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Jewish Ceremonial Designs
Jewish Ceremonial Designs
Paperback      ISBN: 0880450878

Drawings of menorahs, mezuzahs and Torah ornaments in silver and elaborate embroideries.

Animals: 850 Handmade Illustrations
850 Handmade Illustrations
Paperback      ISBN: 8416504199

The book features retro style pen and ink illustrations by Joan Escandell (illustrator of Captain Thunder, He-Man, and Disney's Cinderella and The Lion King), who molded the image many youngsters in Europe have of literary figures like Robin Hood. The book gives free access to a library of downloadable high-resolution animal images.

The Art Nouveau Style Book of Alphonse Mucha
The Art Nouveau Style Book of Alphonse Mucha
Paperback      ISBN: 0486240444

To the general public, Alphonse Maria Mucha (1860-1939) is perhaps best known for his posters of Sarah Bernhardt and magnificent decorative panels such as "The Seasons" -- works that continue to grow in popularity and value as the resurgence of interest in Art Nouveau increases. Among graphic artists and commercial designers, Mucha is praised for the innovative style books that pioneered the use of Art Nouveau in commercial packaging, design, and ornament.
The most important of these style books was Documents D coratifs, published in 1901 at the height of Mucha's fame as the high priest of the Art Nouveau movement. While the artist's fame rests largely on his posters, it is in the smaller works of the style books, or design portfolios, that the refinement of his technique can best be appreciated. The present volume, carefully reproduced from an extremely rare and valuable set of originals, contains all 72 plates of the Documents D coratifs portfolio. Included are designs for jewelry, wallpaper, stained glass, furniture, and tableware; figure and botanical studies; and a selection of Mucha's famous panneaux d coratifs. Eighteen of the plates are in full color, while the remaining 54 are reproduced in two or more color tones.
In addition to numerous innovative designs for practical and decorative objects, the elegant draftsmanship and meticulous execution that characterized all of Mucha's work is evident in studies of langorous nudes, portrait sketches, delicately rendered plant and animal motifs, exquisite modeling of drapery and cloth, and the flowing, fantastic forms created as experiments in pure design. In the Foreword by Gabriel Mourey, specially translated for this edition, Mucha's own philosophy of art, and the relation of the Documents to the rest of his work, receive an appreciative and informative discussion.
Hitherto available only in scattered sources, or in the libraries of wealthy collectors, the complete Documents D coratifs is now available in this inexpensive one-volume edition. Lovers of Mucha's work, admirers of Art Nouveau, and the application of that style to the decorative arts, will want to own this fine royalty-free collection by one of the greatest masters of the technique.
" Documents D coratifs is] . . . an encyclopedic source for Mucha's style in every branch of decorative and applied art and one of the few books on design where even individual plates are sought after by collectors." -- Marina Henderson, The Graphic Style of Alphonse Mucha

Chinese Flower Art: Line Drawings with CD
Chinese Flower Art
Line Drawings with CD
Paperback      ISBN: 0764320831

Centuries of flower arrangement wisdom are boiled down into exquisite calligraphic representations in this excellent art book. Each image presents a perfect arrangement, delicately balanced within an imaginary frame, yet asymmetrically poised for drama. These line drawings are perfect for adaptation to art projects in want of Asian flair. From the flowers and foliage to the individual pots and containers represented, each is a wonderful study. As a whole, they are a great body of work ready for adaptation to textile, print, porcelain, or any other imaginative medium. Traditional Chinese characters accompany each, explaining the arrangement, or simply presenting snippets of poetry. These too can be extracted for use in art projects and borders.

The Grammar of Ornament: Illustrated by Examples from Various Styles of Ornament
The Grammar of Ornament
Illustrated by Examples from Various Styles of Ornament
Paperback      ISBN: 0789476460

An excellent resource for artists, designers, architects, craftspeople, or anyone interested in the decorative arts. First published in 1856, The Grammar of Ornament remains a design classic. Its inspiration came from the pioneering architect and designer Owen Jones. His observations of decorative art on his extensive travels in Europe and the Near East were employed to improve the poor quality of Western design. His goal was to change the Victorian habit of mixing elements from a wide variety of sources and applying this mix indiscriminately to buildings, graphic design, and products. His resulting study is a comprehensive analysis of a remarkable collection of styles of ornamental design -- from Ancient Egypt and Greece to Imperial China and Renaissance Italy. With its sumptuous illustrations, its detailed survey of individual cultures, and its manifesto of "General Principles," it offered guidance to the designers of the future. In this new edition the designs are further illuminated by Iain Zaczek's perceptive commentaries. Hugely influential since its first publication, The Grammar of Ornament inspired great figures such as William Morris and Frank Lloyd Wright. Contemporary designers, entertained by the archaic charm of Jones's descriptions, are struck by the book's enduring relevance and its soundness regarding the essential principles of good design.

Handbook of Designs and Devices
Handbook of Designs and Devices
Paperback      ISBN: 0486201252

In the latest, second revised edition of this famous book, one of America's foremost commercial artists and trademark designers has drawn and classified 1,836 basic geometric designs and variations for quick, convenient, practical reference by workers in all fields of both applied and fine arts.
Representing the result of many years of patient, scholarly study by the author, along with much practical experience in using this material, the book provides large, clear reproductions of the most diverse and usable variations and combinations of such basic forms as: the circle (crescent, sector, segment, ring trefoil, quatrefoil); the line and band (wavy, zigzag, plaid, lattice); the triangle (triangular variants, the arrow head, chevron, triquetra, trisklion); the square (the rectangle, checker combinations, rectangular interlacements, the diamond, rhombic variants); the cross and its many variants; the pentagon, hexagon, and octagon (six-pointed star, Solomon's seal, the snow crystal); the scroll (spiral scroll, wave scroll, the curvilinear motif, the monad, triad, loop); the fret; and the shield.
To achieve a successful presentation of the most valuable geometric forms in the common store of decorative design, the author has drawn upon ancient Egyptian, Grecian, Roman, Arabian, and Japanese motifs as well as modern styles. This edition contains new notes that explain the historical backgrounds of the plates and their symbolism.

Ready-To-Use Wining and Dining Illustrations
Ready-To-Use Wining and Dining Illustrations
Paperback      ISBN: 0486259447

Here is a treasury of immediately usable professional-quality artwork related to the consumption of food and drink. Graphic artists can choose from 80 copyright-free motifs (including spots, borders, and silhouettes), each in three sizes to reduce the need for statting. Depicted are couples dining in romantic settings, a chef sampling the soup, family picnics, formal dinners, parties, champagne on ice, New Year's Eve celebrations, a hot-dog stand, a Mom-and-Pop delicatessen, waiters and waitresses, people dining aboard trains and planes, restaurants of various nationalities, and many other representative vignettes. Just clip and use to add crisp, eye-catching flair to menus, advertisements, book and magazine illustrations -- almost any graphic project.

Art Nouveau Designs
Art Nouveau Designs
Paperback      ISBN: 9057680130

Agile Rabbit Edition - This book contains stunning images for use as a graphic resource, or inspiration. All the illustrations are stored in high-resolution format on the enclosed free CD-ROM and are ready to use for professional quality printed media and web page design. The pictures can also be used to produce postcards, or to decorate your letters, flyers, etc. They can be imported directly from the CD into most design, image- manipulation, illustration, word-processing and e-mail programs; no installation is required. For most applications, single images can be used free of charge. Please consult the introduction to this book, or visit our website for conditions.

The Complete Pattern Library: 100 Classic Patterns You Can Color, Alter, Scale And Print
The Complete Pattern Library
100 Classic Patterns You Can Color, Alter, Scale And Print
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810958996

With this fabulous book-and-CD combination, anyone can produce personalized gift wraps and stationery; generate original templates for stencils, needlework, and stained-glass art; and create stunning designs for a huge variety of uses. All that is needed is a computer (PC or Mac) and an image-manipulation program (such as Adobe Photoshop); the simple step-by-step tutorials show even the novice how to proceed.
The 100 striking repeat patterns are infinitely adaptable to home crafters and professional designers alike. Each pattern is included on the copyright-free CD as a layered file that can be easily repeated, recolored, added to, subtracted from, and scaled up or down by the user. Patterns are grouped by type, geometrics, plaids and stripes, florals and foliage, and are inspired by everything from Islamic mosaic to Renaissance wall ornament, from Indian paisley to Pop art. A superb tool for teaching the basics of pattern design, this package is also a rich stimulus for the visual imagination.

120 Portrait Paintings [With Clip Art CD]
120 Portrait Paintings [With Clip Art CD]
Hardcover      ISBN: 0486998355

This arresting collection of 120 famous portraits captures the very souls of their subjects. Including masterpieces from Raphael, da Vinci, Vermeer, Picasso, Manet, Boldini, van Dyck, Tissot, Kahlo, Largilli re, D rer, and more, this breathtaking treasury also includes a wealth of self-portraits. Embellish tote bags and shirts, enhance arts and crafts projects, or just enjoy these wondrous paintings for their aesthetic beauty. Each high-quality image is ready to use and enjoy.