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Make Your Own Paper Snowflakes
Make Your Own Paper Snowflakes
Paperback      ISBN: 0486450465
Create a flurry of easy-to-make, fun-to-do paper snowflakes. This self-contained kit has just about everything papercrafters will need, with the exception of small scissors, a sharp pencil, and 8 1/2 by 11 paper. Patterns, which are reusable and grouped according to skill levels, range from imaginative to realistic. 32 designs, 106 illustrations.
Business Card Origami
Business Card Origami
Paperback      ISBN: 1623540194
Is your desk overburdened with business cards (yours and/or other people’s)? BUSINESS CARD ORIGAMI is here to the rescue with twenty original, witty, and fun origami projects all using one or more business cards. Bad meeting with the boss? Fold a stuffed shirt for him. Tired of your cramped working conditions? Create a business card Cube-icle. From geometric shapes to animals and office-related projects, BUSINESS CARD ORIGAMI will give you the sense of creativity, joy, and accomplishment you always wish you had with your job. Features full-color project photographs as well as step-by-step illustrations for each of the projects.
Snowflakes: Creative Paper Cutouts
Creative Paper Cutouts
Paperback      ISBN: 1423605055
75 creative designs perfect for scrapbooking and card-making or even fun home décor!
The World Record Paper Airplane Book
The World Record Paper Airplane Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0761143831
It’s the classic, world’s bestselling paper airplane book, grounded in the aerodynamics of paper and abounding with fun. The World Record Paper Airplane Book raises paper airplane making to a unique, unexpected art. This new edition boasts four brand-new models: Stiletto, Spitfire, Galactica, and Sting Ray. Added to its hangar of proven fliers—including Valkyrie, Hammerhead, Vortex, Condor, Pterodactyl, and, of course, the famous World Record Paper Airplane—that makes twenty airworthy designs. Each is swathed in all-new, attention-grabbing graphics and is ready to tear out, fold, and fly. There are at least five models for each design and all-important instructions for how to adjust and throw each plane for best flight. But the planes are just the beginning. The book features tons of cool information on aerodynamics, competitions, and designing your own high-performing models. Readers will learn why paper airplanes fly (and why they crash), the history of Ken Blackburn’s world record, and how to organize and win contests. Also included is a flight log and pull-out runway for practicing accuracy.
Flora: 225 Vintage-Inspired Textile Designs
225 Vintage-Inspired Textile Designs
Paperback      ISBN: 0811867498
Charming? Yes. Handy? And how! This delightful collection offers 225 vintage-inspired textile patterns ready to print out and craft up. The book pages feature the colorful designs from which users can choose to reproduce from the included disk. The patterns come from celebrated fabric purveyor Reprodepot—the savvy crafter's first stop for fabrics. Founder Djerba Goldfinger hand-selected her favorites for the books: Flora gathers together sweet blossomy designs, while Folk features homey motifs. Each book includes step-by-step directions for ten fabulous papercraft projects—an invitation suite, party decorations, gift tags, and more. With the disk embedded in the front, these books are both user-friendly and as pretty as can be.
Easy to Make Decorative Paper Snowflakes
Easy to Make Decorative Paper Snowflakes
Paperback      ISBN: 0486254089
Individual pattern sheets and complete instructions for folding and cutting over 60 beautiful paper snowflakes.
Ruby Star Wrapping: Creating Packaging to Reuse, Regive, and Relove
Ruby Star Wrapping
Creating Packaging to Reuse, Regive, and Relove
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1590309995
This is the ultimate resource for those who are as creative as they are willing to conserve. Ruby Star Wrapping inspires you to think resourceful, think reusable, think unusual when it comes to gift packaging. Raid the pantry for boxes, use old linens for pouches, and make beautiful accessories out of fabric and paper scraps—the projects here illustrate how to create beautiful, reusable packaging from the common materials in your home. With its thirty easy-to-make giftwrap patterns, this book reminds us of the wonderful creative potential inherent in the act of giving a gift. When wrapped with thought, beauty, and a little ingenuity, the packaging can be a gift in itself.
Pretty Paper Parties: Customize Your Party with Papers, Templates, and Endless Inspiration
Pretty Paper Parties
Customize Your Party with Papers, Templates, and Endless Inspiration
Paperback      ISBN: 145210915x
With the materials in this portfolio—40 sheets of gorgeous patterned paper, ready-to-cut templates, plus step-by-step instructions—stunning party decorations are only a few snips away. Crafty types can mix and match the color palettes and patterns to create garlands, cupcake toppers, bunting, goofy photo-booth props, banners, and more for baby showers, birthdays, engagement parties, or just for fun!
Paper Cut Planet: 150 Simple Paper Cutting Designs
Paper Cut Planet
150 Simple Paper Cutting Designs
Paperback      ISBN: 1446303519
Offers over one hundred fifty easy paper cutting templates to create animal, food, pastime, and landmark motifs from around the world.
Simon & Garfunkel Paper Doll
Simon & Garfunkel Paper Doll
Paperback      ISBN: 0957314809
Paper doll book featuring Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel cut-out dolls, and many outfits.