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This Book Is a Planetarium: And Other Extraordinary Pop-up Contraptions
This Book Is a Planetarium
And Other Extraordinary Pop-up Contraptions
Hardcover      ISBN: 1452136211
"A book of pop-up contraptions, all made of paper, and all actually useful. Includes a planetarium, a speaker, and other paper engineering marvels."--
Wild & Wonderful Origami: 35 of Your Favorite Wild Animals to Fold in an Instant
Wild & Wonderful Origami
35 of Your Favorite Wild Animals to Fold in an Instant
Paperback      ISBN: 1907563563
Presents step-by-step instructions for creating thirty-five origami animals, including lobsters, gorillas, bears, snakes, and rabbits.
Love: Featuring Sense & Sensibility
Featuring Sense & Sensibility
Hardcover      ISBN: 0794432239
A complete text of Jane Austen's Sense of Sensibility includes special instructions for folding 206 of the pages to transform the book into a unique art sculpture, in a book that has an embossed cover and foil-edged pages.
Origami Boxes Super Paper Pack: Folding Instructions and Paper for Hundreds of Mini Containers
Origami Boxes Super Paper Pack
Folding Instructions and Paper for Hundreds of Mini Containers
Paperback      ISBN: 1589238990
Featuring 10 box designs and over 200 pages of double-sided origami paper, this pack has everything you need to think "outside the box" with your origami! This pack includes step-by-step instructions for 10 origami boxes of all shapes, some with lids and some self-closing, and 232 sheets of origami paper in more than 30 different colors and patterns, printed on both sides, and bound into the book for easy removal. Let your imagination spring to life as you mix and match colors, textures, and shapes to create one-of-a-kind boxes. No previous experience or materials are required--everything you need to jump into making origami boxes is included in this pack. It's a perfect gift item for yourself or anyone you love!
Paper Doll Adele: Cut-out Paper Doll Book
Paper Doll Adele
Cut-out Paper Doll Book
Paperback      ISBN: 095700561x
Paper doll book featuring two cut-out Adele dolls and many outfits.
Extreme Origami
Extreme Origami
Hardcover      ISBN: 1937994023
Won Park has taken the ancient art of origami to a whole new level. Using American currency, Park transforms dollar bills into creative works of art. He relies on the fibrous quality of the paper to fold, bend and twist hundreds of times per model without tearing. With no cutting and no pasting, Park is able to incorporate the details on the bills into his model designs. His signature koi fish is folded in such a way that the patterns on the dollar bill become the scales on the fish, and even the facial features fall in exactly the right place. His designs include a wide array of vehicles, animals, and mythical creatures. In this book, step-by-step instructions are provided for 20 distinct models that are bound to challenge even the most proficient folders. The challenge includes a Formula 1 race car, a toilet, a butterfly, a koi fish, a scorpion, a sea turtle, a fox, an ox, a marlin, a car, a praying mantis, a dragon, a spider, a stag beetle, a stegosaurus, a bat, Pegasus, a fighter jet, a battle tank, and a pig. All models can be made with either one or two dollar bills. Why worry about the declining value of the U.S. dollar? Follow the instructions in this book, and you can transform your dollars into works of art!
English Chintz Fabrics: Wrapping Paper: 12 Sheets
English Chintz Fabrics
Wrapping Paper: 12 Sheets
ACC      ISBN: 1910258466
Twelve sheets of 19.5 x 27.5 inch wrapping paper are folded into a paperback book, which has a notepad binding for a clean, easy-tear off.
Papergal!: Unofficial Tribute to Rihanna
Unofficial Tribute to Rihanna
Paperback      ISBN: 0992777771
An unofficial paper-doll book featuring two Rihanna cut-out dolls and many outfits, drawn by artist Mel Elliott. This is a Ri-Ri doll that any of her fans would love: two seperate poses and a large variety of her favourite and most famous outfits to pick from are provided in this book. All you have to do is the cutting! Rihanna is big news wherever she goes, one of the most successful artists ever, and a real pop diva, beloved by millions. This paper doll book is a loving homage to her style.
Papermaking: The Art and Craft of Handmade Paper
The Art and Craft of Handmade Paper
Hardcover      ISBN: 0879301570
Traces the history of paper and writing, shows modern paper production methods, and shows how to make one's own paper making equipment
Business Card Origami
Business Card Origami
Paperback      ISBN: 1623540194
Is your desk overburdened with business cards (yours and/or other people’s)? BUSINESS CARD ORIGAMI is here to the rescue with twenty original, witty, and fun origami projects all using one or more business cards. Bad meeting with the boss? Fold a stuffed shirt for him. Tired of your cramped working conditions? Create a business card Cube-icle. From geometric shapes to animals and office-related projects, BUSINESS CARD ORIGAMI will give you the sense of creativity, joy, and accomplishment you always wish you had with your job. Features full-color project photographs as well as step-by-step illustrations for each of the projects.