The Believer: April/May
The Believer
Paperback      ISBN: 1949646009

The Believer: June/July
The Believer
Paperback      ISBN: 1949646017

The Comics Journal 303: Winter-spring 2019
The Comics Journal 303
Winter-spring 2019
Paperback      ISBN: 1683961714
The Comics Journal, which is renowned for its in-depth interviews, comics criticism, and thought-provoking editorials, features Gary Groth in frank and often hilarious discussion with the satirist and children
Good Company: The Fearless Issue
Good Company
The Fearless Issue
Paperback      ISBN: 157965861x
Inspired by her New York Times bestseller In the Company of Women, Grace Bonney’s Good Company is the innovative and supportive journal for women and nonbinary creatives at every stage of life, founded on the power of inclusivity, diversity, and celebrating the differences that unite. Its mission is to provide motivation, inspiration, advice, and a vital sense of connection and community. Sharing everything from overarching philosophy and pep talks to useful, targeted advice, the debut Community Issue brought together diverse voices (including Tavi Gevinson, Cynthia Erivo, Julia Turshen, Emma Straub, Ashley C. Ford, and Beejoli Shah) and experiences (from woodworkers, tattoo artists, bakers, mental health advocates, designers, and more). The Fear(less) Issue continues Good Company’s mission to provide an energetic and highly stimulating place to connect, learn, grow, and work through the challenges that women across the spectrum experience in pursuing their passions and dreams. The Fear(less) Issue focuses on the subject at the heart of any kind of ambition: failure. We all fail—but it’s how we fail, and how we recover, that separates a positive experience from a negative one. This issue shares words, stories, life lessons, and more as it explores something we all shun, yet which has a power unlike any other to help us succeed.
Good Company Issue 3: The Money Issue
Good Company Issue 3
The Money Issue
Paperback      ISBN: 1579658628
A biannual journal of inspiration, community, and practical advice for creative women
Paperback      ISBN: 1941815197
Helps readers explore what is essential in their lives by removing the extraneous and frivolous and determining what needs to be pared back in order to better examine the core of existence to help live more simply and more fully. Original.
Paperback      ISBN: 1941815146
A latest volume in the popular series includes contributions by such figures as Lawrence Block, Mary Higgins Clark and Lisa Unger. Original.
Paperback      ISBN: 1941815154
The Essentials Issue will explore the different meanings of life’s fundamentals and suggest ways we can incorporate them into our daily lives. We want to uncover the heart, the kernel, the foundation, the bedrock—whatever brings us back to our cores. Deciding what is essential in our lives isn’t about paring back our belongings and forgoing our beloved but unnecessary frivolities: Instead of determining how little we can live with, it’s about working out what we cannot live without.
Kinfolk: The Family Issue
The Family Issue
Paperback      ISBN: 1941815189
The autumn edition of Kinfolk explores the relationships we have with our nearest and dearest, in all of their iterations. We ask some big questions: How is photography changing the way we construct our family narratives? Should we feel guilty about speaking to our barista more than our sister? And did our parents actually have any idea what they were doing? Our concept of family is deeply personal and forever evolving. No matter what kind of family we come from or the type of family we want to create ourselves, there’s no longer a universal concept of “normal.
Thetare Arts Nov. 1934
Thetare Arts Nov. 1934
by Missing
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