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The Story of Science: Internet Referenced
The Story of Science
Internet Referenced
Paperback      ISBN: 0794521460

Introduces some of the major scientific discoveries throughout history, including the age of the Earth, gravity, atoms, and dinosaur fossils.

Paperback      ISBN: 0064437914

Join award-winning science writer Seymour Simon in this picture book introduction to tornadoes

With winds that can reach speeds of three hundred miles an hour and funnel clouds that can measure a mile in diameter, tornadoes leave enormous damage in their wake.

Now Seymour Simon examines these twisting columns of air and destruction. Simon explains how tornadoes are formed, why and when they are most likely to occur, how scientists classify and track them--and what to do if one touches down.

With clear, simple text and stunning full-color photographs, readers will learn all about these amazing natural wonders in this informative picture book

Perfect for young scientists' school reports, this book supports the Common Core State Standards.

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50 Burning Questions: A Sizzling History of Fire
50 Burning Questions
A Sizzling History of Fire
School & Library      ISBN: 1554512212

If we took time to examine the flames in our world--fires that have built civilizations, sparked entire religions, and literally changed the surface of the Earth--can you imagine how many questions we would have? The 50 questions in this book may be just the beginning, but they will intrigue and excite young readers. From the question of "Who's for dinner?" (before mastering fire, humans were more likely to be prey than predators), to "Who were the first firefighters?" (Romans over 2,000 years ago), to "Why don't firewalkers get toasted feet?" (theories abound, but no one knows for certain), the amazing answers reveal the crucial role fire has played for millennia. With a humorous touch ("Who was the first hairy potter?"), Tanya Lloyd Kyi presents fascinating facts alongside innovative activities for kids, like sending breath through a glass jar and playing spy games with a flashlight. Each sidebar turns up the heat on the subject, while comical illustrations make for a fun and fiery visual presentation.

Making Things Change
Making Things Change
Paperback      ISBN: 0761304649

This exciting series introduces children to basic scientific concepts with safe and easy experiments, step-by-step how-tos, and ideas for more great experiments kids can try themselves.

Kitchen Science
Kitchen Science
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789469723

Why do lemons give you a buzz? Why does a cornstarch and water mixture behave so strangely? What happens when you put water under pressure and why does it suffer from surface tension? Over 50 experiments show you that science is bubbling away all around us. Science has come out of the laboratory and into the real world. Kids can become scientists in their own homes using everyday ingredients and supplies to carry out experiments.

Nibbling on Einstein's Brain
Nibbling on Einstein's Brain
Hardcover      ISBN: 1554511879

"This fascinating and kid-friendly book gives budding scientists and others an introduction to the tools and strategies needed to evaluate and understand scientific information ..." --School Library Journal Science affects every part of our lives. It can determine the foods we eat, the clothes we weareven the video games we play. But how do you tell the good science from the bad? Bite into Nibbling on Einstein's Brain and learn some winning strategies for sorting the good from the misleading in science. Through playful scenarios and fascinating real-world examples, each chapter encourages critical thinking. You'll find tips for spotting bad science, ideas for identifying reports that misrepresent facts, and ways to keep your own brain from muddling the science news you receive. Bursting with "Baloney Buster" information, quick "Your Turn" activities and playful new illustrations, this brightly redesigned edition, with recent examples of suspicious science, offers a fun approach to becoming a sharp-minded watchdog of reliable science.

Planet Earth/Inside Out
Planet Earth/Inside Out
Paperback      ISBN: 0688158498

A basic and enjoyable introduction to our planet from Washington Post/Children's Book Guild Award winner Gail Gibbons

What if we could open up our planet and look inside? From its red-hot core to the highest mountain peak, come see the ins and outs of Earth as you've never seen them before in a colorful introduction to the powerful forces shaping our home.

With detailed illustrations and diagrams, Gail Gibbons offers a classroom-ready nonfiction picture book that makes complex scientific concepts understandable and entertaining for young readers.

Exploring the Sky by Day: An Equinox Guide to Weather and the Atmosphere
Exploring the Sky by Day
An Equinox Guide to Weather and the Atmosphere
Paperback      ISBN: 0920656714

Winner of the Children's Roundtable Literature Information Book Award. Ideal for children, Exploring the Sky by Day offers fascinating insight into such phenomena as lightning, the 10 types of clouds, storms, solar haloes, sundogs, and sunsets. Brought to life with dozens of photographs and the color illustrations of John Bianchi the book provides an excellent introduction to weather and the atmosphere.

Basher Science: Planet Earth: What Planet Are You On? [With Poster]
Basher Science: Planet Earth
What Planet Are You On? [With Poster]
Paperback      ISBN: 0753464128

Basher Science: Planet Earth, What planet are you on? Created & illustrated by Simon Basher, written by Dan Gilpin

From Basher, the illustrator who showed the periodic table in a whole new light and gave us his fresh spin on physics, biology, astronomy and rocks and minerals, comes Planet Earth, a book that sheds light on this rock we live on, from its mountains and ocean depths to the storms that whirl around it.

101 Great Science Experiments
101 Great Science Experiments
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789449218

Make science fun with 101 exciting step-by-step experiments that are safe and easy to do at home. Make science fun with 101 exciting step-by-step experiments that are safe and easy to do at home. Science writer Neil Ardley shows how you can use everyday objects to discover the basic principles of science and understand how these apply to the world around you. So if you want to make a volcano erupt, see around corners, find out how your eyes work, or build an electromagnet, this fascinating book will show you how.