Children's History
So You Want to Be a Roman Soldier
So You Want to Be a Roman Soldier
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500651833

In this highly entertaining adventure, Kate, Eddie, and Angus travel back in time to see if they have what it takes to be a Roman soldier. Under the guidance of an ancient career counselor and one of the Roman Empire's most intimidating centurions, they are inducted as newbie legionaries and discover firsthand the highs (sacking a city ) and lows (sharing a bum sponge) of life in the Roman army.

After passing their initial training challenges, our young crew discover how to use a shield as brass knuckles, how to operate a catapult, and how to avoid a javelin in the skull. These, and many other handy lessons, are now available to children dreaming of a career as an ancient Roman warrior.

So You Want to Be a Roman Soldier? draws on the latest scholarship by noted author Philip Matyszak and is illustrated throughout with zany drawings by Japanese cartoonist Takayo Akiyama. Quizzes, training challenges, pros-and-cons lists, and more will help readers personalize their journeys to soldierhood. The result is a book that brings to life the experience of a Roman soldier in 100 CE.

So You Want to Be a Viking
So You Want to Be a Viking
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500651841

Kate, Eddie, and Angus are dazzled by pictures of Viking warriors' deadly axes and blingy swords in their library books. But when they're transported back in time to Scandinavia in 991 CE, they must figure out if they have what it takes to become Vikings themselves.

A big, burly Viking called Bjorn initiates the kids in the ways of wielding a battle ax, plundering and looting, and soon they learn all sorts of other tricks as well, including how to get shipshape and navigate the seven seas with just a stone, how to recite rude poems, and how to scare enemies into submission before a battle even begins. Hervor, the haunted shield-maiden, is also on hand to share her tips on how to take off with a handsome ransom and how to make it into Valhalla in the afterlife.

So You Want to Be a Viking features the field's latest scholarship and is illustrated throughout with zany illustrations by Japanese cartoonist Takayo Akiyama. Any kid who's ever daydreamed about being a fierce Norse warrior will love this interactive guide.

So You Want to Be President?
So You Want to Be President?
School & Library      ISBN: 0399234071

Rosie is just a scrawny alley kitten, but she's braver than she looks -- and that's a good thing, because when a little girl brings her home, Rosie will meet the family dog, confront wild animals, be fooled by her reflection and find herself out on a limb. It will take some time for Rosie to get used to her new surroundings, but she eagerly laps it up, and her new family can't help loving her.

In this charming alphabet book, Niki Clark Leopold and Susan Jeffers join forces to introduce us to a most endearing kitten on her journey of discovery.

So You Want to Be President?: The Revised and Updated Edition
So You Want to Be President?
The Revised and Updated Edition
School & Library      ISBN: 0399243178

This new version of the Caldecott-winning classic by illustrator David Small and author Judith St. George is updated with current facts and new illustrations to include our forty-second president, George W. Bush. There are now three Georges in the catalog of presidential names, a Bush alongside the presidential family tree, and a new face on the endpaper portraiture.
Hilariously illustrated by Small, this celebration by St. George shows us the foibles, quirks and humanity of forty-two men who have risen to one of the most powerful positions in the world. Perfect for this election year--and every year

Soft Rain: A Story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears
Soft Rain
A Story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears
Paperback      ISBN: 0440412420

It all begins when Soft Rain's teacher reads a letter stating that as of May 23, 1838, all Cherokee people are to leave their land and move to what many Cherokees called "the land of darkness". . .the west. Soft Rain is confident that her family will not have to move, because they have just planted corn for the next harvest but soon thereafter, soldiers arrive to take nine-year-old, Soft Rain, and her mother to walk the Trail of Tears, leaving the rest of her family behind.

Because Soft Rain knows some of the white man's language, she soon learns that they must travel across rivers, valleys, and mountains. On the journey, she is forced to eat the white man's food and sees many of her people die. Her courage and hope are restored when she is reunited with her father, a leader on the Trail, chosen to bring her people safely to their new land.

Praise for Soft Rain:

"An eye-opening introduction to this painful period of American history."--Publisher's Weekly

"The characters themselves transform a sorrowful story of adversity into a tale of human resilience."--Kirkus Reviews

"This gentle child's-eye view will move readers enormously."--Jane Yolen

Sojourner Truth: Ain't I a Woman?
Sojourner Truth
Ain't I a Woman?
Paperback      ISBN: 0590446916

Published to coincide with African-American History Month, here is the stirring, award-winning biography of Sojourner Truth--preacher, abolitionist, and activist for the rights of African-Americans and women. A rich profile.--School Library Journal. A 1993 Coretta Scott King Honor Book.

Some Writer!: The Story of E. B. White
Some Writer!
The Story of E. B. White
Hardcover      ISBN: 0544319591
6 Starred Reviews New York Times Bestseller A People Magazine Best Children's Book A Washington Post Best Book A Publishers Weekly Best Book Boston Globe-Horn Book Nonfiction Award Honor recipient

Caldecott Honor winner Sweet mixes White's personal letters, photos, and family ephemera with her own exquisite artwork to tell the story of this American literary icon. Readers young and old will be fascinated and inspired by the journalist, New Yorker contributor, and children's book author who loved words his whole life. This authorized tribute, a New York Times bestseller, includes an afterword by Martha White, his granddaughter.
Sonia Sotomayor: A Judge Grows in the Bronx/La Juez Que Creci├│ En El Bronx
Sonia Sotomayor
A Judge Grows in the Bronx/La Juez Que Creci├│ En El Bronx
School & Library      ISBN: 1442403039

The inspiring and timely story of Sonia Sotomayor, who rose up from a childhood of poverty and prejudice to become the first Latino to be nominated to the US Supreme Court.

Before Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor took her seat in our nation's highest court, she was just a little girl in the South Bronx. Justice Sotomayor didn't have a lot growing up, but she had what she needed -- her mother's love, a will to learn, and her own determination. With bravery she became the person she wanted to be. With hard work she succeeded. With little sunlight and only a modest plot from which to grow, Justice Sotomayor bloomed for the whole world to see.

Antes de que la magistrada de la Corte Suprema Sonia Sotomayor llegara al m ximo tribunal de nuestra naci n, no era m s que una ni ita en el South Bronx. La magistrada Sotomayor no tuvo mucho durante sus primeros a os, pero s tuvo lo que contaba -- el amor de su madre, la voluntad de aprender y su propia determinaci n. Con valent a se hizo la persona que quer a ser. Con trabajo arduo triunf . Con un poquito de sol en un solarcito donde crecer, la magistrada Sotomayor floreci para que todo el mundo la vea.
Spend the Day in Ancient Greece: Projects and Activities That Bring the Past to Life
Spend the Day in Ancient Greece
Projects and Activities That Bring the Past to Life
Paperback      ISBN: 0471154547

Chariot racing, peplos weaving, cooking, and helmet making

Anything can happen when you spend the day in ancient Greece

It is over two thousand years ago in Athens, Greece, and you areinvited to join a typical family as they celebrate the birthday ofthe goddess Athena. Take a trip with twelve-year-old Alexander tosee the athletes competing in the pentathlon. Work along withten-year-old Helen as she weaves a gift for Athena. Meet theirfather, Philip, as he tends to sick patients, and their mother, Penelope, as she prepares for the special evening feast.

Celebrate the history of ancient Greece with more than a dozenexciting activities Write a letter using the Greek alphabet. Makea snake bracelet as a gift for a friend. Create masks to wear inyour own play. Build a chariot that you can race on the sidewalksof your town And at the end of your day, bring your own familytogether with Alexander, Helen, Philip, and Penelope to enjoy afeast under the stars
Spot the Mistake: Lands of Long Ago
Spot the Mistake
Lands of Long Ago
Hardcover      ISBN: 1847809642

Would a Mayan warrior have worn a watch? Would a Viking have used a compass? Test your knowledge of history and spot 20 mistakes in every scene. Then, turn the page to discover if you were right and learn more fun facts about ancient civilisations, including the Ancient Greeks, the Ancient Egyptians, the Romans, the Mayans, the Vikings, and many more