Jewelry and Beads
100 Beaded Flowers, Charms & Trinkets: Perfect Little Designs to Use for Gifts, Jewelry, and Accessories
100 Beaded Flowers, Charms & Trinkets
Perfect Little Designs to Use for Gifts, Jewelry, and Accessories
Paperback      ISBN: 0312591411
Beads are perfect for making all sorts of tiny treasures: cakes and treats, fruit, flowers, fast food, holiday souvenirs, pets and animals, fairies, and more! This book will show you how to make everything from a tiny tea service, a micro monkey, and some minute flowers to the sweetest little ladybug. No matter what your level of beading experience, you are sure to find the perfect beaded miniature project in this book. Step-by-step demonstrations, from basic constructin to more advanced techniques are covered, as well as inspiration for how to incorporate your designs into projects---including jewelry, accessories, and stationery.
1000 Jewelry Inspirations: Beads, Baubles, Dangles, and Chains
1000 Jewelry Inspirations
Beads, Baubles, Dangles, and Chains
Paperback      ISBN: 1592537103
A visual catalog for jewelry, bead artists and crafters who will relish the opportunity to have so many ideas at their fingertips to inspire their own projects A showcase of stunning jewelry bits and pieces, "bling" and embellishments, this collection is made to feed the creative appetites of crafters and jewelry makers everywhere. The book offers color, sparkle, texture, dimension, and clever, creative use of materials. One piece of jewelry might have several points of interest to be highlighted: an antique clasp, textured lampwork beads, and intricate knots.
101 Wire Earrings: Step-by-Step Projects & Techniques
101 Wire Earrings
Step-by-Step Projects & Techniques
Paperback      ISBN: 1596681411
Providing detailed descriptions on how to intricately craft stylish wire earrings, this beautifully illustrated guide offers simple yet elegant projects that are inexpensive and easily accomplished. Easy-to-follow instructions and comprehensive definitions guide the jewelry maker through the many elements of wire working, such as headpins, jump rings, hoops, loops, spirals, and ear wires, clearly highlighting the techniques and detailing the quality materials necessary to produce functional and innovative works of wearable art. With a diverse selection of 101 contemporary earring projects submitted from top designers, wire crafters of all skill levels will hone their talents while discovering new and inspirational ideas for producing unique and creative works in one of the fastest growing trends of modern jewelry art.
30-Minute Jewelry: What Can You Make to Wear in Half an Hour or Less?
30-Minute Jewelry
What Can You Make to Wear in Half an Hour or Less?
Paperback      ISBN: 1438006993
There are 30 minute ab programsâ¦30 minute meal plannersâ¦but a 30 minute guide to creating gorgeous jewelry? Yes, it's true! Whether you're an absolute beginner or an experienced crafter, it is possible to create a striking piece of jewelry in thirty minute sessions. Beverly McCullough, DIY crafting guru, shows you how with: - 60 jewelry projects that can be completed in no time, using a wide variety of materials that will suit every taste and style - Projects that include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, rings, and more - Clear, concise diagrams and easy, step-by-step instructions for each project - Time-saving techniques and helpful hints that will have you completing projects with finesse and flair, quickly and easily - Advice and "skill building" exercises that will have you crafting like a pro every time These projects incorporate lots of different crafting techniques--from basic wirework, stringing, and beading to simple cross stitch and sewing--and exciting materials like fabric, lace, leather, and polymer clay. The result is gorgeous jewelry in a flash, because there's always time to create something beautiful.
500 Bead Weaving Patterns for Bracelets
500 Bead Weaving Patterns for Bracelets
Paperback      ISBN: 0811718018
Weaving beaded bracelets on a small bead loom is easy, and with the 500 patterns in this book you can make all kinds of creative designs! From bold graphic prints to animals and flowers to retro or southwestern designs, there are plenty of patterns to suit your style. Each pattern shows how many and what color beads are needed and the placement of every bead so it's easy to complete any bracelet you choose. Make them to keep and to give away. Switch up the bead colors--so many options will keep you coming back for more!
75 Chinese, Celtic, & Ornamental Knots: A Directory of Knots and Knotting Techniques Plus Exquisite Jewelry Projects to Make and Wear
75 Chinese, Celtic, & Ornamental Knots
A Directory of Knots and Knotting Techniques Plus Exquisite Jewelry Projects to Make and Wear
Paperback      ISBN: 0312675313
Instructs crafters on how to make dozens of decorative knots that can be used to create jewelry, sharing step-by-step instructions on a variety of techniques while providing 15 jewelry projects that use traditional and modern styles. Original. 25,000 first printing.
Advanced Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop: Weaving With Rings & Scales
Advanced Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop
Weaving With Rings & Scales
Paperback      ISBN: 1620336596
Chain maille weaves and designs that take jewelry into new frontiers! Jewelry artists will enjoy a collection of new, less-common weaves and challenging projects that will inspire and educate. Author Karen Karon begins by reviewing basic chain maille weaves in order to set the stage for the more complex weaves in this book. She explains techniques needed when working beyond the basics: methods for closing a weave, working with micro rings, working large scale, and using alternative materials in weaves. The book is then divided into 4 sections, each devoted to a particular type of weave: new Persian weaves, Elf-based weaves, Hybrid weaves, and Scale weaves that incorporate sheet metal scales into traditional weaves for a striking effect. Sprinkled throughout, the illustrated step-by-step instructions for each weave technique are valuable tips from Karen to help ensure a beautiful finished piece.
Amazing Macrame
Amazing Macrame
Paperback      ISBN: 1782213562
Macramé is back with a fresh, new style. Claire Rougerie guides the reader through 9 lessons accompanied by easy step-by-step instructions and diagrams. There are 29 original and colorful designs to make including jewellery, bags, accessories and various ideas for embellishing your outfits. The designs are both chic and bohemian combining a retro sixties style with a more modern look.
American Indian Beadwork
American Indian Beadwork
Paperback      ISBN: 0684829444
A handicraft guide to American Indian beadwork for those seeking the fundamentals of construction and ideas of design—fully illustrated throughout. American Indian Beadwork includes: -Directions for beading stitches -Directions for making and stringing a loom -Fifty-four black-and-white photographs of actual Indian beadwork -Thirteen full-color pages of 132 authentic Indian patterns for your own beadwork
Amulets and Talismans: Simple Techniques for Creating Meaningful Jewelry
Amulets and Talismans
Simple Techniques for Creating Meaningful Jewelry
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1600611613
Making Jewelry with Meaning The things you collect - the ticket stubs, the coins, the pieces of shell from a beach - hold meaning and significance, reminding you not only where you've been, but also where you're capable of going. Making these items into wearable pieces of art - amplifying their power to become amulets and talismans - is a rewarding experience that's easy to do. Working with the most basic of tools, you will learn cold-connection jewelry techniques to expand your creative process. In addition to basics like creating jump rings and using a file, you will also: - Make your own hook and latch clasps - Cut windows from sheets of metal - Inlay designs into polymer clay - Incorporate concrete into your work - Achieve patinas with heat - Journal your thoughts onto faux bone - Turn paper pulp into realistic rocks - Create "time capsule" beads from Plexiglas - And much, much more! Discover the rewards of making your own amulets and talismans by learning new techniques to drive your creativity in an entirely new direction.