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Lie Algebras of Bounded Operators
Lie Algebras of Bounded Operators
Hardcover      ISBN: 3764364041

In several proofs from the theory of finite-dimensional Lie algebras, an essential contribution comes from the Jordan canonical structure of linear maps acting on finite-dimensional vector spaces. On the other hand, there exist classical results concerning Lie algebras which advise us to use infinite-dimensional vector spaces as well. For example, the classical Lie Theorem asserts that all finite-dimensional irreducible representations of solvable Lie algebras are one-dimensional. Hence, from this point of view, the solvable Lie algebras cannot be distinguished from one another, that is, they cannot be classified. Even this example alone urges the infinite-dimensional vector spaces to appear on the stage. But the structure of linear maps on such a space is too little understood; for these linear maps one cannot speak about something like the Jordan canonical structure of matrices. Fortunately there exists a large class of linear maps on vector spaces of arbi- trary dimension, having some common features with the matrices. We mean the bounded linear operators on a complex Banach space. Certain types of bounded operators (such as the Dunford spectral, Foia decomposable, scalar generalized or Colojoara spectral generalized operators) actually even enjoy a kind of Jordan decomposition theorem. One of the aims of the present book is to expound the most important results obtained until now by using bounded operators in the study of Lie algebras.

Coptic and Greek Texts Relating to the Hermopolite Monastery of APA Apollo
Coptic and Greek Texts Relating to the Hermopolite Monastery of APA Apollo
Hardcover      ISBN: 0900416750

This book edits and analyses sixty-six 6th-9th century Coptic and Greek texts concerning the 'Monastery of Apa Apollo on the mount of Titkooh' in the Hermopolite nome of Egypt. None of the texts is securely provenanced, but most were written by, or to, monks of this monastery south of el-Ashmunein, the archaeological site of which is known as 'Bawit'. The texts, which belong to more than a dozen manuscript collections, comprise: agreements, guarantees, and other legal documents; tax demands and other taxation-related material; orders; accounts; receipts; and letters. The most important group concerns the organization of the collection of tithes (aparche), for which evidence from Egyptian monasteries is rare. Many texts exhibit formulae or formats peculiar to this monastery. The first part of the book summarizes existing sources for the monastery and the cult of Apa Apollo and surveys in detail the new textual sources. The author examines the range of the monastery's economic activities, from tithe collection, property-ownership, taxation, and the provision of financial services, as well as more general aspects of day-to-day monastic administration. The book concludes with surveys of the dialectal variants recorded in the texts and of their palaeographic and orthographic features, together with the prosopographical and toponomastic information they contain.

Melville's City
Melville's City
Hardcover      ISBN: 0521560543

This work argues that Melville's relationship to the city is considerably more complex than has generally been believed. By placing him in the historical and cultural context of 19th-century New York, Kelley presents a Melville who borrows from the colourful cultural variety of the city while at the same time investigating its darker and more dangerous social aspects. Kelley shows that images both from Melville and from popular sources of the time represent New York variously as Capital, Labyrinth, City of God, and City of Man; she argues that Melville resists a generalizing or totalizing representation of the city by uncovering its hybrid identity, and giving voice to the poor, the displaced, and the racially excluded. Through examination of works spanning Melville's career, she forges a fresh analysis of the connections between urban and literary form.

The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel: Steelmaking and Refining Volume
The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel
Steelmaking and Refining Volume
Hardcover      ISBN: 0930767020
Treynor on Institutional Investing
Treynor on Institutional Investing
Hardcover      ISBN: 047011875x


"Jack Treynor has a mind of his own. I mean that as the highest compliment. Jack Treynor sees what no one else sees, thinks what no one else thinks, explains what no one else explains. You will learn more in fifteen minutes with Jack Treynor than in a full hour with most pundits. You will work hard but you will see things, think things, and understand things as never before. This book is a most valuable treasure, gleaming with Jack Treynor's brilliance."
-Peter L. Bernstein, author, Capital Ideas Evolving

"Vintage Treynor. This is a must-own reference for anyone involved in institutional asset management. It assembles - in one place - many of the important insights of one of the most provocative and creative players in the finance world over the past half-century."
-Robert D. Arnott, Chairman, Research Affiliates, and Former Editor, Financial Analysts Journal

"As a practicing investment manager, Treynor always preferred brilliance to soundness. Identifying the flaws in conventional thinking, he shows both the theorist and the practitioner where to invest time in their search for excess return."
-Perry Mehrling, Professor of Economics, Barnard College, Columbia University, author, Fischer Black and the Revolutionary Idea of Finance

"Jack Treynor's new book brings together a lifetime of exploring the important questions surrounding the sophisticated investor's task. Readers of Treynor on Institutional Investing will be richly rewarded by the insights the author has developed about both the practical and the conceptual keys to successful investing."
-Samuel L. Hayes, III, Jacob Schiff Professor of Investment Banking Emeritus, Harvard Business School

World History the Easy Way: Ancient and Medieval Times to A.D. 1500
World History the Easy Way
Ancient and Medieval Times to A.D. 1500
Paperback      ISBN: 0812097653

This volume offers a survey and overview of world history, starting with the earliest-known human settlements and concluding in 1500--the early years of Europe's Renaissance, and in the Americas, the era of the Aztec and Inca empires. Following a summary of prehistoric cultures, the author covers the civilizations of the Fertile Crescent, ancient Egypt, civilization in the Indus and Yellow River valleys, early Mediterranean cultures, India's classical age, the rise of China's dynasties, classical Greek and Roman civilizations, the Islamic world, African kingdoms of the first millenium, Europe's middle ages, the Holy Roman Empire, the Crusaders and their clash with Turks, the Mongol invasion, and the humanism of the early European Renaissance

Environmental Science For a Changing World Including Freshwater Resources Toilet to Tap, Biofuels Gas From Grass, Evolution and Extinction a Tropical Murder Mystery
Environmental Science For a Changing World Including Freshwater Resources Toilet to Tap, Biofuels Gas From Grass, Evolution and Extinction a Tropical Murder Mystery
Paperback      ISBN: 1464112401
American Progressivism: A Reader
American Progressivism
A Reader
Hardcover      ISBN: 0739123033

American Progressivism is a one-volume edition of some of the most important essays, speeches, and book excerpts from the leading figures of national Progressivism. It is designed for classroom use, includes an accessible interpretive essay, and introduces each selection with a brief historical and conceptual background. The introductory essay is written with the student in mind, and addresses the important characteristics of Progressive thought and the role of Progressives in the development of the American political tradition. Students of American political thought, American politics, American history, the presidency, Congress, and political parties will find this reader to be an invaluable source for insight into Progressivism.

Women's Social Rights and Entitlements
Women's Social Rights and Entitlements
Hardcover      ISBN: 1403949921

This book examines the state of women's rights across Europe, from the three-year research of the Network for European Women's Rights. Based on country reports and practical input from researchers and activists in the field, the book is an up-to-date account of the issue of women's social entitlements and rights across Europe.

Beyond Identity Politics: Feminism, Power and Politics
Beyond Identity Politics
Feminism, Power and Politics
Hardcover      ISBN: 0803978847

Recent debates in contemporary feminist theory have been dominated by the relation between identity and politics. Beyond Identity Politics examines the implications of recent theorizing on difference, identity and subjectivity for theories of patriarchy and feminist politics.

Organised around the three central themes of subjectivity, power and politics, this book focuses on a question which feminists struggled with and were divided by throughout the last decade, that is: how to theorize the relation between the subject and politics. In this thoughtful engagement with these debates Moya Lloyd argues that the turn to the subject in process does not entail the demise of feminist politics as many feminists have argued. She demonstrates how key ideas such as agency, power and domination take on a new shape as a consequence of this radical rethinking of the subject-politics relation and how the role of feminist political theory becomes centred upon critique.

A resource for feminist theorists, women's and gender studies students, as well as political and social theorists, this is a carefully composed and wide-ranging text, which provides important insights into one of contemporary feminism's most central concerns.