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Ceramics and Print
Ceramics and Print
Paperback      ISBN: 0812222423
Ceramics and Print presents the latest developments in printing on clay and vitreous surfaces. Illustrated with new images of beautiful works by leading artists working in printed ceramics, this updated book is a must-read guide for artists and makers interested in this increasingly popular field.
American Studio Ceramics 1920 1950
American Studio Ceramics 1920 1950
Paperback      ISBN: 0938713043
Harlequin Unmasked: The Commedia Dell' Arte and Porcelain Sculpture
Harlequin Unmasked
The Commedia Dell' Arte and Porcelain Sculpture
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300090099
Howard Kottler: Face to Face
Howard Kottler
Face to Face
Hardcover      ISBN: 0295973560
Howard Kottler (1930-1989) was one of the West Coast ceramists who helped to redefine the entire field of contemporary American ceramic art. Patricia Failing's comprehensive and richly illustrated study is the first survey and summation of his work and is based on a series of interviews Kottler initiated after learning of his terminal illness. The artist's remarks - informed and wittily unpretentious - provide a vivid subtext to Failing's own thoughtful and compelling observations linking Kottler's innovative work with other developments in American visual arts. The book chronicles the evolution of an artist, thoroughly grounded in the traditional crafts and ceramics technology in the 1950s, who then established a rapport between his work and new directions in mainstream painting and sculpture. By the 1980s Kottler had become a conceptual artist who approached his materials as vehicles for art-historical commentary and physical eroticism, and as metaphors for probing the unbridgeable gap between the Self and the Other. In assessing Kottler's position and influence, Failing discusses his long teaching career and his role as exuberant gadfly to the ceramics establishment, but the focus of her analysis is on the intellectual range and sophistication of his artistic accomplishment. She establishes the major influences on Kottler, including his earliest teachers at Ohio State University and Cranbrook, significant art movements, travel, and his enduring interaction with his students at the University of Washington. Her book affords a masterful review of Kottler's complex development as an artist and, in so doing, provides an index of the profound transitions undergone by the field of American ceramics since the late 1950s.
Potter's Bible
Potter's Bible
Hardcover      ISBN: 0785821430
The Potter's Bible is a must-have guide for beginners and advanced potters with descriptions of the equipment and materials of the craft.
British Ceramic Art 1870-1940: 1870-1940
British Ceramic Art 1870-1940
Hardcover      ISBN: 0887404561
Tile Artists Motif Bible: 200 Decorative Designs With Step-by-step Instructions and Charts
Tile Artists Motif Bible
200 Decorative Designs With Step-by-step Instructions and Charts
Hardcover      ISBN: 089689438x
A comprehensive resource for do-it-yourself designers presents more than two hundred beautiful and diverse designs that can be applied to both commercial and handmade tiles to create personalized effects, in a volume that includes tips on degree of difficulty and application techniques, easy-to-follow instructions, and more than four hundred full-color photographs. 10,000 first printing.
Rorstrand Porcelain: Art Nouveau Masterpieces
Rorstrand Porcelain
Art Nouveau Masterpieces
Hardcover      ISBN: 1558598448
The artists of the influential Rörstrand porcelain factory in Sweden created some of the most beautiful decorative objects of the Art Nouveau style. In his fascinating and authoritative text, Bengt Nyström focuses on the Rörstrand factory's designers and their revolutionary forms during the period 1865 to 1915, when the firm successfully competed artistically with Tiffany and Gallé in the great international expositions that showcased and helped to propagate the Art Nouveau style. Inspired by late 19th-century crafts movements fathered by William Morris, the artists of the Rörstrand factory took nationalistic pride in incorporating their indigenous flora and fauna into their exquisite designs, transforming wintry berry springs and northern sea creatures into elegant three-dimensional works of art that appealed to a sophisticated European clientele. Illustrated with objects from Robert Schreiber's outstanding collection, supplemented with craftsmen's drawings and archival documents, Nyström's thoroughly researched text includes engaging glimpses of the culture surrounding Rörstrand (a former castle), especially the close-knit community of insightful administrators, talented designers and inventors, and artisans. The book chronicles not only the company's artistic achievements but the day-to-day personalities and decisions behind the emergence of this once-utilitarian factory as the birthplace of some of Sweden's most beautiful decorative objects.
Paperback      ISBN: 0812221656
This full-color handbook by celebrated potter and educator Daphne Carnegy covers the essential steps of creating maiolica ware, from clay selection to glaze firing.
Introducing Pottery: The Complete Guide
Introducing Pottery
The Complete Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0812221419
Introducing Pottery surpasses ordinary beginner guides. This comprehensive book contains 200 full-color illustrations and provides all the information a beginner needs to start creating with clay. It also addresses more advanced issues of clay-making in a in an accessible style.