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An Unofficial Joke Book for Fortniters: Sidesplitting Jokes and Shenanigans from Salty Springs
An Unofficial Joke Book for Fortniters
Sidesplitting Jokes and Shenanigans from Salty Springs
Paperback      ISBN: 1510748075
What do a door and a new Fortnite player have in common? They both get "knocked" a lot.

What happens after you drink too much Slurp Juice? You burp juice

Jump out of the Battle Bus and jump into more than eight hundred side-splitting jokes

Jokes for Fortniters is an all-new, laugh-out-loud book of jokes for you and your squad. From Battle Royale puns and wordplay to funny one-liners that will have you dancing, this hysterical book has the cleverest jokes about Fortnite and game play. Cackle your way to victory with the funniest, craziest, and silliest jokes you can fire off to everyone on the island

Inside you will find funny gags such as:
  • What kind of pop should Fortniters never drink?
    Shield pop
  • Where do Fortniters sleep?
    In a nite fort
  • And many many more

For kids ages eight and up, this is the perfect book for at home, at school, or any battle royale You'll enjoy telling these silly jokes to your friends and family. Get extra laughs from silly illustrations throughout
Laugh-Out-Loud Animal Jokes for Kids
Laugh-Out-Loud Animal Jokes for Kids
Paperback      ISBN: 0800723759

All kids love animals, and all kids love to laugh. From the bestselling author of Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids comes this collection of hundreds of animal-themed jokes that will have animal lovers rolling in the aisles. Forget about chickens crossing roads. Laugh-Out-Loud Animal Jokes for Kids is a veritable joke jungle for young comedians everywhere.

Side-Splitting Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids
Side-Splitting Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids
Paperback      ISBN: 0736948368

The next time a child proclaims I'm bored the doctor of funny, Bob Phillips, will knock their socks off with this grand collection of jokes.

When a family faces a break from school, a long trip, a rainy day, or any situation when a full-on case of mundane complain is kicking in, this is the only way to send joy from kids' toes through their souls.

Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Boo who?
No need to cry from boredom, just get the new Bob Phillips knock-knock joke collection

This gathering of good, clean jokes and family fun is the book to add to all libraries, churches, and home collections of happiness material.

101 Wacky Camping Jokes
101 Wacky Camping Jokes
Paperback      ISBN: 059045773x

A collection of wacky jokes features humorous bits dealing with camping, wildlife, and more. Original.

Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids
Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids
Paperback      ISBN: 0800788036
Over 1.5 million sold

USA TODAY bestseller

Wall Street Journal bestseller

What happens to race car drivers when they eat too much? They get indy-gestion. Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids provides children ages 7-10 many hours of fun and laughter. Young readers will have a blast sharing this collection of hundreds of one-liners, knock knock jokes, tongue twisters, and more with their friends and family This mega-bestselling book will have children rolling on the floor with laughter and is sure to be a great gift idea for any child.
The Joke Machine: Create Your Own Jokes and Become Instantly Funny!
The Joke Machine
Create Your Own Jokes and Become Instantly Funny!
Paperback      ISBN: 1250318645


Follow a cast of fictional funny experts into the Laugh Lab, a hilarious joke-building factory that teaches middle-grade readers how to create their own jokes, puns, silly one-liners, and more. Each chapter explores a different style of joke making, such as surprise, understatement, and exaggeration, and includes hundreds of hilarious examples.

By the end of the book, readers will have a set of tools in their joke belt to make their friends and family actually LOL.

The book includes more than 500 family-friendly jokes--plus zillions that you can create on your own
Biggest Riddle Book in the World
Biggest Riddle Book in the World
Paperback      ISBN: 0806988843

How do you keep a rhinoceros from charging? Take away his credit cards. Over 2,000 riddles of all kinds, from simple to complex, for all ages. Written by a children's librarian, this is one riddle book that should be in both the adult and children's collections.--Library Journal. A real bonanza for riddle fans. A great boost for budding comedians.--School Library Journal. A massive collection. Index is helpful in finding specific zingers.--Horn Book.

Jokelopedia: The Biggest, Best, Silliest, Dumbest Joke Book Ever
The Biggest, Best, Silliest, Dumbest Joke Book Ever
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0761171894

The new fourth edition of the mother of all kids' joke books is no joke. Smaller in size, but still packed with every joke

Jokelopedia is an all-encompassing, gut-busting collection of more than 1,700 kid-friendly jokes, tongue twisters, riddles, and puns. The perfect gift for incurable jokesters, class clowns, comedians-to-be, and aspiring ventriloquists--not to mention the quieter kids who still love a good laugh--it features doctor jokes, robber jokes, teacher jokes, why-did-the-chicken-cross-the-road jokes, lightbulb jokes, movie star jokes, gross-out jokes, vampire jokes, and elephant jokes. Plus, it has the classics, fresh variations on the classics, and jokes with nothing classic about them. And all jokes are organized into categories for easy reference.

In addition there are joke-telling pointers and tips, funny facts and pop culture references, and two dozen spotlights on favorite TV shows, books, comics, and comic actors, including iCarly, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Steve Carell, and Tina Fey.

Wee Hee Hee: A Collection of Pretty Funny Jokes and Pictures
Wee Hee Hee
A Collection of Pretty Funny Jokes and Pictures
Hardcover      ISBN: 1524759961
An award-winning collection of 50 illustrated jokes perfect for little comedians to practice their funny stuff.

Nothing brings people together like sharing
 a good giggle. And according to smarty-pants doctors and researchers, telling jokes is linked to higher intelligence, creativity, sociability, empathy, and self-esteem in kids. That's why the folks at Wee Society created this artfully designed book of jokes and pictures.

Inside you'll find:
- Tips for just-right joke telling
- A spot for recording people's reactions
- A joke to illustrate
- And more

Perfect for parents who laugh with their kids, ideal for happy occasions of all kinds, Wee Hee Hee is a joyful book that kids will read over and over again