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Osteopilates: Increase Bone Density Reduce Fracture Risk Look and Feel Great!
Increase Bone Density Reduce Fracture Risk Look and Feel Great!
Paperback      ISBN: 1564146871

Fractures that occur during exercise leave most people thinking that they have only strained their backs or overdone an exercise. In some cases, many tiny fractures can develop before a person sees a doctor about increasing back pain. The more tiny fractures that accumulate, the greater the deformity of the spine.

Karena Thek Lineback has devised a plan to make sure this does not happen to you. The four-part plan consists of:

  • Safe movement for exercise and everyday living
  • Postural awareness
  • Diet
  • Medication

In this book, you will find safe movement guidelines and an entire exercise program of Osteo Pilates designed to be safe for those with osteoporosis, to help you greatly reduce your risk of injury or debilitating fracture. You will also find all the nuts and bolts of osteoporosis information necessary to combat this crippling condition. You'll learn what causes osteoporosis (perhaps you have a habit that is decreasing your bone density right now ), the effect menopause has on bone density, what dietary habits will help improve bone density, and which medications are available for increasing bone density.

There is much you can do to prevent osteoporosis and to decrease the negative effects low bone density can have on your life and well-being. Osteo Pilates tells you what to do and how to do it.

Triathlete's Edge
Triathlete's Edge
Paperback      ISBN: 0736046534

Triathlon coaching pioneer Marc Evans has trained pros and age-group triathletes for over 20 years, and he knows what it takes to be successful. His system is divided into phases that can be customized to fit various training seasons and racing objectives. The base preparation phase sets training goals and develops endurance, strength, flexibility, and technique. Base transition adds new workouts, introduces transitions, and increases the volume and intensity of your training. The third phase, race preparation, includes specific swim, bike, and run workouts tailored to your fitness level that will condition your body to put it all together in the approaching competition. The final phase, peak transition, prepares you physiologically and psychologically in a taper that will sharpen your body to peak on race day.

Triathlete's Edge contains much more than training programs. Complete assessment tools allow you to evaluate mobility, posture, gait, strength, and flexibility to make improvements through event-specific exercise drills. Swim instruction covers stroke improvement and hand entry techniques and offers tips on mass starts and exits. You'll improve your position on the bike, perfect your posture, and study cadence and gearing on the bike. The running section will sharpen your efficiency with drills for arm movement, foot strike, and running stride.

Evans reveals the professional training secrets that have defined him as the triathlon training authority. Mark Allen, Karen Smyers, Mike Pigg, and Sue Latshaw are just a few of the legendary triathletes who have benefited from Evans' mentoring. Now you can incorporate his knowledge in your own training program to give yourself the triathlete's edge

Feeding the Hungry Heart: The Experience of Compulsive Eating
Feeding the Hungry Heart
The Experience of Compulsive Eating
Paperback      ISBN: 0452270839
#1 New York Times bestselling author of Women Food and God

This is how Geneen Roth remembers her time as an emotional overeater and self-starver. After years of struggle, Roth finally broke free from the destructive cycle of bingeing and purging. In the two decades since her triumph, she has gone on to help tens of thousands of others do the same through her lectures, workshops, and retreats. Those she has met during this time have shared stories that are both heartrending and inspiring, which Roth has gathered for this unique book.

Twenty years after its original publication, Feeding the Hungry Heart continues to inspire women and men, helping them win the battle against a hunger that goes deeper than a need for food.

With contributions from Ronda Slater, Sylvia Gillett, Carolyn Janik, Janet Robyns, Sharon Sperling, Lyn Lifshin, Linda Ostreicher, Sondra Spatt Olsen, Jill Jeffery, Penny Skillman, Leslie Lawrence, Juneil Parmenter, Lisa Wagner, Joan P. Campbell, Micki Seltzer, Rita Garitano, Barbara Florio Graham, Linda Myer, Laura Fraser, Rachel Lawrence, Florinda Colavin, and other Breaking Free workshop participants.

Hypothyroidism: A Simple Plan for Extraordinary Results
A Simple Plan for Extraordinary Results
Paperback      ISBN: 0446690619

Offers information on diagnosing and treating hypothyroidism, and presents a complete therapeutic regimen that combines safe hormones with specific nutritional advice and alternative treatments.

Through Time into Healing
Through Time into Healing
Hardcover      ISBN: 067174528x

The author of Many Lives, Many Masters shows readers how to use past-life therapy to heal specific problems, offering alternatives to conventional therapies for depression, back pain, eating disorders, marital problems, and more. 75,000 first printing. Tour.

Pilates on the Ball: The World's Most Popular Workout Using the Exercise Ball
Pilates on the Ball
The World's Most Popular Workout Using the Exercise Ball
Paperback      ISBN: 0892819812

A unique and exciting synthesis of two highly acclaimed fitness techniques: Pilates Method and the Swiss exercise ball.

- Non-impact Pilates exercises on the ball can be adapted for all levels of ability, from fitness trainers and weekend athletes to those healing from injury or chronic back pain.

- Shows how to practice Pilates techniques without expensive equipment.

- Profusely illustrated with black-and-white photographs for maximal learning.

The Pilates Method of body conditioning is a highly effective workout technique that strengthens the body while engaging the mind. Developed in the early twentieth century by accomplished boxer and gymnast Joseph Pilates, the Pilates Method aligns the body; builds long, lean muscles; and develops core abdominal strength. Many lifestyle and fitness magazines have named Pilates the hottest workout of the decade.

In a first-of-its-kind fusion, Pilates on the Ball merges the principles and exercises of the highly effective Pilates Method of body conditioning with the unique functions of the exercise ball, used by Olympic coaches, dancers, and athletes to fine-tune body awareness and enhance physical performance. The ball magnifies the benefits of the carefully developed and refined Pilates Method. Because maintaining balance on the ball recruits the deep, stabilizing muscles of the spine, the postural muscles are strengthened. The ball intensifies athletic performance by increasing resistance and heightening awareness of how the body moves in space. Chapters detail the Pilates principles step by step, with successive movements to challenge all levels of ability and "watch points" for careful evaluation of your form. Intense enough to engage seasoned athletes yet accessible enough to use as an everyday exercise routine or to alleviate chronic pain, Pilates on the Ball builds strong bodies and engaged minds.
Pilates Con Balón: El Ejercicio Más Popular del Mundo Usando Un Balón
Pilates Con Balón
El Ejercicio Más Popular del Mundo Usando Un Balón
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 0892816945

Una entrenadora certificada en Pilates, Collen Craig nos ofrece una s ntesis nica y emocionante del M todo Pilates de acondicionamiento del cuerpo y el ejercicio con el bal n suizo, proporcionado una manera nueva de bajo impacto, para estar en forma. Usando el bal n de ejercicio, no hay necesidad de equipos caros o del tiempo en el estudio, que requiere el entrenamiento Pilates.

Desarrollado a principios del siglo vig simo por Joseph Pilates, consumado boxeador y gimnasta, el M todo Pilates--llamada por muchas revistas de estilos de vida y acondicionamiento, como el ejercicio m s popular de la d cada--alinea el cuerpo, construye m sculos largos y delgados, y desarrolla un centro abdominal fuerte. El ejercicio con bal n, usado por entrenadores ol mpicos, bailarines, y atletas para aumentar el conocimiento del cuerpo y realzar la actuaci n, proporciona una base perfecta para realizar los movimientos Pilates, que son elegantes y constructores de fuerza.

A trav s de todo su programa, Craig integra la mente y el cuerpo, ofreciendo t cnicas de respiraci n y relajaci n, que acompa an al trabajo con bal n. Las historias personales y las citas inspiradoras incluidas en el texto, ilustran c mo Pilates puede mejorar su estilo de vida. Una agenda de actividades, a la mano, hace posible seguir los pasos a sus sesiones de ejercicios y revisar su progreso individual. Y, lo m s importante, instruciones detalladas paso a paso y m s de 300 fotograf as definen los principios Pilates y desaf an a todos los niveles de habilidad.

Suficientemente intenso para conquistar a atletas, pero tan suave para calmar el dolor cr nico y ayudar a sanar lesiones, Pilates con Bal n construye, de una manera innovadora, cuerpos fuertes y flexibles y mentes saludables.

COLLEEN CRAIG es una entrenadora certificada en Pilates y una escritora. Vive en Toronto y ense a sus m todos en talleres alrededor del mundo.
Bodymind Energetics: Toward a Dynamic Model of Health
Bodymind Energetics
Toward a Dynamic Model of Health
Paperback      ISBN: 089281246x

Dr. Seem proposes an integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and psychosomatics in this model of health care that acknowledges the connection of body and mind.

Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide To Your Physical and Spiritual Well-Being
Healthy Aging
A Lifelong Guide To Your Physical and Spiritual Well-Being
Hardcover      ISBN: 0375407553

"Spontaneous Healing ." . . "Eight Weeks to Optimum Health . . . Eating Well for Optimum Health . . . The Healthy Kitchen"-in each of his widely acclaimed, best-selling books, Dr. Andrew Weil has been an authoritative and companionable guide through a uniquely effective combination of traditional and nontraditional approaches to health and healthy living. Now he gives us a book about aging that is unlike any other in the breadth and depth of its information and understanding. Hugely informative, practical, and uplifting, it is infused with the engaging candor and common sense that have been the hallmarks of all his books.
At the heart of "Healthy Aging" is Dr. Weil's belief that although aging is an irreversible process, there are myriad things we can do to keep our minds and bodies in good working order through all phases of life. To that end, he draws on the new science of biogerentology (the biology of aging) as well as on the secrets of healthy longevity- diet, activity, and attitude-that he has gathered firsthand from cultures around the world.
In Part One-"The Science and Philosophy of Healthy Aging"-he explains how the body ages, and he explores the impact of gender, genes, environment, and lifestyle on an individual's experience and perception of the process of aging. He describes the various would-be elixirs of life extension-herbs, hormones, and antiaging "medicines"-separating myth from fact and clearly delineating the difference between the spurious notions of preventing or reversing the process of aging and the real possibilities of inhibiting or delaying the onset of diseases that become more likely as we age. He writes movingly about the ways in which an acceptance of aging can be a significant part of doing it well, and of recognizing and appreciating the great rewards of growing older: depth and richness of experience, complexity of being, serenity, wisdom, and its own kind of power and grace.
In Part Two-"How to Age Gracefully"-Weil details an easy-to-implement Anti-inflammatory Diet that will protect the immune system and aid your body in resisting and adapting to the changes that time brings. And he provides extensive practical advice on exercise; preventive health care; stress management; physical, mental, and emotional flexibility; and spiritual enhancement-all of which can help you achieve and maintain the best health throughout the lifelong process of aging.
"Healthy Aging"-a book for people of "all" ages-is Andrew Weil's most important and far-reaching book yet.

40 Days to Personal Revolution: A Breakthrough Program to Radically Change Your Body and Awaken the Sacred Within Your Soul
40 Days to Personal Revolution
A Breakthrough Program to Radically Change Your Body and Awaken the Sacred Within Your Soul
Paperback      ISBN: 0743227832
New York Times bestselling author of Perfectly Imperfect

From Baron Baptiste, author of Journey Into Power and the "spiritual master driving the yoga revolution" (Self), a hands-on, step-by-step guide to adapt to your needs and lifestyle to make your body sleek, your mind clear, and your spirit light.

In 40 Days to Personal Revolution, Baron Baptiste--one of the world's most beloved master yoga teachers--inspires us to transform more than body and mind: He gives us the tools we need to set ourselves free to live the healthful life we've always imagined. In the next forty days you will create a whole new way of being and living. Tapping ancient wisdom and his own personal experience, Baron has created a relevant and completely practical program that will lead you to the clarity of mind, body, and spirit that awaits on the other side of your revolution. Each week includes:

-A yoga practice to do every morning
-Principles to cleanse your diet along with eating plan
-Instructions to begin and deepen a meditation practice
-Excavation questions to root out limiting beliefs and patterns

Let the Revolution Begin Now