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Modern Art Explorer: Discover the Stories Behind Famous Artworks
Modern Art Explorer
Discover the Stories Behind Famous Artworks
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500652201

Witty and brilliantly illustrated, Modern Art Explorer is an approachable introduction to modern art for children. Featuring Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and many more, this book brings readers the stories behind thirty famous artworks. Young readers will see art as something real, something born out of ideas, inspiration, human lives, world events, and the materials artists use.

Modern Art Explorer goes undercover and turns each work of art inside out, providing children with an ability to understand what each piece is all about. Buoyed by award-winning illustrator Serge Bloch's cheeky and energetic illustrations, this book prompts children to think about how art comes into being and to take a deeper look at the ideas within each work.

Written with a fresh and current voice, this book is a fun and illuminating guide to modern art for children.

A Child's Book of Art: Great Pictures First Words
A Child's Book of Art
Great Pictures First Words
Hardcover      ISBN: 1564582035

"A unique and beautiful book We can't think of a classroom in which this book shouldn't bate a prominent place and be used every day". -- Teaching PreK-8

The Big Book of Monsters: The Creepiest Creatures from Classic Literature
The Big Book of Monsters
The Creepiest Creatures from Classic Literature
Hardcover      ISBN: 152350711x
Meet the monsters in this who's who of the baddest of the bad

Like those supernatural beasts everyone knows and fears--the bloodsucking vampire, Count Dracula, and that eight-foot-tall mash-up of corpses, Frankenstein's Monster. Or that scariest of mummies, Cheops, who scientists revived after 4,700 years--big mistake Or more horrifying yet, the Horla, an invisible, havoc-wreaking creature that herds humans like cattle and feeds of their souls.

Drawn from the pages of classic books and tales as old as time, this frightfully exciting collection features 25 of the creepiest creatures ever imagined, from witches and werewolves to dragons and ghosts. Every monster is brought to life in a full-size full-color portrait that captures the essence of the beast, and in lively text that recounts the monster's spine-tingling story. With sidebars that explore the history and the genre of each sourcebook, The Big Book of Monsters is an exciting introduction to literature and language arts.
What Can Colors Do?
What Can Colors Do?
Hardcover      ISBN: 1616899662

There's a rainbow of ways to think about colors. Colors pop and shine. Cool colors make us shiver, while warm colors heat us up. They can even express our moods, from feeling blue to being tickled pink. What Can Colors Do? introduces children to color through vibrant artworks that inspire curiosity, joy, and surprise in young learners.

Colorful paintings, sculptures, and objects from the Philadelphia Museum of Art help children think about how artists use color. How can colors express feelings? Can a color be loud or soft? As children learn the basics of color theory, from mixing to contrast and color wheels, they answer engaging, thoughtful questions that bring the world of art and their own experiences together. A series of activities for kids to complete on their own--from a scavenger hunt to a color-inspired way to meditate--helps them to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the hues around us.
Dk Eyewitness Da Vinci and His Times
Dk Eyewitness Da Vinci and His Times
Hardcover      ISBN: 0756617685

An overview of the philosophy, inventions, art, government, religion, and daily life of the Renaissance.

The Visual Dictionary of Buildings
The Visual Dictionary of Buildings
Hardcover      ISBN: 1564581020

"The Eyewitness Visual Dictionaries differ from the Eyewitness books in that the text is longer and the vocabulary more difficult.... The photographs are outstanding.... The brief text compresses many details into a few sentences, The vocabulary is scholarly...and charts combined with the text give a clear overview of the subject s]". -- RQ

Rip All the Pages!: 52 Tear-Out Adventures for Creative Writers
Rip All the Pages!
52 Tear-Out Adventures for Creative Writers
Paperback      ISBN: 1611806577
Unleash your creativity Explore creative writing in new ways that will have you cutting, folding, tearing, and ripping the pages

This is the activity book for out-of-bounds creative writing fun. Full of 52 zany,
silly, and thoughtful prompts--perfect for elementary-aged kids--this book will take your writing to new places, literally Write a haiku and fold it up into a paper crane, write fortunes and tuck them in places for people to find, write out all your accomplishments and then let your talents soar as a paper airplane--there's no end to the imaginative ways to use words and paper.
What Adults Don't Know about Architecture: Inspiring Young Minds to Build a More Beautiful World
What Adults Don't Know about Architecture
Inspiring Young Minds to Build a More Beautiful World
Hardcover      ISBN: 1912891301
This insightful title explores children's relationship with and understanding of architecture and its impact on their world.

Children are rarely introduced properly to architecture, but there are in fact few subjects more important--because the quality of the architecture that surrounds us has such an impact on our mood and sense of well-being.

The bitter truth is that in modern times we've built a world that's far too often ugly or charmless--and we've done so because very few people ever feel they have the right to comment on what gets built around them. This is a chance for the next generation to develop the tools to talk about architecture with confidence, knowledge, and passion. It tells us about what a satisfying building is, what makes a street enticing (or not), why some cities are charming and others repel us--and how we might build going forward in a way that will reliably delight and uplift us.

This engaging guide is designed to help children (and their favorite adults) to understand how buildings work and how we might create the better looking world we all crave and deserve.

Showtime: Meet the People Behind the Scenes
Meet the People Behind the Scenes
Hardcover      ISBN: 1554514878

Find out about the "other" stars in show business. There are hundreds of people who make a live show worth seeing: the entertainers on stage, of course, but also the many people behind the scenes whose work ensures that the show will be a success. Set designer Machiko Weston meticulously creates miniature 3D sets that capture the smallest detail of what the actual stage will look like. Long-haul trucker Ben Pinel makes sure that instruments, lights, and speakers get to the venue safely and on time. And if onstage fireworks, laser shows, and special effects are appealing, the job of pyrotechnics expert comes with its fair share of excitement--and danger. Readers will learn about other behind-the-scenes people such as costume designer, promoter, vocal coach, and more: all people whose job it is to make sure that every show is the best one ever.

by Jr
Hardcover      ISBN: 183866016x

A lyrical, poignant ode to wrinkles and the stories they tell, by the world renowned photographer and public artist JR

This first-ever picture book by internationally acclaimed artist-photographer JR allows young readers to consider the lives and stories of the older people around them. Memories, experiences, and emotions are touched on in a welcoming way, creating the perfect conversation-starter between children and their elders. Evocative black-and-white photographs of faces and simple, poignant read-aloud text consider the literal and lyrical meaning of wrinkles, leaving readers of all ages with a well-justified appreciation of aging and natural beauty. Published to coincide with a major exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, opening in October 2019.