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Central Park
Central Park
Hardcover      ISBN: 0893816256
Photographs show the park, its surroundings, and the people who frequent it
Miguel Rio Branco
Miguel Rio Branco
Hardcover      ISBN: 0893818011
Photographs portray the people of Brazil, including bullfighters, boxers, prostitutes, and children
Marc Riboud: Photographs at Home and Abroad
Marc Riboud
Photographs at Home and Abroad
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810915669
Gathers photographs of workers, children, nuns, city streets, soldiers, factories, vineyards, widows, refugees, and celebrities
David & Peter Turnley: In Times of War and Peace
David & Peter Turnley
In Times of War and Peace
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789202999
Gathers photographs of people living in the United States and Europe, as well as victims of political unrest in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Far East

Patrick Demarchelier: Forms
Patrick Demarchelier
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847821609
The unique vision of photographer Patrick Demarchelier is instantly recognizable in the pages of fashion and culture magazines across the globe. He has captured the world's best - known faces and models wearing the latest couture season after season. Yet beyond the inconstancy of celebrity and fashion, the focus of Demarchelier's photography is consistently form. For this book, Demarchelier has selected his most successful and striking images to make a multi-faceted artistic statement. Portraits of personalities ranging from Princess Diana to boxer Oscar de la Hoya are juxtaposed with Demarchelier's most iconic fashion images as well as unpublished work that includes safari animals and sumo wrestlers, people from exotic lands, and evocative underwater nudes that showcase the sensual female form. For anyone with a finger on the pulse of photography, fashion, and art, Forms is not to be missed.

Signed by Demarchelier on the half-title.

Found in Brooklyn
Found in Brooklyn
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393039536
Roma's photographs pay homage to the diverse, expansive, and truly unique place that is Brooklyn. Brooklyn is often thought of as a world of its own. For the photographer Thomas Roma, Brooklyn is the place of his boyhood, a place of lush gardens and expanses of white cement, of the merging of old country and new world. In these photographs, made over a period of twenty years, Roma finds images of the neighborhoods that shaped him. Roma is a rare photographer who, without resorting to technical gimmicks, offers us pure photography. He looks directly into the mundane and from it creates poetry, mystery, and surprise. An old man sits in his undershirt surrounded by the flowering beauty he has created. A boy lies on an overpass, dreaming, as cars rush beneath him. Roma's pictures take us through streets and passages, abandoned lots and backyards, to give us glimpses of Brooklyn that are at turns amusing, forlorn, stunning, and surreal.
Ansel Adams: Classic Images
Ansel Adams
Classic Images
Hardcover      ISBN: 0821216295
A collection of seventy-five photographs, hand-picked by the renowned photographer as a representation of his life's work, that range from his beloved Yosemite to the Pacific Coast, the Southwest, Alaska, Hawaii, New England, and the Northwest
West from the Columbia: Views at the River Mouth
West from the Columbia
Views at the River Mouth
Hardcover      ISBN: 0893816426
West from the Columbia is an essay in photographs about the meeting of a great river and the sea. The book is at once a celebration of beauty at the ocean's edge and a meditation on our relationship with it. In the pictures the sea mirrors every condition through which our lives pass- fresh mornings, calm days, fogs, storms, and night-- and as in life, little is explained. Driftwood next to our feet is as mysterious as is the ship on the horizon. Lewis and Clark arrived here, the farthest point in their exploration, in 1805. Report of their journey was instrumental in opening the American West for development. Since then we have destroyed large and diverse forests that once stood along the Columbia, and polluted the river with waste from cities, paper mills, and the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Though we now know that even the sea itself is finite-- nothing can be hidden-- we continue to look for hope at the ocean's shore. Might we be embraced, like the river, by so perfect a light? Robert Adams is fond of an entry in one of Theodore Roethke's journals-- "I see what I believe."
Spirit Capture: Photographs from the National Museum of the American Indian
Spirit Capture
Photographs from the National Museum of the American Indian
Paperback      ISBN: 1560987650
Designed to accompany an exhibit opening in 1999 at New York City's National Museum of the American Indian, an album of twenty-five color and 177 black-and-white photographs from the Smithsonian, accompanied by essays, traces Native American history over the past century. UP.
The Body: Photographs of the Human Form
The Body
Photographs of the Human Form
Paperback      ISBN: 0811807622
The sensual curve of the shoulder, the disturbing line of a scar, the magnetic pull of a lashed eye -- since the birth of photography, images of the human body have attracted, disturbed, fascinated, and obsessed us. The body has been scrutinized by medical and anatomical photographers; it has been celebrated by photographers of sport and dance; it has inspired a long tradition of photographing the nude; and it has been depicted in phantasmagoric terms. In this rich, involving archive of over 360 duotone and color images culled from worldwide collections, renowned photo curator William A. Ewing has compiled the most comprehensive and arresting visual survey ever published of the human form. From nineteenth-century erotica to the politicized images of the 1990s, The Body offers an exciting, elegantly packaged, provocative record of the camera's infatuation with the human figure.