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Amy Butler's in Stitches: More Than 25 Simple And Stylish Sewing Projects
Amy Butler's in Stitches
More Than 25 Simple And Stylish Sewing Projects
Hardcover      ISBN: 0811851591
A leading designer brings a fresh, stylish approach to the craft of sewing in a collection of more than twenty-five creative projects, ranging from floor cushions to handbags, that include detailed pattern sheets, step-by-step instructions, fabric tips, a how-to guide to sewing techniques, a glossary, and a helpful resource section. 17,500 first printing.
The Mood Guide to Fabric and Fashion: The Essential Guide from the World's Most Famous Fabric Store
The Mood Guide to Fabric and Fashion
The Essential Guide from the World's Most Famous Fabric Store
Hardcover      ISBN: 1617690880
The textile experts behind the fabric company well-known to fashion students, aspiring designers and fans of Project Runway provide readers with the fundamentals of fabric, from where it is produced, to how it is constructed and how to use it. 20,000 first printing.
Double Wedding Ring Patchwork: With Plastic Templates
Double Wedding Ring Patchwork
With Plastic Templates
Paperback      ISBN: 0486271420
Complete instructions for creating 10 different heirloom pieces, including multicolored crib quilt, unusual quilt with rings arranged in "Barn Raising" pattern, classically styled quilt with three mitered borders, eye-catching single ring placemat, dramatic Amish-style wall hanging with black background, and 5 other projects.
Pairing Up: 2 Block Quilts
Pairing Up
2 Block Quilts
Paperback      ISBN: 1564774899
Vintage Pattern Selector: The Sewer's Guide to Choosing and Using Retro Styles
Vintage Pattern Selector
The Sewer's Guide to Choosing and Using Retro Styles
Paperback      ISBN: 1438001029
Style-conscious women who sew their own dresses, as well as design students, fashion designers, and enthusiasts for vintage clothing styles will welcome this practical new book. It presents advice and instruction on sewing techniques, plus information and ideas on mixing and matching clothing items from different decades of the twentieth century as a way to make a personal fashion statement. Here are-- - Style options that draw on decades of experimentation with hemlines, color styles and silhouettes - Information on suitable fabrics, colors, and prints for each style - Topics categorized by clothing items, making it easy for readers to match styles from different eras to create a personalized wardrobe - An enclosed CD-ROM with more than 15 patterns given in four sizes, and representing different vintage styles Patterns representing fashions from the 1930s, '40s, 50s, and 60s include blouses, skirts, tunic tops, coats, hats, and much more. The book features more than 300 illustrations in color and black and white that capture the looks and the atmosphere of those past decades.
Handmade Heirlooms: Crafting With Intention, Making Things That Matter, and Connecting to Family and Tradition
Handmade Heirlooms
Crafting With Intention, Making Things That Matter, and Connecting to Family and Tradition
Paperback      ISBN: 1611802369
24 projects to sew + knit + crochet + craft + repurpose Let's make some memories. Handmade Heirlooms invites readers to create projects that have significant meaning for the maker or the recipient—projects that celebrate the future, relish the everyday, and honor the past. Handmade Heirlooms is a craft book that emphasizes the significance of handmade pieces in our personal histories and prompts readers to sew, knit, and craft with intention. Readers will be inspired to create pieces that can be enjoyed now, then handed down in years to come and used by future generations. Heirlooms allow us to reminisce and make connections throughout our lifetimes. They are treasures made and handed down with the intention of being used and loved. Their value goes beyond form and function--their significance is enriched by every life they touch across generations. The projects in this book celebrate the role heirlooms play in our lives by encouraging the making of special items that can be gifted, enjoyed, and handed down.
Simple Gifts to Stitch: 30 Elegant and Easy Projects
Simple Gifts to Stitch
30 Elegant and Easy Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 0307347567
Introduces an innovative selection of personalized gift ideas for every occasion, featuring thirty modern stitching projects that take no more than a few hours to complete, ranging from a modern apron for a housewarming to a terrycloth rattle for a baby shower, accompanied by a host of inspirational ideas and expert advice for crafters of all skill levels. Original. 15,000 first printing.
Famous Frocks: The Little Black Dress - Patterns for 20 Garments Inspired by Fashion Icons
Famous Frocks
The Little Black Dress - Patterns for 20 Garments Inspired by Fashion Icons
Hardcover      ISBN: 1452123659
Offers patterns and instructions on how to make twenty different versions of the little black dress, each inspired by a fashion icon.
Urban Scandinavian Sewing: 18 Seasonal Projects for Modern Living: Includes Nordic Recipes & Traditions
Urban Scandinavian Sewing
18 Seasonal Projects for Modern Living: Includes Nordic Recipes & Traditions
Paperback      ISBN: 1617450154
Stitch your way to Scandinavian style as you embrace minimal, sleek design. Luxuriate in the textures of summery linens and winter wools as you sew 18 projects, from upscale home decor to wearables. You’ll love the chic yet beginner-friendly stitching and embroidery patterns—the perfect way to embellish ready-mades or to sew from scratch. These projects offer beautiful, functional designs for contemporary living. Designer and author Kirstyn Cogan immerses you in her Nordic culture, with handcrafted modern items to make for your home and family—plus scrumptious-sounding recipes and scintillating tidbits about the regional traditions.
New Classic Patchwork: 78 Original Motifs and 10 Projects
New Classic Patchwork
78 Original Motifs and 10 Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 1620335336
Original patchwork blocks from a master quilter! New Classic Patchwork is the sequel to Yoko Saito's Housewarming Patchwork and completes her collection of 156 patchwork designs. A renowned quilt artist, Yoko offers quilters a new cornucopia of original block designs in her signature taupe quilting style. In this collection, Yoko brings her matchless interpretation of folk-inspired blocks: stars, crosses, triangles, pinwheels, circles, and other geometric shapes. Though the blocks are small in scale, each template is gridded and can be easily increased to any size. You can use these blocks in your own creations or make one of the ten beautiful projects included in the book. These include Yoko's signature bags, baskets, and pouches in her uniquely charming style, with all templates on an enclosed pattern sheet.