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Draw What You See: The Life and Art of Benny Andrews
Draw What You See
The Life and Art of Benny Andrews
School & Library      ISBN: 0544104870
Looks at the life of the artist Benny Andrews illustrated with his original paintings, from his childhood and youth in rural Georgia, through his studies in Chicago and his activism and artistic success in New York City.
Modern Art Mayhem
Modern Art Mayhem
Paperback      ISBN: 1682970388
When the director of the local art gallery calls in sick, it’s up to YOU to put everything together in time for the local competition. Do you know enough about modern art to WOW the judges and WIN the competition? Do you know your Warhol from their Weiwei? Will you be able to uncover the mystery of the counterfeit paintings? Make your way through this thrilling adventure, using your art knowledge to decide how the plot unfolds. Complete your mission and become an artistic whizz, A glossary explains tricky words and provides added reference material.
Roots and Blues: A Celebration
Roots and Blues
A Celebration
School & Library      ISBN: 0547235542
Lyrical poems and prose explore how Blues music has been part of everyday life throughout history, from its origins in the sounds of the earth, through slaves' voices singing of freedom, to today's greatest performers--and listeners.
Dali: The Great Artists Collection
The Great Artists Collection
Paperback      ISBN: 1464302731
The Great Artists Collection is one of a series of gift packs containing a 64-page paperback book in a lavish folder with 6 free ready-to-frame 8 x 10 prints. Each book features a biography of each artist, looking at their life and their legacy, and useful fact boxes talk about the artists 'Great Works' and include fascinating information to improve the reader's knowledge of each artist. A fabulous gift pack which includes a 64-page paperback book and 6 ready-to-frame keepsake 8 x 10 prints on one of the world's most recognized artists!
The Visual Dictionary of Buildings
The Visual Dictionary of Buildings
Hardcover      ISBN: 1564581020
A full-color photographic dictionary provides a close-up look at the world of architecture and building construction, with examples ranging from Egyptian temples to modern skyscrapers, presented in dazzling photographs accompanied by charts, diagrams, and plans.
Origami and Haiku: Inspired by Japanese Artwork
Origami and Haiku
Inspired by Japanese Artwork
Paperback      ISBN: 1536202738
The perfect combination of origami, haiku, and Japanese art all in one book This stunning book features three beautiful Japanese art forms in one. For each animal or object, children will be able to read the haiku, enjoy a corresponding work from the British Museum collection, and then make the origami figure! With clear, simple directions for thirteen animals or objects and fifty sheets of origami paper, this is the perfect introduction to the art of paper folding.
The School of Art
The School of Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 1847807003
Welcome to the School of Art! Here you will learn how to make great art with this fully-illustrated collection of fun and informative lessons. Follow the five professors as they work togetherto deliver 40 demonstrations - each one accompanied by a guided activity for you to try at home - to help you to understand the basics of art and design, including composition, color, line, shape, and perspective.
Dan Zanes' House Party!: A Family Roots Music Treasury
Dan Zanes' House Party!
A Family Roots Music Treasury
Paperback      ISBN: 0760362017
The Grammy Award-winning music artist presents a rich curation of folk songs representing a cross-section of the American music experience and the multicultural histories that shaped it, complementing each entry with historical information and string instrument chord charts.
Little Leonardo's Fascinating World of the Arts
Little Leonardo's Fascinating World of the Arts
Hardcover      ISBN: 1423648730
Introduces readers to the many different types of creative fields in the arts, including drawing and painting, music and dance, writing, design, architecture, and photography.
Diego Rivera: His World and Ours
Diego Rivera
His World and Ours
School & Library      ISBN: 0810997312
Tells the story of Diego as a young, mischievous boy who demonstrated a clear passion for art and then went on to become one of the most famous painters in the world.