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All Aboard Fire Trucks
All Aboard Fire Trucks
Paperback      ISBN: 0448343606

Clang, clang, clang Here come the engines and ladders Easy-to-understand facts and big, colorful pctures makes this book the perfect introduction to the exciting world of fire trucks and fire-fighting.

Firefly Encyclopedia of Transportation: A Comprehensive Look at the World of Transportation
Firefly Encyclopedia of Transportation
A Comprehensive Look at the World of Transportation
Paperback      ISBN: 1770859314

A comprehensive look at the world of transportation with hundreds of superb illustrations.

Firefly Encyclopedia of Transportation transports readers through the amazing history of how we get around today, how we got around in the past, and how we might be getting around in the future. Packed with more than 1000 accurate illustrations, this encyclopedic reference is divided into six easy-to-follow sections -- On Wheels, On Water, On Tracks, Green Transportation, In the Air, and In Space. The double-page spreads are organized according to modes of transportation and purpose or method. For example, in "On Water" there is "Sailing to new worlds", "Fighting ships", "Luxury liners" and "Underwater vessels".

Each entry contains the story of the "vehicle" and a fact box to see at-a-glance aspects, from speed and size, to the number of people carried. In addition, special spreads feature cutaway illustrations showing interior and exterior parts and mechanisms. These include a Formula 1 racing car, the Cable and Wireless Adventurer powerboat, a high-speed TGV (Train Grande Vitesse) locomotive, a hydrogen fuel cell bus, and the Space Shuttle. Examples of the many other special topics are the Wright Brothers, traffic control on the ground and in the air, and the invention of the wheel.

Information on low-energy transportation and entries on "green" vehicles makes Firefly Encyclopedia of Transportation up to date. The book's backmatter is a bundle of useful and fascinating facts and trivia, including trailblazing inventors, world records, and a glossary of technical terms. A transportation timeline puts the rest of the book into perspective.

This is an authoritative, comprehensive and entertaining guide that is as ideal for homework as it is for browsing. A most suitable selection for home or school.

Expandable Explorations: Mega Machines
Expandable Explorations
Mega Machines
Hardcover      ISBN: 1684126711
Get an up-close look at mega machines

Get ready for an in-depth exploration inside incredible mega machines. From super-fast bullet trains to high-tech space stations, these brightly illustrated pages let you explore each machine before expanding the large slide-out pages to discover how they really work.
Ships Up Close
Ships Up Close
Hardcover      ISBN: 1402756402

Offers Kids (and many adults, too) a detailed look at the bridge of a fireboat, the back of a loaded cargo ship and sailboats in mid race - all displayed in dazzling, long gatefolds. In addition to the array of vessels, this title includes information about the Golden Age of pirates on the high seas, shipyards and shipbuilding, and yacht races.

Paperback      ISBN: 1554077044

More fabulous huge machines for the kids who love them.

Children always get excited watching cranes reach for the heights. Knowing that one person is perched high atop the crane only adds to the thrill and sense of adventure. Cranes are used for lifting almost any heavy load and moving it to a height. They are used to make buildings, bridges and ships. Some are used to stack containers onto ships, trains and trucks. A floating crane might be used for salvaging a sunken ship, and an aerial crane is a specially fitted helicopter that can rescue someone or drop emergency supplies into a disaster area.

The Mighty Machines series features vivid color photographs of enormous machines as they dig, dump, load, pull and lift. Children will thrill at the size of these behemoths and enjoy seeing these vehicles strain under the weight of such tremendous work.

Vivid color photographs of these mechanical marvels at work jump off the page. In large type for young (and old) eyes, the machines, their parts and their uses are concisely described. Glossaries explain essential terms, and suggested activities add to the fun. The big format and vibrant design make these books perfect for kids to read alone or share with a friend.

The Lights and Types of Ships at Night
The Lights and Types of Ships at Night
Hardcover      ISBN: 1952119073

You may have heard of ships. You may have also heard of the sea and the night. But did you realize there's nothing more beautiful than a ship and its lights on the sea at night? In warm and witty prose, this picture book's narrator asks the reader to consider the splendor of glowing lights cast by ships on a shimmering waterway. Meet a trawler, a steamship, a RoRo, an exploratory vessel and more across richly illustrated pages, alive with the glowy, otherworldly nighttime scenes of boats as seen from a child's perspective. Includes a 29" X 18" full-color fold-out poster.

Planes!: (And Other Things That Fly)
(And Other Things That Fly)
Hardcover      ISBN: 1783126507

A fun, visual miscellany for younger children who love anything related to airplanes and flying

Each double-page spread features a different group of fascinating aircraft to pore over, such as airplanes, rescue helicopters, hot-air balloons, gliders, jetpacks, space rockets, and more. Filled with hundreds of different flying machines from around the world, even the most avid young transport fanatic will discover surprising new machines they haven't seen before

Includes large, cut-away images, busy scenes with lots to explore, 'flying fun facts' and a search-and-find feature.

Paperback      ISBN: 1948418657

Packed with playful illustrations of colorful vehicles, this first dictionary covers cars, trucks, tractors, planes, rockets, and everything else that zips and zooms The My First Words series is designed to teach and expand toddlers' vocabulary as they begin to name the things around them.

  • With playful pictures and corresponding first words organized in simple settings, children will naturally learn new vocabulary.
  • The chunky format is packed with over 150 cheerful illustrations and things to learn.
  • The rounded corners are perfect for little hands to grasp.
  • An essential learning tool to assist children in developing speech, memory, and understanding basic concepts.
Kids Meet the Emergency and Rescue Vehicles
Kids Meet the Emergency and Rescue Vehicles
Hardcover      ISBN: 1604334681

Vroom vroom Beep beep Honk honk Woooop wooooop Make way for these emergency vehicles coming to the rescue

Kids Meet the Emergency Vehicles, the latest addition to the popular Kids Meet series, teaches kids in a fun and friendly manner about some common and unusual emergency vehicles including fire trucks, police cruisers, ambulances, rescue helicopters, motorbikes and more Kids will learn how the vehicles work, what their purposes are, about the heroic crews behind them, and the amazing rescues they respond to. Each spread features a different emergency vehicle complete with full color illustrations and a die cut. Fascinating images, simple dialogue, and personal narratives will keep kids engaged throughout the entire book
Big Book of Trains
Big Book of Trains
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789434369

Giant sized poster-like spreads and informative captions will keep imaginations soaring and eyes wide open with these amazing children's guides.