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America's Deserts: Guide to Plants and Animals
America's Deserts
Guide to Plants and Animals
Paperback      ISBN: 1555912680
A color field guide to America's deserts, with watercolor illustrations and descriptions of the plants and animals that inhabit the different desert regions.
At Home With the Gopher Tortoise: The Story of a Keystone Species
At Home With the Gopher Tortoise
The Story of a Keystone Species
Paperback      ISBN: 0977753956
At Home with the Gopher Tortoise: The Story of a Keystone Species teaches young readers about the gopher tortoise and the more than 360 different kinds of animals that depend on it for survival. From owls to rabbits, from skunks to scorpions, the gopher tortoise provides creatures with shelter, food, or a place to raise their young. In this fascinating tale of ecological interdependency, glorious illustrations reveal the gopher tortoise's world both below and above ground, showing children how the fate of one species is important to so many others.
Horses in Action: A Poster Book
Horses in Action
A Poster Book
Paperback      ISBN: 1580176666
Contains posters of horses in action, each with relevant information on the back, in a book that discusses the Spanish Riding School, horse racing, and polo.
Paperback      ISBN: 0756621011
With this adorable and heartwarming sticker book, kids will discover a fun and hands-on way to learn about kittens. See them play, snuggle, and cuddle. They’ll learn fascinating facts that include information about breeds, how to take care of a kitten, and what to do if you find a stray. Each Ultimate Sticker Book presents an array of colorful, photographic stickers of baby animals or dinosaurs, the US Presidents or the night sky–there's something for everyone. Young children will love working with these durable, reusable stickers, and they can have fun using the stickers to make picture books and projects on their own. These entertaining books provide a hands-on way to explore new subjects. (And some of the stickers even glow in the dark!) Includes over 60 full-color, self-adhesive stickers.
Dinosaur Discovery: Everything You Need to Be a Paleontologist
Dinosaur Discovery
Everything You Need to Be a Paleontologist
School & Library      ISBN: 1416947647
Uses hands-on activities to present information about dinosaurs and to show how paleontologists study the prehistoric creatures.
Born to Pull: The Glory of Sled Dogs
Born to Pull
The Glory of Sled Dogs
Paperback      ISBN: 081666773x
For centuries, sled dogs pulled the people of northern climates over otherwise impassable distances of snow and ice, guiding them home through trackless wilderness. These burly, strong dogs were the lifeblood of the northern winter world. Today, from races like the famed Iditarod and the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon to sled dog tours, people from all climates are rediscovering the joy of this dog-powered sport. Born to Pull is a celebration of sled dogs who love to run in cold and snowy Minnesota, including lively stories from veteran mushers, insider information on dog care and training, and breathtaking watercolor illustrations that make the dogs come to life on the page.
How Do Birds Find Their Way?
How Do Birds Find Their Way?
Paperback      ISBN: 006445150x
Explores the mysteries of bird migration, including theories on how birds find their way and how scientists learn about migration
Hardcover      ISBN: 0756637619
Through hundreds of photos, diagrams, maps, and illustrations, readers will learn where sharks lurk, what they eat, who they hang out with, and why they do what they do, as well as hear from scientists and shark-attack survivors.
The Naked Mole-Rat
The Naked Mole-Rat
Library      ISBN: 142961739x
"Simple text and photos describe the unique homes, bodies, behaviors and adaptations of naked mole-rats"--Provided by publisher.
Paperback      ISBN: 0763641898
"The zoology is as exciting as the story in this action-packed picture book. . . Thrilling science." — BOOKLIST Introducing READ, LISTEN, & WONDER now in peggable, polybagged format. This vibrant book-and-CD series brings the best of our Read and Wonder nature stories to life. Each paperback title in the series includes a CD that features: * an engaging read-aloud with sound effects * a read-along opportunity guided by prompts * a segment focusing on fascinating facts In a lyrical narrative featuring many intriguing facts, Nick Dowson reveals the hidden ways of a wild tigress and her cubs, while Jane Chapman brings the mysterious creatures to rippling, roaring life.