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My Book of Rhyming Words
My Book of Rhyming Words
Paperback      ISBN: 4774307610

This is a fun and easy way to help your child learn to say and write rhyming words, such as Pop and Mop and Pig and Dig. This book builds a foundation for more advance reading and writing skills.

I and You and Don't Forget Who: What Is a Pronoun?
I and You and Don't Forget Who
What Is a Pronoun?
Paperback      ISBN: 0822564696

Have fun with language

The latest addition to the best-selling Words Are CATegorical(R) series, this fun-filled guide uses playful puns and humorous illustrations to creatively clarify the concept of pronouns. Key pronouns appear in color for easy identification to show, not tell, readers what pronouns are all about.

Pitch and Throw, Grasp and Know: What Is a Synonym?
Pitch and Throw, Grasp and Know
What Is a Synonym?
Paperback      ISBN: 0822568772

Have fun learning language

"Word-Nerd" Brian P. Cleary and highly-acclaimed illustrator Brian Gable collaborate to clarify the concept of synonyms for young readers with playful, lively, and whimsical rhymes and humorous, comical, and amusing illustrations. For easy identification, synonyms are printed in color, and key words are illustrated on each page. This funny, best-selling series shows, not tells, each part of speech.

My Book of Number Games, 1-150
My Book of Number Games, 1-150
Paperback      ISBN: 4774307602

Use this book to introduce your child to basic math skills, especially recognizing and reciting numbers 1 to 150.

Great Source Writer's Express: Student Handbook Grades 4 - 5
Great Source Writer's Express
Student Handbook Grades 4 - 5
Paperback      ISBN: 0669386324

Covers the process of writing, forms of expression, research tools, proof reading, editing, and grammar

One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent: All about Money
One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent
All about Money
Hardcover      ISBN: 0375828818

THE CAT IN the Hat puts to rest any notion that money grows on trees in this super simple look at numismatics, the study of money and its history. Beginning with the ancient practice of bartering, the Cat explains various forms of money used in different cultures, from shells, feathers, leather, and jade to metal ingots to coins (including the smallest--the BB-like Indian fanam--and the largest--the 8-foot-wide, ship-sinking limestone ones from the Islands of Yap ), to the current king of currency, paper. Also included is a look at banking, from the use of temples as the first banks to the concept of gaining or paying interest, and a step-by-step guide to minting coins. A fascinating introduction is bound to change young reader's appreciation for change

My First Book of Money: Counting Coins
My First Book of Money
Counting Coins
by Kumon
Trade Paperback      ISBN: 193324142x
A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What Is a Noun?
A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink
What Is a Noun?
Paperback      ISBN: 1575054175

What is a noun?

It's easier to show than explain--and this book is brimming with examples. Author Brian Cleary and illustrator Jenya Prosmitsky creatively clarify the concept of nouns for young readers. Nouns are printed in color for easy identification, and the playful rhymes and illustrations combine to highlight key words.

Reading Skills: Grade 5 (Flash Kids Harcourt Family Learning)
Reading Skills
Grade 5 (Flash Kids Harcourt Family Learning)
Paperback      ISBN: 1411401174

Age-appropriate reading passages combine with whimsical illustrations to help readers understand more about the basic concepts needed to be a good reader.

Harcourt Family Learning Workbooks are a comprehensive line of workbook developed through a partnership with Harcourt, a leading educational publisher. Based on national teaching standards, these workbooks provide complete practice in math, reading, and other key subject areas.
Checking Your Grammar
Checking Your Grammar
Paperback      ISBN: 0590494554

The best-selling grammar guide gets a fresh, new cover design for Fall 2002.

This easy-to-use reference book helps you edit your writing before someone else reads it.Parts of speech * Irregular nouns and verbsThe 100 Most Commonly Confused and Misused WordsWhat Makes a Good SentenceCapitalization * Contractions * Compound Words * Idioms Abbreviations * Punctuation * Spelling * Acronyms