3 Falafels in My Pita: A Counting Book of Israel
3 Falafels in My Pita
A Counting Book of Israel
Hardcover      ISBN: 1467734721

Let's count from 1 to 10 with Israeli food and fun

ABC Passover Hunt
ABC Passover Hunt
School & Library      ISBN: 1467778435

A to Z, an alphabet Passover scene.
Find all the letters in between

ABC Passover Hunt is a colorful, interactive, rhyming search for Passover foods, customs, and symbols.

About the B'Nai Bagels
About the B'Nai Bagels
Paperback      ISBN: 1416957987

Mark Setzer has a lot on his mind. He's worried about his upcoming bar mitzvah, and he misses his best friend, who's moved to the rich side of town and started hanging out with the obnoxious kid they used to make fun of. Mark doesn't need the aggravation of his mother signing on to manage his Little League team.

But if Mother Bagel complicates Mark's life, she's great for the team. Suddenly, they're winning games and headed toward the championship. The problem is, Mark has some information that could change everything, and he doesn't know what to do with it. He's a friend, a teammate, and the manager's son -- can he be all these and still be true to himself?
All-Of-A-Kind Family Downtown
All-Of-A-Kind Family Downtown
Paperback      ISBN: 1939601258

Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, and Gertie are back In the fourth entry in the All-of-a-Kind Family series--set right after the first book--Charlie is growing up. Ella gets a big role in the Purim play, Henny gets into trouble at school and runs away from home, Sarah gets her ears pierced, Charlotte has a scary kitchen accident, and Gertie finally is old enough to have a book of her own. Life is never dull for this one-of-a-kind family

Born in 1904 on New York's Lower East Side, Sydney Taylor was one of the first authors of children's books centered on Jewish characters, and is especially known for the immensely popular All-of-a-Kind Family series. The Sydney Taylor Book Award is given each year by the Jewish Association of Libraries to a book for young people that authentically portrays the Jewish experience.

All-Of-A-Kind Family Uptown
All-Of-A-Kind Family Uptown
Paperback      ISBN: 1939601177

Your favorite All-of-a-Kind Family has a new home in the Bronx, new friends and neighbors, and best all, new adventures. In the third book in the beloved series about a Jewish family growing up in early twentieth century New York, Ella misses her boyfriend Jules, who has joined the Army to fight in World War I, Henny spills tea on a dress she borrowed without asking, Sarah works to win a prize at school, Charlotte takes the elevated train without paying her fare, Gertie makes a pancake, and little Charlie is terrified when he meets Santa Claus. In true All-Of-A-Kind Family spirit, everyone must come together to keep the house running smoothly when Mama goes into the hospital to have her appendix removed.

The American Boy's Handy Book: What to Do and How to Do It
The American Boy's Handy Book
What to Do and How to Do It
Paperback      ISBN: 1586670654

Each summer, millions of children complain, "There's nothing to do." Originally published in 1888, The American Boy's Handy Book resoundingly challenges this age-old dilemma by providing a huge number of ideas for fun and instructional projects for young boys. Everything from camping and kite building to raising dogs and building boats is detailed for the would-be adventurer and do-it your-selfer.

And There Was Evening, and There Was Morning
And There Was Evening, and There Was Morning
Paperback      ISBN: 1512483656

The world began when God said Light,
And changed the world from dark to bright.

Gentle rhyming couplets tell the story of how God created the world, describing six days of work fashioning everything from seas and clouds to animals and people, to--finally--resting on Shabbat.

The Barefoot Book of Jewish Tales
The Barefoot Book of Jewish Tales
Paperback      ISBN: 1782853545
The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever the Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever
The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever the Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever
Paperback      ISBN: 1512408654

It's almost Sukkot, and Micah and his family are heading to Farmer Jared's pumpkin patch. Micah wants to find the very best pumpkin to decorate his family's sukkah, but Farmer Jared says his pumpkins can also go to a soup kitchen, to feed people who need a good meal. What will Micah decide to do with the best Sukkot pumpkin ever?

Boy Scouts Handbook: Original 1911 Edition
Boy Scouts Handbook
Original 1911 Edition
Paperback      ISBN: 1616081988
This is a full-color edition of the very first Boy Scouts Handbook, complete with the wonderful vintage advertisements that accompanied the original1911 edition, Over 40 million copies in print

The original Boy Scouts Handbook standardized American scouting and emphasized the virtues and qualifications for scouting, delineating what the American Boy Scouts declared was needed to be a "well-developed, well-informed boy." The book includes information on:
  • The organization of scouting
  • Signs and signaling
  • Camping
  • Scouting games
  • Description of scouting honors.

Scouts past and present will be fascinated to see how scouting has changed, as well as what has stayed the same over the years.

"In these pages and throughout our organization we have made it obligatory upon our scouts that they cultivate courage, loyalty, patriotism, brotherliness, self-control courtesy, kindness to animals, usefulness, cheerfulness, cleanliness, thrift purity, and honor, no one can doubt that with such training added to his native gifts, the American boy will bin the near future, as a man, bean efficient leader in the paths of civilization and peace."--From the Preface