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The Essential Wood Book: The Woodworker's Guide to Choosing and Using Lumber
The Essential Wood Book
The Woodworker's Guide to Choosing and Using Lumber
Paperback      ISBN: 195093439x

The Essential Wood Book is about making the basics of using and choosing wood easier to understand.

While some wood books can be intimidating due to an overly scientific approach or an overflowing amount of exotic and hard-to-find woods you'll never use, this handy, accessible resource is perfect for anyone seeking information about the most essential materials needed to complete their next woodworking project. In addition to covering the top native American and exotic woods from Ash to Zebrawood, The Essential Wood Book also offers expert advice and know-how for working with wood, rough lumber and plywood, understanding wood movement and other characteristics, finding unique wood sources, and storing and drying lumber.

With lots of photos and accessible, detailed information, The Essential Wood Book is the ideal resource for woodworkers, carpenters, crafters, or DIY enthusiasts seeking the fundamental knowledge needed to successfully work with wood.

Wood Pallet Workshop: 20 DIY Projects That Turn Forgotten Wood Into Stylish Home Furnishings
Wood Pallet Workshop
20 DIY Projects That Turn Forgotten Wood Into Stylish Home Furnishings
Paperback      ISBN: 1510705279
Here are twenty easy-to-follow designs ranging from coffee tables and wine racks to decorative wall art, all with step-by-step and clear full-color photographs. It's perfect for do-it-yourselfers looking for simple and creative ways to decorate their homes.

Wooden shipping pallets have found an unlikely second life: beautiful, handcrafted home d cor without the designer price. The DIY market has long been drawn to refurbishing furniture and interior design on a budget, but easily accessible wood pallets have opened up all-new and inspiring ways to personalize a home in an eco-friendly, low-cost way. The projects here will amaze and inspire:
  • Hanging Shelf
  • End Table
  • Bench
  • Bar
  • Headboard
  • Deck Chair
  • Wall-Hanging Mason Jar Organizer
  • Pallet-Mounted Bottle Opener
  • Wall-Mounted Coat Rack
  • Sconces
  • Door Handle Serving Tray
  • Pallet Arrow Wall Art
  • Outdoor Flower Box
  • Flower Arrangement Centerpiece
  • Clothes Pin Picture Frame
  • And more

Until recently, upcycling required crafters to hunt for goods and furniture at yard sales and online, and many refurbishing books could only offer tips for specific pieces. With wooden pallets, the scope of the project is boundless, and warehouses and stores are happy to give them away for free. What was once a scavenger hunt and test of skill for experienced DIYers can now be an easy weekend project for even the newest of crafters.
Woodturning Magic: 12 Ingenious Puzzles to Make
Woodturning Magic
12 Ingenious Puzzles to Make
Paperback      ISBN: 1631864033

Grab a few scraps of wood and start firing up your brain cells. Puzzles They exercise the mind, engage the hands, and bring joy to all who dare to tackle them. It's a true mind-body activity. Make it a wooden puzzle and suddenly you've transported yourself to another time....a nostalgic era when simplicity was enough...and the challenge of "figuring it out" kept you on edge. Now you can learn the secrets to making your own puzzling wooden projects, designed to mystify and intrigue, with Woodturning Magic.

Discover the magic in Woodturning Magic. This super-crafty, super-easy book features 12 seemingly impossible woodturned puzzles to make--all with incredibly simple solutions, once you know how. And you'll discover "know how" in just a few steps

Learn the in's and out's from a master craftsman. Using old techniques in a new and fascinating way, former woodworking teacher David Springett unveils his secrets for turning these intriguing and beautiful puzzles. With clear step-by-step instructions, hundreds of photographs, and illustrations to follow--plus a wealth of information and guidance on tools, materials, and techniques--you'll be mastering the tricks in no time.

Woodturning Magic features:

  • 12 beautiful, hand-crafted puzzles to make, keep, or give as gifts--including King Arthur's Puzzle, Greek Temple, Apple Core, and Isaac Newton's Orange
  • 450 colorful photographs and 40 detailed illustrations to mentor turners of all levels--for a visual approach to learning

Let your inner tinkerer run free. Woodworkers have a way of tinkering with scraps of wood, and this playful nature often leads to the creation of toys and puzzles. Woodturning Magic pieces that all together, and is sure to thrill children and adults alike.

Black & Decker Wood Floors: Hardwood - Laminate - Bamboo - Wood Tile - And More
Black & Decker Wood Floors
Hardwood - Laminate - Bamboo - Wood Tile - And More
Paperback      ISBN: 1591866804

BLACK+DECKER Wood Floors is the definitive DIYers guide to everything you need to know about installing, repairing, and maintaining wood, engineered wood, and laminate floors.

Solid wood, engineered wood, or laminate floors can enhance the beauty of any room in a home. Wood creates visual warmth, is available in a wide variety of colors and grain patterns, and is durable enough to last a half century or more when installed and maintained properly.

While home interior trends change, and some of the flooring options may come and go with them, but the popularity of wood flooring does not wane. And now, with BLACK+DECKER Wood Floors, DIYers with moderate tool skills can tackle a wood-flooring project and enjoy the cost savings that go along with their successful efforts.

This intuitive guide covers all phases of basic wood, engineered wood, and laminate flooring installation--from preliminary surveys of flooring choices, tools, and prep work through finishing and reinstalling trim. Of course, not all wood-flooring situations require removal and replacement. Amateur home remodelers will appreciate a chapter devoted to repairing and restoring existing wood flooring.

American Wicker: Woven Furniture from 1850 to 1930
American Wicker
Woven Furniture from 1850 to 1930
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847816702
Living with Wood: A Guide for Toymakers, Hobbyists, Crafters, and Parents
Living with Wood
A Guide for Toymakers, Hobbyists, Crafters, and Parents
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764359355

A great guide for budding wood workers, parents, and future wood scientists. For anyone who has ever used, owned, or been curious about wood of any kind, this guide offers a fantastic summary of the science behind the material's anatomy, chemistry, and general upkeep. With easy-to-understand descriptions, you'll never have difficulty deciding what wood to work with or how to clean your boarded floors again. Offering a general overview of the material, this guide's long list of topics includes best uses of wood in the home, finishing and coloring, woodworking machines, and unsafe woods. Get to know one of the most prevalent materials in your home, and use this guide to master any creative, cleaning, decorating, or furnishing projects you may have

Black & Decker the Complete Guide to Outdoor Carpentry, Updated 2nd Edition: Complete Plans for Beautiful Backyard Building Projects
Black & Decker the Complete Guide to Outdoor Carpentry, Updated 2nd Edition
Complete Plans for Beautiful Backyard Building Projects
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1591866189

See how easy it is to build your own backyard oasis.

Outdoor carpentry projects using cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine are perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers of all skill levels, since the materials are easy to work with, and the results are rewarding. Enjoy outdoor furnishings you can create yourself. Items made with quality materials last much longer and cost less, in the long run, than off-the-shelf items. With classic swings for kids and adults, arbors for gardeners and even a table that folds, there's something in The Complete Guide to Outdoor Carpentry for everyone Over three dozen projects are included, ranging from seating, entertaining, recreational and storage, to overheads and arbors. New projects, unique to this edition, include: 5-board bench, picnic table, folding table, outdoor occasional table, deck-railing planter, window box, Arts-and-Crafts mahogany gate, sheltered swing, outdoor serving cart, arbor and garden bridge. All the projects within this book can be built in a weekend with ordinary power hand tools and materials available at any local home center or hardware store. Each project has complete construction plans and directions for foolproof results--so jump right in and make your backyard unique

The Art of Woodgraining
The Art of Woodgraining
Paperback      ISBN: 0316905577

The painted illusion of woodgraining can turn an ordinary room into a grand "woodpanelled" setting, or transform a run of cheap malamine cupboards into elegant "mahogany." This book explains the techniques necessary to simulate many hardwoods and softwoods, and shows how to create fantasy effects. Advice is given on transforming floors, woodwork, walls, furniture, and more. Among the topics covered are basic techniques; specific simulations, including ash, oak, mahogany, maple, rosewood, bamboo, teak and pine; and planning a panelling system.

Extreme Pumpkins II: Take Back Halloween and Freak Out a Few More Neighbors
Extreme Pumpkins II
Take Back Halloween and Freak Out a Few More Neighbors
Paperback      ISBN: 1557885338

The outrageous follow-up to last Halloween s surprise bestseller.
From the power-tool wielding author of the national bestselling "Extreme Pumpkins" and the popular website Extremepumpkins.com comes a new collection of even darker, creepier, and more outrageous do-it-yourself designs to impress friends and horrify neighbors. The demented designs include Projectile Sneeze Pumpkin, Baseball-in-the-Eye Pumpkin, Doll-Eating Pumpkin, and Full-Diaper Baby Pumpkin, along with cool gourd designs, practical jokes, and more. This gleefully gory guide reclaims Halloween from the cheerful, the cutesy, and the parent-sanctioned."

Pocket Size Carpenter's Helper
Pocket Size Carpenter's Helper
Paperback      ISBN: 0937635006