Automotive Repair
101 Performance Projects for Your Bmw 3 Series 1982-2000
101 Performance Projects for Your Bmw 3 Series 1982-2000
Paperback      ISBN: 0760326959
Since its introduction in 1975, the BMW 3-series has earned a reputation as one of the world’s greatest sports sedans. Unfortunately, it has also proven one of the more expensive to service and maintain. This book is dedicated to the legion of BMW 3-series owners who adore their cars and enjoy restoring, modifying, and maintaining them to perfection; its format allows more of these enthusiasts to get out into the garage and work on their BMWs—and in the process, to save a fortune. Created with the weekend mechanic in mind, this extensively illustrated manual offers 101 projects that will help you modify, maintain, and enhance your BMW 3-series sports sedan. Focusing on the 1984–1999 E30 and E36 models, 101 Performance Projects for Your BMW 3-Series presents all the necessary information, covers all the pitfalls, and assesses all the costs associated with performing an expansive array of weekend projects.
Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication
Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication
Paperback      ISBN: 192913312x
A follow-up to his popular Sheet Metal Fabrication book, author Timothy Remus taps into the talents of master craftsmen to bring you more techniques for forming aluminum and steel into the one-of-a-kind parts that make your street rod or custom cycle more than a "me too" machine. The book is lavishly illustrated with quality photographs. Remus takes you through a number of start-to-finish sequences with the finest metal workers in the field. If you strive build a truly unique machine, Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication is the book for you.
Ask Click and Clack: Answers from Car Talk
Ask Click and Clack
Answers from Car Talk
Paperback      ISBN: 0811864774
In a whimsical automotive reference, the hosts of the zany NPR series Car Talk answer one hundred frequently asked questions about all kinds of vehicle conundrums in their own anecdotal style. Original.

Auto Paint from Prep to Final Coat
Auto Paint from Prep to Final Coat
Paperback      ISBN: 0760342784
In Auto Paint from Prep to Final Coat, author and top professional painter JoAnn Bortles covers all the techniques you’ll need to ensure your DIY automotive paint job is done right the first time.
Automotive Electrical Handbook
Automotive Electrical Handbook
Paperback      ISBN: 0895862387
Discusses basic electrical theory, shows how to wire a car, and looks at electrical controls, useful tools and supplies, circuit diagrams, and trailer wiring
Automotive Wiring: A Practical Guide to Wiring Your Hot Rod or Custom Car
Automotive Wiring
A Practical Guide to Wiring Your Hot Rod or Custom Car
Paperback      ISBN: 0760339929
Automotive wiring is a primary skill required for proper completion and safe operation of any custom build, whether it is a traditional custom, hot rod, or classic daily driver. While restorers typically have the option of buying a new or reproduction wiring harness, custom enthusiasts often have few options except to figure out how to do it themselves. This book guides builders through every step from determining what components they need, to selecting wire type and gauge, methods of connection, and other considerations. The book includes numerous charts showing typical configurations and suggested installations. A troubleshooting section lends a hand in tracking down the inevitable problems that can arise.
Baja Bugs and Buggies
Baja Bugs and Buggies
Paperback      ISBN: 0895861860
Shows how to convert Volkswagens into dune buggies, offers tips on off-road racing, and includes advice on safety and first aid
Bmw 1602 and 2002 1959 Thru 1977
Bmw 1602 and 2002 1959 Thru 1977
Paperback      ISBN: 0856962406
Haynes disassembles every subject vehicle and documents every step with thorough instructions and clear photos. Haynes repair manuals are used by the pros, but written for the do-it-yourselfer.
C4 Corvette Maintenance Basics: Featuring Defect Reports and Recalls by Model Year
C4 Corvette Maintenance Basics
Featuring Defect Reports and Recalls by Model Year
Paperback      ISBN: 153361587x
This book helps you troubleshoot and maintain the C4 Corvette by presenting a listing of failures and problems sorted by model year as reported by Corvette dealers, owners and independent repair shops. Called Defect Reports, these data were collected by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) going all the way back to the first C4, the 1984 model. Unfortunately the NHTSA website provides very limited information. Currently, buying this book is the only way to obtain defect and problem information for the entire C4 production run - 1984 through 1996 models.As a bonus, you'll also find a basic troubleshooting and maintenance section plus a resource section that will help you locate needed parts and accessories.
Camper Rehab: A Guide to Buying, Repairing, and Upgrading Your Travel Trailer
Camper Rehab
A Guide to Buying, Repairing, and Upgrading Your Travel Trailer
Paperback      ISBN: 0760353522
Camper Rehab is your top to bottom guide to getting any camper trailer ready to hit the road in a style to match your dreams. Old campers have an appeal that reaches back in time and can send your imagination soaring. Let's face it: they are cool. Who hasn't seen one parked on a boulevard with a "for sale" sign and pictured it bouncing along behind the family car, ready for adventure and fun? Unfortunately, campers are not quite homes, they are not quite cars, and they have their own unique systems and demands that make fixing and upgrading a challenge. Even if you have plenty of DIY experience, a camper speaks a foreign language. Consider Camper Rehab your Rosetta Stone for the language of Shasta, Dutchmen, or Airstream. This book is a top-to-bottom guide to getting a fifth-wheel, teardrop, or other camper trailer ready for the road and beyond. From basic troubleshooting to electrical and plumbing projects, replacing interior surfaces, and clever (sometimes "retro") decorating ideas, this book uses detailed illustrations, color photography, and a wealth of step-by-step, how-to information to get help you get your travel trailer into shape for your next big--or little--adventure. And in case you haven't pulled the trigger on that trailer you're eying on Craigslist just yet, Camper Rehab also walks you through the process of evaluating a potential purchase, identifying which issues are fixable and which are dealbreakers, as well as how to spot hidden problems. Written by accomplished DIY author Chris Peterson, whose light and approachable tone is coupled with the hardworking DIY information you need, Camper Rehab is a must-have for any camper owner or dreamer.