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Pretty Packages: 45 Creative Gift-Wrapping Projects
Pretty Packages
45 Creative Gift-Wrapping Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 1452125996
With just a few simple steps, blogger Sally J Shim shows readers how to turn an ordinary package into a customized present as special as the gift within. From a stitched garland topper and watercolor wrapping paper to a confetti gift tag, each of the 45 creative and achievable projects offers a unique twist on gift wrapping. Plus, each project has multiple variations, leading to endless possibilities for prettying up packages. Including techniques for wrapping oddly shaped packages, ideas for creating reusable packaging (a bonus gift for the recipient!), and projects that require only basic materials, Pretty Packages will inspire gift givers as well as Etsy shop owners to make every element of their package special.
Snowflakes: Creative Paper Cutouts
Creative Paper Cutouts
Paperback      ISBN: 1423605055
75 creative designs perfect for scrapbooking and card-making or even fun home décor!
The Mandala Workbook: A Creative Guide for Self-Exploration, Balance, and Well-Being
The Mandala Workbook
A Creative Guide for Self-Exploration, Balance, and Well-Being
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1590305183
Mandala-making is fun, relaxing, and can show you things about yourself that may surprise you. Susanne Fincher invites you to make mandala creation a practice, and to experience the insights and delights it can provide. Based on ancient European artifacts, contemporary religious iconography, and traditional tantric art, mandalas are circular designs that offer a profound symbol of the wholeness of the self. The Mandala Workbook offers a complete guide to mandala work, based on the Great Round—the twelve archetypal stages that represent a complete cycle of personal growth. Each chapter focuses on one stage and aims to fully engage readers in the meaning or purpose of that stage. Through a variety of step-by-step exercises and activities, each chapter provides mandala-making projects to help connect readers with the transformative powers of the mandala. Building on her previous books, Susanne Fincher highlights connections between the archetypal imagery of circles and working toward a balanced wholeness of self. This book combines theory and philosophy with practical and creative methods to present an engaging and hands-on approach to mandala work.
Best Ever Paper Airplanes
Best Ever Paper Airplanes
Paperback      ISBN: 1895569427
Offers advice on making paper airplanes, and shares instructions for making eighteen different models
Paperback      ISBN: 1908714034
20 delightful craft projects that capture the taxidermy trend in a uniquely witty way.
Oddballs, Wing-Flappers, & Spinners: Great Paper Airplanes
Oddballs, Wing-Flappers, & Spinners
Great Paper Airplanes
Paperback      ISBN: 007067910x
Provides instructions on how to make a variety of unusual paper airplanes
Planes, Jets, & Helicopters: Great Paper Airplanes
Planes, Jets, & Helicopters
Great Paper Airplanes
Paperback      ISBN: 0830644512
Includes illustrated instructions for folding a basic airplane, helicopter, missle, hornet jet, long-winged glider, biplane, navy jet, stealth wing, and other airplanes
Rosette Art: Instructions and Papers for Beautiful Rosettes to Share, Wear, and Display
Rosette Art
Instructions and Papers for Beautiful Rosettes to Share, Wear, and Display
Paperback      ISBN: 1452111049
With the materials in this portfolio—20 sheets of brightly patterned paper, plus basic rosette techniques, 14 step-by-step projects, and endless ideas for inspiration—crafters will delight in making timeless and modern folded medallions that can accessorize any outfit, function as home décor, or be gifted as living scrapbook mementos.
Little Paper Planes: 20 Artists Reinvent the Childhood Classic
Little Paper Planes
20 Artists Reinvent the Childhood Classic
Paperback      ISBN: 0811879070
An awesome celebration of a timeless pastime, this book collects constructible paper airplanes-and a few other airplane-inspired crafts-created by some of today's hottest artists. Featuring work from rising stars and indie darlings from the aptly named artists' collective, including Gemma Correll, Michael Hsiung, Julia Rothman, Alyson Fox, and Lisa Congdon, these patterns take the paper plane to a whole new level. Printed on perforated pages for easy removal and assembly, the planes are accompanied by instructions, artist interviews, and loads of cool visuals. From paper doll planes and shark planes to plane mobiles and mix-and-match gliders, this delightful collection is jam-packed with creative ideas sure to launch the imagination into flight.
Wild & Wonderful Origami: 35 of Your Favorite Wild Animals to Fold in an Instant
Wild & Wonderful Origami
35 of Your Favorite Wild Animals to Fold in an Instant
Paperback      ISBN: 1907563563
Presents step-by-step instructions for creating thirty-five origami animals, including lobsters, gorillas, bears, snakes, and rabbits.