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Opening Moves: Michael Thaler, the Making of a Young Chess Champion
Opening Moves
Michael Thaler, the Making of a Young Chess Champion
Hardcover      ISBN: 0316913391
Describes how chess champion Michael Thaler discovered and developed his talent at an early age and learned to deal with both winning and losing.
Horse Games & Puzzles for Kids: 102 Brainteasers, Word Games, Jokes & Riddles, Picture Puzzles, Matches & Logic Tests for Horse-Loving Kids
Horse Games & Puzzles for Kids
102 Brainteasers, Word Games, Jokes & Riddles, Picture Puzzles, Matches & Logic Tests for Horse-Loving Kids
Paperback      ISBN: 1580175384
You can count on horse-crazy kids to be doing something horse-related, thinking about something horse-related, or planning something horse-related 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's why Cindy A. Littlefield created the Kids' Book of Horse Games & Puzzles. If kids are going to spend their time horsing around, they might as well jump-start their creativity and boost their problem-solving skills at the same time. The book is divided into five sections: Word Play, Picture Puzzles, Drawing, Fun and Games, and Brain Teasers. (All the answers are included.) Take the "Horse and Pony Stall of Fame" challenge by matching up famous equines with their human or television character companions. Snuffle through the "Hungry as a Horse" quiz and see if you can find the names of 14 things horses like to eat hidden in a block of letters. Then break out your best drawing pencils and learn how to draw a horse's portrait in six easy steps. Fun, horsey cartoons and illustrations adorn every page. And scattered throughout the book are horse riddles, bits of horse trivia, and quotes about horses. Here, at last, is the perfect book for kids who love puzzles almost as much as they love horses.
Voggy's Percussion Set
Voggy's Percussion Set
Paperback      ISBN: 3802404726
Now I Know My ABCs: Read and Write and Spell With Me!
Now I Know My ABCs
Read and Write and Spell With Me!
Hardcover      ISBN: 1584760508
Favorite Trucks
Favorite Trucks
Paperback      ISBN: 0486423425
Included are images of an 18-wheeler, a monster truck, cement mixer, tanker truck, flat-bed tow truck, armored truck, and 10 other models. 16 full-color stickers on 4 plates.
Games and Giggles Just for Girls
Games and Giggles Just for Girls
Paperback      ISBN: 1562472321
Games, riddles, tongue-twisters, mazes, brain-teasers, and other amusements are featured in a book of fun for girls
Create Your Own Robot
Create Your Own Robot
Paperback      ISBN: 0486448789
The winsome little robot comes with 38 mix-and-match sticker parts that will change the shape of his arms, legs, and even his face. Colorful accessories make the little guy even more fun to play with.
I Spy With My Little Eye: Hockey
I Spy With My Little Eye
School & Library      ISBN: 1585363650
"Each page includes two photos related to hockey. Using poetic clues, readers try to spy the changes made from the original photo on the left to the altered photo on the right. Subjects include skate sharpening, referees, jerseys, and trophies"--Providedby publisher.
Shiny Robots Stickers
Shiny Robots Stickers
Paperback      ISBN: 0486468496
Kids who enjoy the action-packed feats of robots in the movies will be thrilled to have this collection of 10 stickers on hand. These mechanical marvels add a cool touch to birthday invitations, packages, and more.
Glitter Princess Stickers
Glitter Princess Stickers
Paperback      ISBN: 0486465772
For every little girl who dreams of being a princess, here are 18 glittery stickers to make her feel like royalty. Includes three princesses in ruffled gowns, tiara and jewels, plus more.