Rare Art by Artist
Damien Hirst: Relics
Damien Hirst
Hardcover      ISBN: 8857220745

A groundbreaking work, this catalog accompanies the largest exhibition ever realized on Damien Hirst, surveying the oeuvres of the highly acclaimed British artist. Published on the occasion of Relics, Hirst's first retrospective exhibition in Doha, Qatar, this richly illustrated book offers a different perspective on the work of one of the best-known artists working today. Tracing Hirst's career from his emergence on the art scene in the Young British Artists movement to his present status as one of the most controversial and highly regarded artists of his generation, this volume offers a complete overview on his wide-ranging practice, which includes installation, painting, sculpture, and drawing and challenges the boundaries between art, science, and popular culture. The catalog gathers over one hundred works, combining historic oeuvres with more recent projects: from The Kingdom to The History of Pain, from Pharmacy to For the Love of God, to the spot, spin, and butterfly paintings.With an essay by Francesco Bonami, an interview with the artist by Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate Britain, and essays by the Qatari writer Sophia Al Maria and the Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid, the volume offers an original point of view on Hirst's oeuvre, whose works have become collective icons of our civilization.

Hardcover      ISBN: 0691004188

Responding to resurgent interest in nineteenth-century French painting--with its rich connections to revolutionary politics, exoticism, romance, and nationalism--Barth l my Jobert offers this long-awaited, first comprehensive book on one of the period's greatest and most elusive artists: Eugtne Delacroix (1798-1863). This solitary genius produced stormy, romantic works like The Death of Sardanapalus and then turned to more classically inspired paintings, such as Liberty Leading the People--a fact that has never been fully explained. In this visually compelling tribute to the artist, however, Jobert explores the driving inner tensions and contradictions behind both Delacroix's life and work. Jobert not only re-creates the political and cultural arenas in which Delacroix thrived, but also allows readers a rare opportunity to appreciate the full range of his artistic production. Delacroix's large canvases, decorative cycles, watercolors, and engravings, which are widely dispersed throughout the world, are beautifully represented here in 231 color plates. The book is timed to commemorate the bicentenary of Delacroix's birth.

Traditionally described as an artistic loner, Delacroix profoundly influenced later painters such as C zanne and Picasso. An image of the artist as a man of his times comes to light, however, as Jobert reveals the ways in which Delacroix successfully navigated a career within the Salon system and through government commissions. Delacroix socialized with George Sand and Victor Hugo, engaged Baudelaire and Gauthier in intense philosophical discussions about art, and maintained a lively interaction with the press. As a passionate artist who sought to make money in a politically volatile climate, Delacroix managed to create works that transcended the ideology of his government connections.

Delacroix's famous trip to Morocco, which had the ironic outcome of directing his attention away from Romanticism and back toward his classical roots, is analyzed in detail. Considering both Delacroix's training and sources of inspiration, Jobert shows how the Moroccan journey led the artist to a balanced approach to his art: the classical tradition he had never totally abandoned was permanently combined with the Romanticism of his youth. Over the long span of his career, Delacroix responded to the literary fascination with Orientalism, the politics of the Restoration and French imperialism, and popular interest in travel and documentation. He painted everything from sweeping epic tales to intimate interiors. Only now has the scope and scale of Delacroix's oeuvre come to life in a detailed and up-to-date account for the specialist and general reader alike.

Dieter Roth
Dieter Roth
Paperback      ISBN: 3896110489

Small 4to. In French wraps. Very minor wear. Catalog notes in German and English.

The Drawings of Guercino in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle
The Drawings of Guercino in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle
Hardcover      ISBN: 0521244765

4to, 502pgs, Signed and inscribed by both editors alongside owner's notes on FFEP. DJ dampstained but boards bright and unmarked.

Duchamp's Transformers
Duchamp's Transformers
Hardcover      ISBN: 0932499635

"Small 4to. 199pgs. Solidly bound in green felt boards which show some light rubbing and minor soiling. A tad bit of wear to corners. Film endpapers from Duchamp's study for Etant Donnes. Fold out display of same work. Fascinating subject, great copy.

Erwin Wurm: Neue Galerie Graz
Erwin Wurm
Neue Galerie Graz
Paperback      ISBN: 3775711813

Erwin Wurm is a sculptor who does not mold clay, chisel stone, or carve wood. Instead, he provides objects such as pullovers, brooms, and boxes to spectators who are then meant to do something with these objects. The resulting situations, in which a person pulls on a pullover, or balances a broom, or puts a box over her head, are grotesque, unstable, and very temporary, and all that remains of them afterwards are photographs and videos of their short life. In dynamic works such as these, which Wurm collectively titles "One Minute Sculptures," the very concept of sculpture is challenged and expanded, continuing a line of inquiry begun with Marcel Duchamp's ready-mades and furthered by Bruce Nauman and Gilbert & George's performative sculpture works. Wurm is similarly concerned with reinvigorating the static, unchanging art object by introducing ideas of process, action, and the living body, but he adds an element of time to the mixture, insisting on spontaneity, brevity, and endless permutations. Fat Survival provides a broad survey of Wurm's oeuvre from the early 1990s to the present.

Esteban Vicente
Esteban Vicente
Hardcover      ISBN: 155595099x

This magnificent volume by Pulitzer-Prize-winner Frank is the first devoted to the Spanish-born Vicente, one of the few surviving first-generation members of the New York School of Abstract Expressionists. Painting, collage, and drawing from a half-century of constant evolution. Over-size plates capture the luminosity and serenity of his rich palette and elegant compositions.

Eva Hesse: Sculpture
Eva Hesse
Hardcover      ISBN: 0943221021
The Family of Hummingbirds: The Complete Prints of John Gould
The Family of Hummingbirds
The Complete Prints of John Gould
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847860655
For all the bird lovers, the definitive collection of hummingbird illustrations by 19th-century naturalist painter John Gould, the "British Audubon."

This sublime collection of 418 superbly detailed hand-colored lithographs of hummingbirds, created by John Gould, the "British Audubon," in the mid-1800s, represents all the known species at that time and is the most complete ever produced of hummingbirds. Unlike John James Audubon, whose work focused on the avifauna of a single country, Gould's folios illustrate species from around the world. His original set of folios--Family of Humming-Birds--reproduced here in its entirety, depicts the magnificent jewel-like birds together with botanicals native to their habitats in the most remote and exotic ecosystems of the Americas.

In her essay for the book, co-author Laura Oppenheimer tells the story of Gould's colorful life and places his work in the context of a remarkable period when exploration and classification of the world's natural wonders was at the forefront of scientific discovery and universally celebrated in Victorian popular culture. Joel Oppenheimer details how Gould created the prints and presents an overview of nineteenth-century printmaking and lithography techniques. He also unravels the mystery behind the gold-leaf process that Gould employed to portray the iridescent quality of the hummingbirds' plumage, resolving a long-standing controversy regarding who should be credited for its invention. This Family of Hummingbirds will delight birdwatchers, fans of natural history art, and hummingbird lovers everywhere.
Fired by Passion
Fired by Passion
German    Hardcover      ISBN: 3897903040

Paquier, an independently operating Viennese porcelain factory, was established in 1718, only eight years after Meissen. Although its heyday was brief, lasting only twenty-five years, Du Paquier produced porcelain of great beauty, notable for an enchantingly graceful style and consummate sophistication of execution. In three sumptuously illustrated volumes, scholars of international standing present the distinctive style and the exciting history of Du Paquier porcelain in the context of Baroque Vienna. The first comprehensive publication on this important porcelain factory, this work has been made possible through a five-year research programme conducted by the Melinda and Paul Sullivan Foundation for the Decorative Arts. The objects shown, many of them for the first time here, are in major public and private collections. The first volume deals with the historical and stylistic background of Du Paquier porcelain: art and architecture in early eighteenth-century Baroque Vienna; furthermore, the history of the porcelain factory, its style and its manifold sources of inspiration as well as Du Paquier's relationship to Meissen and the role played at Du Paquier by independent porcelain painters and decorators. The second volume places this Viennese porcelain in its cultural context, providing broad-ranging information on court banquet ceremony as well as private pleasures such as drinking and festive dining. Objects used in aristocratic circles are shown along with choice presents of state made to the Ottoman and Russian courts. In addition, this volume contains a new study on the Dubsky Room, the only room still in existence devoted to Du Paquier porcelain. The contents of the third volume include an annotated catalogue comprising approximately 500 objects, scholarly analysis and a chapter on the history of collecting Du Paquier porcelain, an inventory of the Dubsky Room, a bilingual glossary of terms and a complete bibliography. An enclosed CD-ROM contains transcriptions of original documents that have played an important role in the history of the Du Paquier porcelain factory.