#Chill: Turn Off Your Job and Turn on Your Life
Turn Off Your Job and Turn on Your Life
Hardcover      ISBN: 0062896016
Stop stressing and learn to chill with this mindfulness and meditation guidebook that can help workaholics and others let go of anxiety and achieve and maintain the healthy work/life balance they need. Simultaneous eBook.
30 Scripts for Relaxation Imagery & Inner Healing
30 Scripts for Relaxation Imagery & Inner Healing
Paperback      ISBN: 0938586696
365 Science of Mind: A Year of Daily Wisdom
365 Science of Mind
A Year of Daily Wisdom
Paperback      ISBN: 1585426091
This newly repackaged edition of one of Tarcher's bestselling Holmes backlist titles contains wisdom designed to help each reader experience the Science of Mind philosophy day by day.
5-Minute Calm: A More Peaceful, Rested, and Relaxed You in Just 5 MINUTES A DAY
5-Minute Calm
A More Peaceful, Rested, and Relaxed You in Just 5 MINUTES A DAY
Paperback      ISBN: 1507206305
This quick, portable guide features more than 200 practical, effective ways to calm the mind, reduce stress, and erase tension in your body in less than five minutes. In 5-Minute Calm you’ll learn to relax your anxious mind and release tension in your body through quick and easy mindfulness exercises and techniques. Through guided breathing, meditation, visualization, and more, you’ll find a place of calm in just five short minutes. This newfound peace can allow you to reengage with the world in a meaningful, productive way. Whether you’re facing a frazzled morning at home, a hectic day at work, or a daunting project deadline, this on-the-go stress-reducing guide can help you disengage for a few minutes, find a moment of peace, and get back to your day.
8 Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life.
8 Minute Meditation
Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life.
Paperback      ISBN: 0399173420
Introduces the concept of meditation, offers advice on its practice, and describes how to establish the habit by following an eight-week program of short meditation sessions.
Aligned, Relaxed, Resilient: The Physical Foundations of Mindfulness
Aligned, Relaxed, Resilient
The Physical Foundations of Mindfulness
Paperback      ISBN: 1570625182
The emphasis on the mind in meditation can be somewhat misleading: If we pay attention only to mental processes and overlook the experience of the body, we can remain stuck in our heads and not be able to break free of the involuntary thinking that we find so claustrophobic and toxic. This short, practical guide helps us embrace the fact of our embodiment—the experience of the sensations, movements, and gestures of the body—and to realize that mindfulness is the natural state of awareness of a body that has learned how to experience its feeling presence. Johnson takes us through the three primary principles of the posture of meditation: alignment, relaxation, and resilience. He devotes a large part of each chapter to specific practices to help the reader experience different aspects of physical presence. This book is of interest to meditators of all traditions—Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, and others—as well as therapists, bodyworkers, and anyone interested in body-centered psychology and other natural modes of healing.
The Art of Breathing: The Secret to Living Mindfully
The Art of Breathing
The Secret to Living Mindfully
Paperback      ISBN: 1573247359
International bestselling author Dr. Danny Penman provides a concise guide to letting go, finding peace, and practicing mindfulness in a messy world, simply by taking the time to breathe. With these simple exercises he teaches you how to dissolve anxiety, stress, and unhappiness, enhance your mind, and unleash your creativity. You will start to smile more, worry less, and with each little moment of mindfulness, discover a happier, calmer you. It really is as easy as breathing. All you need is a chair, a body, some air, and your mind. That's it!
The Art of Just Sitting: Essential Writings on the Zen Practice of Shikantaza
The Art of Just Sitting
Essential Writings on the Zen Practice of Shikantaza
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 086171394x
Meditation is made easy in this celebration of a basic meditative art that reaches deep into Chinese and Japanese Buddhism for guidance on how to turn the act of simply sitting into a deeply spiritual act. Original.

The Art of Meditation
The Art of Meditation
Paperback      ISBN: 0062503790
Advocates a regular program of daily meditation to create a oneness with God and to reach an understanding of one's place in the world through prayer
Awakening: A Daily Guide to Conscious Living
A Daily Guide to Conscious Living
Paperback      ISBN: 1577315324
Organized around the calendar year and the seasons, a collection of 365 clear and simple affirmations and/or questions is designed to show readers how to release old patterns and beliefs to enhance their awareness of self and their spiritual paths. Original.