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Amy Butler's Piece Keeping: 20 Stylish Projects That Celebrate Patchwork
Amy Butler's Piece Keeping
20 Stylish Projects That Celebrate Patchwork
Hardcover      ISBN: 1452134472
In this project-based sewing book, Amy Butler teaches what she does best: sewing, quilting, and pattern making. From lampshades to pillows, quilts to statement jewelry,Piece Keeping is the perfect go-to for the crafty. With clear sections on traditional sewing themes, tools, and methods, this book will appeal to Amy's core fans as well as those simply drawn to beautiful fabrics and DIY projects. The 20 inspiring projects include dozens of how-to diagrams, plus 9 sheets of full-size patterns stored in an attached envelope.Piece Keeping is both a practical guide and a source for stylish home décor and fashion inspiration, brimming throughout with Amy's unique color sense and eye-catching textile designs.
The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting
The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting
Paperback      ISBN: 1589236084
""Reference for sewers with step-by-step instructions for fitting test garments on the body, then transferring adjustments to paper patterns before cutting out and sewing the final garment"--Provided by publisher"--
Hand Sewing Magic: Essential Know-How for Hand Stitching: With Pro Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting - Master Tension and Other Techniques - 10 Easy, Creative Projects
Hand Sewing Magic
Essential Know-How for Hand Stitching: With Pro Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting - Master Tension and Other Techniques - 10 Easy, Creative Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 1589239687
Hand Sewing Magic is an essential reference to all things stitching, featuring how-tos for dozens of stitches, from the basics for sewing and mending to stunning embroidered embellishment. Hand Sewing Magic is a modern, all-in-one guide for hand stitchers of all levels of skill and experience, and for all applications. In this unique guide book you will: - Get an in-depth overview of essential tools and materials, including thread, needles, fabric, and other key supplies. - Explore a comprehensive visual dictionary of 35 stitches plus dozens of variations, from basic mending to stylish decorative embellishment to unique art stitching. - Discover key techniques, from starting and ending threads to the right way to use an embroidery hoop, from stitching curved shapes to color shading, and more. - Learn essential tips and tricks from influential and innovative stitchers, including Joanne Sharpe, Allison Aller, and Catherine Redford. - 10 simple and stunning projects show unique ways to use stitches and techniques. With Hand Sewing Magic, you’ll make the most of your hand stitching and give all your projects a beautiful handmade look.
Handmade Heirlooms: Crafting With Intention, Making Things That Matter, and Connecting to Family and Tradition
Handmade Heirlooms
Crafting With Intention, Making Things That Matter, and Connecting to Family and Tradition
Paperback      ISBN: 1611802369
24 projects to sew + knit + crochet + craft + repurpose Let's make some memories. Handmade Heirlooms invites readers to create projects that have significant meaning for the maker or the recipient—projects that celebrate the future, relish the everyday, and honor the past. Handmade Heirlooms is a craft book that emphasizes the significance of handmade pieces in our personal histories and prompts readers to sew, knit, and craft with intention. Readers will be inspired to create pieces that can be enjoyed now, then handed down in years to come and used by future generations. Heirlooms allow us to reminisce and make connections throughout our lifetimes. They are treasures made and handed down with the intention of being used and loved. Their value goes beyond form and function--their significance is enriched by every life they touch across generations. The projects in this book celebrate the role heirlooms play in our lives by encouraging the making of special items that can be gifted, enjoyed, and handed down.
Amy Butler's in Stitches: More Than 25 Simple And Stylish Sewing Projects
Amy Butler's in Stitches
More Than 25 Simple And Stylish Sewing Projects
Hardcover      ISBN: 0811851591
A leading designer brings a fresh, stylish approach to the craft of sewing in a collection of more than twenty-five creative projects, ranging from floor cushions to handbags, that include detailed pattern sheets, step-by-step instructions, fabric tips, a how-to guide to sewing techniques, a glossary, and a helpful resource section. 17,500 first printing.
Love Leather Accessories: 20 Easy Leather Accessories to Sew
Love Leather Accessories
20 Easy Leather Accessories to Sew
Paperback      ISBN: 1446304795
Create your own unique and kitsch hair accessories using leather with these fun designs by Zoe Larkins. Choose from 20 modern and fashionable accessories made from leather (or faux leather) including earrings, brooches, hair accessories and necklaces. Zoe Larkins shows you how to hand stitch leather and create your own gorgeous accessories. All the projects are small and easy to do, even for beginners, but the designs are striking. The projects are split up into months to reflect seasonal themes and include heart shoe clips and a matching necklace for February, strawberry earrings and brooch for June and a dippy egg necklace for April. The step instructions include diagrams for extra clarity and there are full sized templates for all the design motifs for quick and easy results.
The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book: 34 DIYS to Make the Most of Your Fabric Stash
The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book
34 DIYS to Make the Most of Your Fabric Stash
Paperback      ISBN: 1617690791
Stitch up a storm with more than 30 new stash-friendly projects from quilt and fabric lovers’ favorite creative force: Spoonflower. Discover all that you can make with just a yard or two! Spoonflower—a design-your-own/print-on-demand fabric company known for its unique, clever, and must-have designs—presents simple step-by-step instructions that are accompanied by templates and pattern pieces. Here are dozens of brand-new projects designed to be completed in just a few hours. Get inspired and turn your favorite fabric into a lovely garland, stylish tote, children’s tent, and all sorts of other accessories for home and fashion. With step-by-step tutorials and projects that span a wide spectrum of skills, this book is perfect for both new and experienced sewists. Designing fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap used to be the stuff of dreams. Today, Spoonflower’s technology allows anyone to affordably create, print, and purchase one-of-a-kind fabric or paper.
Pirates and Pompoms: How to Make Children's Toys and Costumes
Pirates and Pompoms
How to Make Children's Toys and Costumes
Paperback      ISBN: 178067743x
The Playtime Idea Book is packed with projects for creative parents. Follow a few simple steps to create handmade costumes, toys and props and you'll keep children entertained with make-believe pirate, forest-animal and circus worlds all day long. Only basic cutting, sticking and sewing skills are required. Focusing on these three popular themes (pirates, animals and the circus), projects include: eye patches and a telescope, stuffed animal friends, circus ringmaster's hat and a big-top canopy den. Each project includes a simple template and illustrated step-by-step instructions. Perfect for crafty adults looking for holiday activities that will keep little ones happy and busy.
Leather Bags: 14 Stylish Designs to Sew for Any Occasion
Leather Bags
14 Stylish Designs to Sew for Any Occasion
Hardcover      ISBN: 1454710624
Create perfect, beautiful leather handbags and accessories with these 14 fashion-forward projects to make at home! This comprehensive and beginner-friendly how-to—written by Kasia Ehrhardt, who studied handbag design at the Fashion Institute of Technology—explains all the basics: how to work with different types of leather; techniques for cutting leather and sewing zippers, straps, and more; and advice on customizing and caring for your new bags.
The Sewing Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face: Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask
The Sewing Answer Book
Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face: Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask
Paperback      ISBN: 1603425438
Sales of sewing machines have doubled over the past decade; old-fashioned home ec skills are back in style once more; and trendy, eye-catching fabrics are everywhere, just waiting to be sewn into fabulous items. Sewing is on the rise, and young crafters are teaching themselves the basics with a learn-as-you-go approach. Fun and creative as this carefree method may be, it can lead to a lot of questions! The Sewing Answer Book is the perfect portable teacher for everyone from beginners turning on a sewing machine for the first time to experienced sewers seeking tips on how to embellish a blouse with tiny pintucks. This friendly, reassuring resource, written by sewing expert and educator Barbara Weiland Talbert, answers the questions, corrects the mistakes, and troubleshoots the nagging problems sewers encounter every time they sit down at the sewing machine or pick up a needle and thread. There are answers here to every kind of sewing question. The frustrated crafter whose needle keeps breaking will find the reason in the Needles and Thread chapter, and the beginner wondering how to identify the selvage edge will find guidance in Chapter 5: All About Fabrics. All the information sewers need to help them create wearables that fit well and decorative home items that stand up to daily wear and tear is here between the signature flexibind covers of Storey's newest Answer Book. The Sewing Answer Book is sure to become the trusted guide found next to every home sewing machine.