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Inspiration Blastoff 2021 Wall Calendar: Brilliant Sayings and Kick-Ass Graphics
Inspiration Blastoff 2021 Wall Calendar
Brilliant Sayings and Kick-Ass Graphics
by Prank-O
Other      ISBN: 1524855367
Stay inspired in an exceptionally weird way throughout the year with this calendar that features thirteen images that are fun, crazy, and truly defy logic.

The Inspiration Blastoff 2021 Calendar features brilliant sayings from Cicero, Theodore Roosevelt, Joan of Arc, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and others, paired with colorful scenes of animals, food, and floating objects, making this calendar one of the most unique you'll ever find. It's the perfect gift for anyone looking for a slightly odd form of inspiration.
Alpacas Wall Calendar 2021
Alpacas Wall Calendar 2021
Wall      ISBN: 1523509805
First things first--alpacas are not llamas. Alpacas are alpacas.

Boasting compulsively Instagrammable cuteness, fun (they can run an obstacle course and even learn to play catch), Alpacas are experiencing a wave of popularity in the US. Alpacas celebrates these distinctive camelids with a year of exquisite studio portraits showcasing their fluffy fur, soulful expressions, and diversity of colors. A silky gray alpaca with serene blue eyes. A white alpaca and brown alpaca in profile. And an adorable extra-shaggy alpaca, its face hidden under a mop of hair. Includes lots of fascinating alpaca trivia and facts: Did you know that alpacas remain pregnant for almost a full year and their babies, called crias, weigh as much as 20 pounds at birth? It's an off-the-charts charming gift for animal lovers. Printed on FSC-certified paper.
Mathematics 2021: Your Daily Epsilon of Math: 12-Month Calendar - January 2021 Through December 2021
Mathematics 2021: Your Daily Epsilon of Math
12-Month Calendar - January 2021 Through December 2021
Calendar      ISBN: 1631066986
Keep your mind sharp all year long with Mathematics 2021: Your Daily Epsilon of Math, a 12" 12" wall calendar featuring 12 images relating to math concepts

Let mathematicians Rebecca Rapoport and Dean Chung tickle the left side of your brain by providing you with a math challenge for every day of the year. The solution is always the date; but the fun lies in figuring how to arrive at the answer, and possibly discovering more than one method of arriving there.

Some of the most tricky problems require only middle school math applied cleverly. With entry-level algebra, word problems, math puns, and interesting math definitions thrown into the mix, this calendar should intrigue you for the whole year.

End the year with more brains than you had when it began with Mathematics 2021: Your Daily Epsilon of Math.
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2021 Wall Calendar
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2021 Wall Calendar
Other      ISBN: 1524857645
Based on the New York Times best-selling books of the same name, the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2021 Wall Calendar inspires and motivates women of all ages. Each month features a stunning portrait of a trailblazing woman alongside the amazing tale of her world-changing feats.

With illustrations by female artists from around the globe, the calendar captures the individual spirits of authors, scientists, activists, artists, athletes, and other heroic women--both past and present--who have pushed boundaries to expand options and move the world toward a place without limitations based on gender, race, or anything else that sets someone apart.
Features Include:
  • All-new artwork and stories not featured in previous wall calendars
  • Heavy, uncoated paper
  • Milestone anniversaries of women's rights
  • Plenty of room to write
  • Bonus spread with September-December 2020, so you can start using the calendar before January 2021
Elegant Pie 2021 Wall Calendar
Elegant Pie 2021 Wall Calendar
Other      ISBN: 1524858099
Elegant Pie 2021 Wall Calendar is the first year for this stunningly photographed 12 x 12 wall calendar based on Karin Pfeiff-Boschek's best-selling book, Elegant Pie: Transform Your Favorite Pies into Works of Art.

Discover the world of artistic pie decoration in this monthly wall calendar that features the most creative crusts and ornate designs to impress and inspire. This yearlong tribute to America's favorite dessert is the perfect gift for every pie lover, whether passionate baker or passionate eater Also included in the calendar is a pre-planning for September through December 2020.

Directions for creating many of these breathtaking works of pie art can be found in Karin's book, while those that are not will be accessible via her website upon publication. Karin Pfeiff-Boschek is a master pie designer who utilizes textile-based methods to create her most popular top crusts, ranging from graphic art styles to seasonal-inspired florals.

The Ocean Unseen Wall Calendar 2021
The Ocean Unseen Wall Calendar 2021
Wall      ISBN: 1523510552
A breathtaking exploration-in-photographs that celebrates the oceans' great biodiversity.

Introducing a calendar whose time has come. As climate change, pollution, and overfishing put the Earth's oceans in peril, it becomes ever more important to recognize the astonishing diversity of the animals who inhabit their depths. The Unseen Ocean is a gorgeous exploration-in-photographs of amazingly vibrant underwater worlds, featuring breathtaking images by distinguished marine photographers. The creatures are ethereal, their colors electrifying. A tiny Pygmy Seahorse peeks out from its coral home. A majestic Green Sea Turtle rests on a bed of seaweed. Mother and calf Humpback Whales swim in tandem. Colorful Pink Anemonefish take up residence in a Magnificent Sea Anemone. It's a gorgeous gift for divers and nature lovers--and a tribute to the beauty and charisma of the oceans' inhabitants. Printed on FSC-certified paper.
Pogue's Basics: Life: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) for Simplifying Your Day
Pogue's Basics: Life
Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) for Simplifying Your Day
Paperback      ISBN: 1250080436

New York Times Bestseller

Do you know the pinhole-finger trick for seeing without glasses?
Did you realize that booking a hotel room with your phone is cheaper than doing it on your PC?
Do you know how to get the last dregs of ketchup out of the bottle--in one second?

In David Pogue's New York Times bestselling book Pogue's Basics: Tech, the author shared his essential tips and tricks for making all your gadgets seem easier, faster, and less of a hassle to use. In this new book, he widens his focus--to life itself. In these pages, you'll find more than 150 tricks, shortcuts, and cheats for everyday life: house and home, cars, clothing, travel, food, health, and more. This timeless reference book will shed light on priceless bits of advice and life hacks that already exist in the world around you--you just never knew

Tips include: Insider cheats for cheap air fare, how to read signs in other languages, the three-cent trick for staying awake behind the wheel, how to know which side of the highway your exit will be on, how to quench a spicy mouth on fire, and much much more

Llama Nation 2021: 16-Month Calendar - September 2020 Through December 2021
Llama Nation 2021
16-Month Calendar - September 2020 Through December 2021
Calendar      ISBN: 1631067133
Stand out and be proud with Llama Nation 2021 Get in on the adorable antics with this 16-month wall calendar featuring 13 full-color illustrations of no-nonsense side-eyeing llamas as they prance, relax, and refuse to take any guff from the haters.

With a handy page that shows the months of September, October, November, and December 2020, followed by individual pages for the months of 2021, this 12" 12" wall calendar features stylish and captivating illustrations of llamas that will be sure to put a smile on your face all year long. Whether you're celebrating Llamakkah, Llamaween, or the 4th of Jully, Llama Nation 2021 will have you in sassy stitches.

Llama Nation 2021 is the perfect gift for the animal lover, artistic friend, or llama aficionado in your life
2021 Madam Vice President Kamala Harris Wall Calendar: Inspiration from the First Woman in the White House
2021 Madam Vice President Kamala Harris Wall Calendar
Inspiration from the First Woman in the White House
Wall      ISBN: 1728246563

Commemorate the first Madam Vice President with this inspirational wall calendar

A tribute to a trailblazer Celebrate history in the making and the groundbreaking work of Vice President Kamala Harris, the first woman elected to the White House Admire the MVP all year and beyond with this incredible 2021 wall calendar, featuring bright, dynamic art and Harris' inspiring words of hope, truth, and equality. She may be the first, but she will not be the last

Honoring the woman who's changed the world, the 2021 Madam Vice President Wall Calendar is the perfect feminist gift, inspirational gift for women, birthday gift for friends and family or gift anyone looking to commemorate this unprecedented leader


  • 12-month wall calendar (January-December 2021) with 12" x 12" trim size and sturdy hole for hanging
  • 13 stunning wall art pieces illustrated by 13 fierce female artists
  • Inspirational quotes from the MVP Kamala Harris
  • Fascinating facts about pivotal moments in Harris's career
  • Incredible information and tribute biography about her life
  • Holidays and observances
Baby Animals in Sweaters 2021 Wall Calendar
Baby Animals in Sweaters 2021 Wall Calendar
Calendar      ISBN: 1797201689

Featuring sweet baby animals wrapped in snuggly sweaters, this adorable calendar will delight animal lovers every month of the year.

- What could be more adorable than squeal-worthy baby animals in cozy sweaters? Whether you're an animal lover or simply love an overload of cuteness, this calendar is for you (or buy it as a gift for an animal-obsessed friend).
- Includes September-December 2019 at a glance
- 12 x 12 inches; the perfect size for easy hanging on any wall or over your desk
- Full-color illustrations throughout
- Printed on FSC-certified paper