Music Instruction: Guitar
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Guitare Rock Shop 1
Guitare Rock Shop 1
Paperback      ISBN: 0898987318
A complete, stand-alone method for rock guitar which builds musicianship and encourages creativity. It has the same attributes as the core method, and the two correlate. Covers rock and blues riffs, power chords, lead scales, and classic rhythm and lead guitar patterns as played by the greats. In standard notation and tablature. With a play-along recording. Book 1 includes power chords, eighth note rhythms, the blues form, minor pentatonic scales, rhythm riffs, music theory, boogie patterns, and lead guitar riffs and techniques. Includes riffs in the style of Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top®, The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton.
Melodic Minor: Revealed
Melodic Minor
Paperback      ISBN: 0769215564
Legendary guitarist and educator Don Mock exposes the closely-guarded "secret" soloing techniques of jazz and rock giants, revealing easy ways to create ultra-cool sounding lines and patterns by substituting simple harmonic minor patterns over dominant 7th chords. These book/CD packages each contain over 60 music examples, lines, licks and patterns. All music is written in standard notation and tablature.
The Bass Book: A Complete Illustrated History of Bass Guitars
The Bass Book
A Complete Illustrated History of Bass Guitars
Paperback      ISBN: 0879303689
The fourth in a series (The Fender Book, The Gibson Les Paul Book, The Rickenbacker Book), The Bass Book offers a complete illustrated history of bass guitars from Fender's first in the 1950s through the models of the next 40 years that formed the foundation for modern music. The bass guitar is undoubtedly one of the most significant instruments of this century, yet this book is the first to study its history. Features original interviews with bass makers past and present, dozens of unusual, specially commissioned color photos, and a reference section that provides a wealth of information on every major manufacturer.
All Blues Soloing for Jazz Guitar: Scales, Licks, Concepts & Choruses
All Blues Soloing for Jazz Guitar
Scales, Licks, Concepts & Choruses
Paperback      ISBN: 0786642858
The Christmas Book: Carols Arranged for Acoustic Guitar
The Christmas Book
Carols Arranged for Acoustic Guitar
Paperback      ISBN: 0786658789
Arlen Roth's Masters of the Telecaster
Arlen Roth's Masters of the Telecaster
Paperback      ISBN: 0897248058
Perhaps no other instrument in history has had such a profound effect on the history, style and development of popular music as the Fender Telecaster. This beautiful coffee table-style book includes color and black and white photos of vintage and custom shop models and the great "tele" artists. Plus, deep insights into the history and uses of this fantastic instrument, including licks, solos and techniques of all the great "Telemasters" and influences on blues, country, R&B, and rock. Also includes over 140 music examples--all demonstrated by Arlen Roth on the included CD. All examples are in standard notation, tablature.
Mel Bay Presents the Music of Django Reinhardt: Forty-Four Classic Solos by the Legendary Guitarist With a Complete Analysis
Mel Bay Presents the Music of Django Reinhardt
Forty-Four Classic Solos by the Legendary Guitarist With a Complete Analysis
Paperback      ISBN: 0786633883
Offers transcriptions of Django Reinhardt guitar solos with analyses, along with standard musical notation with chord symbols.
Dulcimer Chord Book
Dulcimer Chord Book
Paperback      ISBN: 1562222481
Guitar Today: Book 1
Guitar Today
Book 1
by Snyder
Paperback      ISBN: 0739008099
A thorough method of instruction that teaches both pickstyle and fingerstyle playing for acoustic and electric guitar.You will get a thorough introduction to note reading, scales and chords. Includes optional duets, favorite classical and folk melodies from around the world arranged for guitar solo or duet. Designed to be used simultaneously with "Bass Today." Clear diagrams and photos included.
How to Play Metal Guitar: The Basics & Beyond
How to Play Metal Guitar
The Basics & Beyond
Paperback      ISBN: 0879307757
Provides instructions for playing metal guitar, including reading music, playing chords, scales, and improvising.