and the principles that affect the choice between addressing particular economic activities with one system or the other. Combining theoretical analysis with empirical investigation in a range of industries, including public health, financial markets, medical care, and workplace safety,Regulation versus Litigation sheds light on the costs and benefits of two important instruments of economic policy.
Bringing Fossils to Life: An Introduction to Paleobiology
Bringing Fossils to Life
An Introduction to Paleobiology
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0073661708
This is the first text to combine both paleontology and paleobiology. Traditional textbooks treat these separately, despite the recent trend to combine them in teaching. It bridges the gap between purely theoretical paleobiology and purely descriptive invertebrate paleontology books. The text is targeted at undergraduate geology and biology majors, with the emphasis on organisms, rather than dead objects to be described and catalogued. Current ideas from modern biology, ecology, population genetics, and many other concepts will be applied to the study of the fossil record.
Policy Unplugged: Dis/Connections Between Technology Policy and Practices in Canadian Schools
Policy Unplugged
Dis/Connections Between Technology Policy and Practices in Canadian Schools
Hardcover      ISBN: 077353279x
The authors conducted a two-year study on the implementation of computer technologies, including in-depth interviews and classroom observation at thirty-two elementary and secondary schools across Canada. Based on this research, Policy Unplugged explores the intersections and disconnections between provincial technology policy, school board policy, and school-based practices. The authors consider the ways in which technology policy has become "unplugged" from daily experience, showing that teachers, students, and administrators are part of complex pedagogical and social systems that have been badly served by the enforced and hasty introduction of technology. They also show how small, often unquestioned practices and power relations in schools can create seemingly insurmountable impediments to technological implementation.
Tolstoy's Art and Thought, 1847-1880
Tolstoy's Art and Thought, 1847-1880
Hardcover      ISBN: 0691069913
"My aim is to present Tolstoy's work as he may have understood it himself," writes Donna Orwin. Reconstructing the intellectual and psychic struggles behind the masterpieces of his early and middle age, this major study covers the period during which he wrote The Cossacks, War and Peace, and Anna Karenina. Orwin uses the tools of biography, intellectual and literary history, and textual analysis to explain how Tolstoy's tormented search for moral certainty unfolded, creating fundamental differences among the great novels of the "pre-crisis" period. Distinguished by its historical emphasis, this book demonstrates that the great novelist, who had once seen a fundamental harmony between human conscience and nature's vitality, began eventually to believe in a dangerous rift between the two: during the years discussed here, Tolstoy moved gradually from a celebration of life to instruction about its moral dimensions. Paying special attention to Tolstoy's reading of Rousseau, Goethe, Schopenhauer, and the Russian thinker N. N. Strakhov, Orwin also explores numerous other influences on his thought. In so doing, she shows how his philosophical and emotional conflicts changed form but continued unabated--until, with his religious conversion of 1880, he surrendered his long attempt to make sense of life through art alone.
Plant Science: Growth, Development, and Utilization of Cultivated Plants
Plant Science
Growth, Development, and Utilization of Cultivated Plants
Paperback      ISBN: 0135014077
Advances in Projective Drawing Interpretation
Advances in Projective Drawing Interpretation
Hardcover      ISBN: 0398067422
A comprehensive work on the latest theories and techniques in projective drawing interpretation, plus classic essays in the field. Highlights include material on the differentiation of schizophrenia and organic brain damage from neurotic conditions and from each other, the prediction of imminent acting-out stages of dangerousness to self or others, the use of chromatic drawings, and the investigation of personality characteristics of successful interpreters. Includes many b&w examples of children's and adult's drawings. Paper edition (unseen), $69.95. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
Hardcover      ISBN: 0824060350
Articles by scholars, performers, composers, and researchers of African music explain how music is made in Africa. After a general profile of the continent and its arts, material turns to themes and ideas that African music cultures have in common and specific musical practices in each region, with chapters on areas such as Yoruba popular music, music and healing, religious music in Kenya, and urban music in the new South Africa. Features a one-hour CD with music examples, plus b&w photos, maps, and discographies. For students, teachers, researchers, musicians, and world music lovers. The first volume in a ten-volume set exploring music of the world. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
Colonizing the Realm of Words: The Transformation of Tamil Literature in Nineteenth-Century South India
Colonizing the Realm of Words
The Transformation of Tamil Literature in Nineteenth-Century South India
Hardcover      ISBN: 1438431996
A true tour de force, this book documents the transformation of one Indian literature, Tamil, under the impact of colonialism and Western modernity. While Tamil is a living language, it is also India's second oldest classical language next to Sanskrit, and has a literary history that goes back over two thousand years. On the basis of extensive archival research, Sascha Ebeling tackles a host of issues pertinent to Tamil elite literary production and consumption during the nineteenth century. These include the functioning and decline of traditional systems in which poet-scholars were patronized by religious institutions, landowners, and local kings; the anatomy of changes in textual practices, genres, styles, poetics, themes, tastes, and audiences; and the role of literature in the politics of social reform, gender, and incipient nationalism. The work concludes with a discussion of the most striking literary development of the timeĆ¹the emergence of the Tamil novel.