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Sheds: The Do-it-yourself Guide for Backyard Builders
The Do-it-yourself Guide for Backyard Builders
Paperback      ISBN: 1554072247
An expanded and updated edition of the classic guide for backyard builders covers all the issues: use, cost, placement, difficulty, and construction basics; and provides detailed illustrations, plans and commonsense advice.
Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way
Norwegian Wood
Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way
Hardcover      ISBN: 1419717987
The latest Scandinavian publishing phenomenon is not a Stieg Larsson–like thriller; it’s a book about chopping, stacking, and burning wood that has sold more than 200,000 copies in Norway and Sweden and has been a fixture on the bestseller lists there for more than a year. Norwegian Wood provides useful advice on the rustic hows and whys of taking care of your heating needs, but it’s also a thoughtful attempt to understand man’s age-old predilection for stacking wood and passion for open fires. An intriguing window into the exoticism of Scandinavian culture, the book also features enough inherently interesting facts and anecdotes and inspired prose to make it universally appealing. The U.S. edition is a fully updated version of the Norwegian original, and includes an appendix of U.S.-based resources and contacts.
Moving Sam Maloof: Saving an American Woodworking Legend's Home and Workshops
Moving Sam Maloof
Saving an American Woodworking Legend's Home and Workshops
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764351362
Scroll Saw Basics
Scroll Saw Basics
Paperback      ISBN: 0764333771
Carving the Nativity With Helen Gibson
Carving the Nativity With Helen Gibson
Paperback      ISBN: 0887404383
Woodworking: The Indispensable Guide
The Indispensable Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 177085990x
An illustrated guide for the contemporary woodworker. Woodworking: The Indispensable Guide is a comprehensive reference for woodworkers at all levels. Beginners will find expert guidance on setting up a workshop and mastering the essential techniques. Detailed instructions show how to use hand tools as well as portable power tools. The versatile router gets a chapter all to itself and there is an extensive collection of woodworking joints -- the hallmark of the craft -- explained with detailed photographic sequences designed for clarity and simplicity. A chapter on veneers allows readers to create pieces with a truly professional feel, and there is also extensive advice on oils, waxes and other finishing treatments. There is also a section on the author's ten favorite wood varieties. The author includes five specially selected projects organized by skill level which allow woodworkers to put their skills into practice. The detailed plans and step-by-step instructions show how to make a cabinet for tool storage, a breadboard with an integrated knife housing, a contemporary shelving unit, a fine side table and a beautiful veneered memory box. Troubleshooting clinics explain what to do if things don't turn out as expected with advice on how to get the project back on track. Woodworking features a wealth of charts and tables. Helpful sidebars include Good Practice, Clinic, Try This! and Tools Needed. The broad coverage includes: - Timber Selecting - Smooth Planing - Straight Cutting - Marking and Measuring - Mortice Chopping - Belt Sanding - Clean Sawing - Mortice and Tenon - Biscuit and Domino - Dovetail Jointing - Doweland Dado - Router Shaping - Spoke Shave Shaping - Veneer Laying - Sanding and Filling - Staining and Dyeing. Woodworking: The Indispensable Guide is a valuable source of expert guidance for any woodworker.
Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop
Good Clean Fun
Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop
Hardcover      ISBN: 1101984651
The New York Times best-selling author of Paddle Your Own Canoe returns to cover a subject close to his heartùhis incredible real-life woodshopùdoing so with the same sense of humor that made his first two books so popular.
The Real Wood Bible: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Choosing and Using 100 Decorative Woods
The Real Wood Bible
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Choosing and Using 100 Decorative Woods
Paperback      ISBN: 1770850139
A practical and inspiring A-Z guide to the world's most popular woods. Many of the world's most beautiful and useful woods are in serious decline due to over-harvesting and environmental degradation. This updated edition of The Real Wood Bible gives the current sustainability status of these rare and important woods. Wood is a favored building material because of availability, ease to cut and join, decorative properties, functionality, flexibility, and a favorable strength-to-weight ratio. The Real Wood Bible is a comprehensive handbook for anyone who works with wood...or is planning to. Woodworkers, crafters, carpenters, and interior designers will find extensive information about the woods they regularly use as well as discover some new ones. This colorful, easy-to-use book features: - How trees are converted into boards and veneers - How to convert your own trees into boards - Woods that incorporate beautiful natural effects - A list of woods available from sustainable sources - Useful advice on buying and storing lumber. An extensive and illustrated A-Z guide to the world's most popular woods is the heart of this book. Each wood is shown with a color illustration demonstrating the true look and beauty of the finished and unfinished grain. A special section on sustainability is included, with an introduction to key conservation issues. The Real Wood Bible is the essential reference for the appreciation of the practical beauty of the world's most popular building material.
Carve: A Simple Guide to Whittling
A Simple Guide to Whittling
Hardcover      ISBN: 0451498968
Whittle a spoon, pair of dice, comb, catch-all tray and more with this modern, pocket-sized guide to a folksy craft. Carve updates a mindful hobby that's made for unplugging and connecting with the outdoors. Choose from a dozen projects that include beautiful photographs and easy instructions--and require just a few hours and a tool or two to complete. You'll also learn how to choose the right knife and wood, helpful information on techniques and safety, and tips for personalizing and maintaining a finished piece with staining, burning, monogramming, and more. Whether you pack this guide for your next camping trip or bring it to the porch, this is the ultimate introduction to chiseling small objects and utensils--and in the process carving out a little peace and quiet for yourself.
Extreme Pumpkins
Extreme Pumpkins
Paperback      ISBN: 1557885222
The founder of ExtremePumpkins.com presents a selection of his truly terrifying and wickedly gory pumpkin carving designs, including Puking Pumpkin, Drowning Pumpkin, Crime Scene Pumpkin, Cannibal Pumpkin, and many more, just in time for Halloween fun. Original. 40,000 first printing.