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American Progressivism: A Reader
American Progressivism
A Reader
Hardcover      ISBN: 0739123033

American Progressivism is a one-volume edition of some of the most important essays, speeches, and book excerpts from the leading figures of national Progressivism. It is designed for classroom use, includes an accessible interpretive essay, and introduces each selection with a brief historical and conceptual background. The introductory essay is written with the student in mind, and addresses the important characteristics of Progressive thought and the role of Progressives in the development of the American political tradition. Students of American political thought, American politics, American history, the presidency, Congress, and political parties will find this reader to be an invaluable source for insight into Progressivism.

Feminist Companion to Exodus to Deuteronomy
Feminist Companion to Exodus to Deuteronomy
Paperback      ISBN: 1850754632

This volume is part of a series which provides a fundamental resource for feminist biblical scholarship, containing a comprehensive selection of essays, both reprinted and specially written for the series, by leading feminist scholars.

The Art of Seeing
The Art of Seeing
Paperback      ISBN: 0205748341
The Art of Seeing explores traditional and contemporary art and artistic media focusing on art as seen from the artist's point of view. The book introduces students to artistic techniques and introductory aesthetic principles. It provides clear, concise presentation, superb illustrations, and strong emphasis on the elements and media.
The Essence of Nursing Practice: Philosophy and Perspective
The Essence of Nursing Practice
Philosophy and Perspective
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0826194281

This one-of-a-kind book provides an in-depth analysis of nursing practice as a concept and area of study, rather than as an aggregation of specific techniques and skills. The text addresses the essential features of nursing practice using a five-level nursing framework developed by the author. This framework promotes a deep understanding of how nursing should be holistically practiced rather than focusing on particular nursing competencies. The book stresses the importance of developing a multifaceted, adaptable approach to nursing that integrates all of its complexities, including philosophy, knowledge and knowing, and situational contingencies. Also addressed are the integral components of nursing practice, including essential tools, collaboration, knowledge application, competence, expertise, and quality of practice.

The book discusses and analyzes the five levels of nursing practice√>=the nursing perspective, nursing knowledge for practice, the philosophy of nursing practice, the dimension of nursing practice, and the process of nursing practice√>=to provide a model for how nursing should be practiced in order to better serve patients and advance knowledge for practice. With its in-depth perspective and unique focus, the book draws from nursing knowledge, but also from the fields of philosophy and the social sciences. As such, it analyzes the essential features and characteristics of nursing practice through a broader lens. The book also includes a comprehensive bibliography from nursing, philosophy, and social sciences literature. It is designed as both a text for graduate-level nursing students and as an authoritative reference for practicing nurses, educators, and researchers.

Key Features:

  • Presents a five-level analytical model of nursing practice developed by the author
  • Provides an in-depth examination of the essential features and dimensions of nursing practice using this analytical model
  • Addresses the essential tools of nursing practice; collaborative practice, knowledge application, and competence; expertise; and quality of practice
  • Includes a comprehensive bibliography relevant to the study of nursing practice from nursing, philosophy, and the social sciences
Saint Mary's Press Essential Quick Charts: Bible Basics
Saint Mary's Press Essential Quick Charts
Bible Basics
Paperback      ISBN: 088489942x

This is the perfect reference tool for teens (or adults) who need to find quick information about Bible basics, including What Is the Bible? Where the Bible Came From How Did We Get a Catholic Translation? Common Myths About the Bible How to Read and Study the Bible
This four-page chart is 8.5 x 11 inches and will fit in a standard binder.

Rural Education Research in the United States: State of the Science and Emerging Directions
Rural Education Research in the United States
State of the Science and Emerging Directions
Hardcover      ISBN: 3319429388

This volume represents current and futuristic thinking of seminal rural education researchers, with the goal of providing perspectives and directions to inform the work of rural education research, practice, and policy.  With an emphasis on leveraging collaboration among key rural education stakeholders, this title both outlines our current research knowledge base and maps a future research agenda for maximizing the educational experiences and achievement of rural K-12 students and their families and educators in the United States. In examining the interrelated impacts of teacher practices, family engagement, school/community environment and contextual factors, the book offers the evidence-based insights of seminal researchers on issues ranging from professional development and family-school partnership approaches to methodological considerations. It also explores the needs, opportunities and realities associated with translating research to the arenas of practice and policy – while considering how the latter can inform future scholarship.

Conference on Immunology of Carcinogenesis
Conference on Immunology of Carcinogenesis
Hardcover      SKU: 1199591947

CARCINOGENESIS. U.S. Dept of Health monograph 35. Owner's name on edge.

Writing, Reading, And Research, 9th Ed., Instructor's Edition
Writing, Reading, And Research, 9th Ed., Instructor's Edition
Paperback      ISBN: 1133953719
Philosophy and Neuroscience: A Ruthlessly Reductive Account
Philosophy and Neuroscience
A Ruthlessly Reductive Account
Hardcover      ISBN: 1402073941
Philosophy and Neuroscience: A Ruthlessly Reductive Account is the first book-length treatment of philosophical issues and implications in current cellular and molecular neuroscience. John Bickle articulates a philosophical justification for investigating "lower level" neuroscientific research and describes a set of experimental details that have recently yielded the reduction of memory consolidation to the molecular mechanisms of long-term potentiation (LTP). These empirical details suggest answers to recent philosophical disputes over the nature and possibility of psycho-neural scientific reduction, including the multiple realization challenge, mental causation, and relations across explanatory levels. Bickle concludes by examining recent work in cellular neuroscience pertaining to features of conscious experience, including the cellular basis of working memory, the effects of explicit selective attention on single-cell activity in visual cortex, and sensory experiences induced by cortical microstimulation. This final chapter poses a challenge both to "mysterians," who insist that empirical science cannot address particular features of consciousness, and to cognitivists, who insist that addressing consciousness scientifically will require experimental and theoretical resources that go beyond those used in neuroscience's cellular and molecular core.
Bickle develops all scientific and philosophical concepts in detail, making this book accessible to specialists, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates in either philosophy or the empirical brain and cognitive sciences. Philosophers of science, mind, neuroscience, and psychology, neuroscientists working at a variety of levels, and cognitive scientists-or anyone interested in interactions between contemporary philosophy and science and the nature of reduction-in-practice that informs current mainstream neuroscience-will find discussions pertinent to their concerns.
Intelligent Video Surveillance: Systems and Technology
Intelligent Video Surveillance
Systems and Technology
Hardcover      ISBN: 1439813280

From the streets of London to subway stations in New York City, hundreds of thousands of surveillance cameras ubiquitously collect hundreds of thousands of videos, often running 24/7. How can such vast volumes of video data be stored, analyzed, indexed, and searched? How can advanced video analysis and systems autonomously recognize people and detect targeted activities real-time? Collating and presenting the latest information Intelligent Video Surveillance: Systems and Technology explores these issues, from fundamentals principle to algorithmic design and system implementation.

An Integrated discussion of key research and applications

Written and edited by a collection of industry experts, the book presents state-of-the-art technologies and systems in intelligent video surveillance. The book integrates key research, design, and implementation themes of intelligent video surveillance systems and technology into one comprehensive reference. The chapters cover the computational principles behind the technologies and systems and include system implementation issues as well as examples of successful applications of these technologies.

Builds a foundation for future developments

Changing appearance caused by changing viewpoints, illumination, expression, and movement, self/cross body occlusion, modeling of cluttered background capable of efficient background subtraction for object detection, and spatial and temporal alignment of multiple cameras are just a few of the challenges that remain in further developing and refining intelligent video surveillance technology and systems. Fully illustrated with line art, tables, and photographs demonstrating the collected video and results obtained using the related algorithms, including a color plate section, the book provides a high-level blueprint for advances and insights into future directions of the field.