Play Anthologies
Two-Character Plays for Student Actors: A Collection of 15 One-Act Plays
Two-Character Plays for Student Actors
A Collection of 15 One-Act Plays
Paperback      ISBN: 0916260534

Each of the plays in this theater book is a complete dramatic work balanced for a two-actor performance. Lengths vary from ten to thirty minutes. Many different types of roles from liberated women to bumbling detectives, from childhood sweethearts to homeless immigrants. Many styles: slapstick comedy, modern drama, satire, character study, and tragedy. No royalties required. Especially good for classroom and workshop use. Scripts are excellent for secondary and university-level forensic competitions.

Vietnam Plays: Volume 1: The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel and Sticks and Bones
Vietnam Plays: Volume 1
The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel and Sticks and Bones
Paperback      ISBN: 0802133134

David Rabe has been a major voice and crucial force in American drama since 1971 when, in the midst of the Vietnam War, he startled the nation with The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel. The story of a native recruit's initiation into war, it is by turns brutal and hilarious. It won the young playwright an Obie and was hailed by The New York Times as "rich humor, irony, and insight." More than two decades later, Rabe continues to be one of our most compelling dramatists, acclaimed most recently for the Tony Award-winning Hurlyburly.

In this, the first of two volumes of The Vietnam Plays, Pavlo Hummel is paired with the equally intense Sticks and Stones, in which a blinded Vietnam veteran returns home numbed by the war and is astonished by his family's inability to comprehend their country's politics and his rage.
Voices of Color: 50 Scenes and Monologues by African American Playwrights
Voices of Color
50 Scenes and Monologues by African American Playwrights
Paperback      ISBN: 1557831742

Voices of Color is a trailblazing collection of scenes and monologues by African American playwrights. This major omnibus of contemporary American writing will serve as a primary resource for African American artists in search of their own voice for the stage. Actors and directors will now have access to a much larger spectrum of work in which to shine. Readers will be introduced to a rich, vibrant medley of work of the human spirit. And schools, colleges and libraries will, at last, have the book we all need to fully explore America's potential for drama.

Votes for Women and Other Plays
Votes for Women and Other Plays
Paperback      ISBN: 1906582017

An important new student source book for colleges, universities, and libraries, this is an anthology of the best short plays by female dramatists concerning woman suffrage. Launched in conjunction with Classic Plays by Women.

The astonishing women involved in the Actresses Franchise League set up their own theatre companies and engaged with the battle for the vote by writing and performing campaigning plays all over the country. They launched themselves onto the political stage with their satirical plays, sketches and monologues whilst at the same time challenging the staid conventions of the Edwardian Theatre of the day. The legacy of their inspiring work to change both theatre and society has survived in the political theatre, agit-prop and verbatim theatre we know today.

What Playwrights Talk about When They Talk about Writing
What Playwrights Talk about When They Talk about Writing
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300211449
The art and craft of playwriting as explored in candid conversations with some of the most important contemporary dramatists

Edward Albee, Lanford Wilson, Lynn Nottage, A. R. Gurney, and a host of other major creative voices of the theater discuss the art of playwriting, from inspiration to production, in a volume that marks the tenth anniversary of the Yale Drama Series and the David Charles Horn Foundation Prize for emerging playwrights.

Jeffrey Sweet, himself an award-winning dramatist, hosts a virtual roundtable of perspectives on how to tell stories onstage featuring extensive interviews with a gallery of gifted contemporary dramatists. In their own words, Arthur Kopit, Marsha Norman, Christopher Durang, David Hare, and many others offer insights into all aspects of the creative writing process as well as their personal views on the business, politics, and fraternity of professional theater. This essential work will give playwrights and playgoers alike a deeper and more profound appreciation of the art form they love.
Women on the Verge: Seven Avant Garde Plays
Women on the Verge
Seven Avant Garde Plays
Paperback      ISBN: 1557831483

This anthology gathers together recent work by the finest and most controversial contemporary American women dramatists. Collectively, this magnificent seven seeks to break the mold of the well-wrought psychological play and its rigid emphasis on realisticsocio-political drama. Includes: Occupational Hazard (Rosalyn Drexler) - Us (Karen Malpede) - What of the Night? (Maria Irene Forne) - Birth and After Birth (Tina Howe) - and more.

Women's Acts: Plays by Women Dramatists of Spain's Golden Age
Women's Acts
Plays by Women Dramatists of Spain's Golden Age
Paperback      ISBN: 0813108896

Seventeenth-century Spain witnessed a rich flowering of dramatic activity that paralleled the Renaissance stage in other European countries. Yet this Golden Age traditionally has been represented in print almost entirely by male playwrights. With Women's Acts, Teresa Scott Soufas makes available eight plays by five long-neglected women dramatists: Angela de Azevedo, Ana Caro Mallen de Soto, Leonor de la Cueva y Silva, Feliciana Enriquez de Guzman, and Marla de Zayas y Sotomayor.

In an age when moralists denounced women's participation in the public arena, these women transgressed traditional gender ideology by creating works for the secular stage. Female characters in their plays portray the contradictions in their society's expectations for women. Ranging from an empress whose unmarried state distresses her subjects, to a woman who adopts male behavior patterns in courtship, and another who must dress like a man in order to be heard in court, female characters show how difficult it was for women to find fulfillment during a time when their opportunities were limited.

In her introduction, Soufas reviews the development of sixteenth- and seventeenth- century Spanish drama while focusing on the position of women during this period, the significance of these plays, and the issues the playwrights address. Each dramatist's section opens with an overview of the author's life and professional activity, a synopsis of her work(s), and a selected bibliography.

In a modernized edition that is consistent, readable, and suitable for use by both students and scholars, the plays in Women's Acts will at last earn their rightful place in the canon of Renaissance drama.

Women's Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny
Women's Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny
Paperback      ISBN: 1480360422

Never before has a monologue book been written completely by people who are actually funny for a living. This incredibly hysterical, cutting-edge collection of monologues will give an actress the extra bang she needs to land the perfect comedic role. Women's Comedic Monologues features 60 monologues by writers and comics who have written for or performed on Chelsea Lately, Carson Daly, The Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central Stage, and many more. This book is the answer to the comedic monologue needs of female actors everywhere

Women, Power and Politics: Then
Women, Power and Politics
Paperback      ISBN: 1848421168

An exciting project in which nine established female playwrights grapple with the complexities of women and politics in Britain's past. Includes Rebecca Lenkiewicz's The Lioness, about Elizabeth I and marriage; Marie Jones' The Milliner and the Weaver, about suffragettes in Ireland; Moira Buffini's Handbagged, in which Margaret Thatcher meets the queen; and Lucy Kirkwood's Bloody Wimmin, about nuclear weapons protest "and all that."