Christian Science
Scientific Christian Mental Practice
Scientific Christian Mental Practice
Paperback      ISBN: 1602061971

American writer, educator, theologian, and feminist pioneer EMMA CURTIS HOPKINS (1849-1925) may well be the most important woman in the history of religion in the United States. Influenced by Mary Baker Eddy and her "Christian Science," Hopkins developed the more metaphysical philosophy of New Thought, an early "New Age" outlook that encouraged its adherents to tap the latent powers of their potent minds. Known as "the teacher of teachers," Hopkins inspired her students, many of whom went on to become influential leaders of the New Thought movement, to give full expression to their creative genius. In this 1888 book, considered by many her masterpiece, Hopkins explores the wisdom of Jesus Christ from twelve different perspectives, all of which demonstrate, in their own unique ways, how we all hold within us the mystical energy to transform ourselves, our lives, and the world itself for the better, and to fill our hearts with the joy of the infinite. ALSO AVAILABLE FROM COSIMO: Hopkins' High Mysticism

Teilhard de Chardin - The Divine Milieu Explained: A Spirituality for the 21st Century
Teilhard de Chardin - The Divine Milieu Explained
A Spirituality for the 21st Century
Paperback      ISBN: 0809144840

During the 20th century, Jesuit priest Teilhard de Chardin developed a truly revolutionary spirituality based on the discoveries of science and a comprehensive evolutionary perspective--a perspective never conceived of before by traditional spiritual writers. Through his integration of science and faith, Teilhard offered us a new way to understand the Word of God. In Teilhard de Chardin--The Divine Milieu Explained, author Louis M. Savary sets forth a series of revolutionary spiritual practices that integrate science and faith, based on the evolutionary spirituality of Teilhard's pathbreaking work, The Divine Milieu. As a result, this volume: -makes accessible to a wide audience the ideas of Teilhard's spirituality -explains principles of Teilhard's scientific thought not explicitly formulated in The Divine Milieu -shows that Teilhard's theology and spirituality are fully compatible with classical Christian theology -suggests many simple reflections or spiritual practices to help put Teilhard's spirituality directly into daily life Teilhard never spelled out for us how to practice this new understanding in our daily lives. And until we can practice it, this new transformative spirituality, remains simply a collection of revolutionary ideas about God that we can only talk about. Having taught and practiced Teilhardian ideas for almost forty years, author Louis M. Savary offers this work as a first step toward establishing new spiritual practices that translate Teilhard's ideas into action. It shows how to both think about one's faith and live it in light of evolutionary science.