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The Way of the Essenes: Christ's Hidden Life Remembered
The Way of the Essenes
Christ's Hidden Life Remembered
Paperback      ISBN: 0892813229
Describes the way of life in the Essene communities of first-century Palestine and the role they played in the life of Jesus
The Four Loves
The Four Loves
Paperback      ISBN: 0156329301
Analyzes the feelings and problems involved in different types of human love, including familial affection, friendship, passion, and charity
Hildegard Von Bingen's Mystical Visions: Translated from Scivias
Hildegard Von Bingen's Mystical Visions
Translated from Scivias
Paperback      ISBN: 1879181290
Twelfth-century Rhineland mystic Hildegard von Bingen records her exquisite encounter with divinity, producing a magnificent fusion of divine inspiration and human intellect. Hildegard von Bingen's Mystical Visions is perhaps the most complete and powerful documentation of mystical consciousness in recorded history. Now after 800 years, these visions are again available for those seeking to reawaken mystical consciousness.
The Rule of Benedict: Insights for the Ages
The Rule of Benedict
Insights for the Ages
Paperback      ISBN: 0824525035
Benedictine Sister and prominent author and speaker Joan Chittister contends that Benedictine spirituality is the most effective way to address the core issues of the 21st century: stewardship, relationships, authority, community, balance, work, simplicity, prayer, and spiritual and psychological development.
Meditations With Hildegard of Bingen
Meditations With Hildegard of Bingen
Paperback      ISBN: 0939680122
Medieval mystic Hildegard of Bingen's timeless writing and divine inspirations invite us to celebrate life and delight in the goodness of creation. Here is an excellent introduction to her words.
Telling Secrets
Telling Secrets
Paperback      ISBN: 0060609362
The author describes the devastating impact of his father's alcoholism and suicide on his personal life as husband, father, writer, and minister
In Search of Mary: The Woman and the Symbol
In Search of Mary
The Woman and the Symbol
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0345382463
A thorough study of the life and history of the Virgin Mary explores her role in theological discussions, popular and modern devotion, and apparitions, from images in the early church to current visions seen around the world. Original. Tour.
Jesus and the Spiral of Violence: Popular Jewish Resistance in Roman Palestine
Jesus and the Spiral of Violence
Popular Jewish Resistance in Roman Palestine
Paperback      ISBN: 0800627105
A Testament to Freedom: The Essential Writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
A Testament to Freedom
The Essential Writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Paperback      ISBN: 0060642149
Dietrich Bonhoeffer was only thirty-nine years old when he was executed in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945, yet his courage, vision, and brilliance have greatly influenced the twentieth-century Church and theology. Particularly through his bestselling classic, The Cost of Discipleship, Bonhoeffer profoundly shaped such minds and movements as Martin Luther King, Jr., and Leonardo Boff, civil rights and leberation theology. A Testament to Freedom, completely revised and expanded for this edition, includes previously untranslated writings, excerpts from major books, sermons, and selected letters spanning the years of Bonhoeffer's pastoral and theological career. This magnificent volume takes readers on a historical and biographical journey that follows Bonhoeffer through the various stages of his life--as teacher, ecumenist, pastor, preacher, seminary director, prophet in the Nazi era and, finally, as martyr in pursuit of peace and justice.
The Way of Perfection
The Way of Perfection
Paperback      ISBN: 0385065396
The sixteenth-century saint and reformer provides advice for those interested in dedicating themselves to a life of prayer, and discusses the Lord's Prayer and its teachings