Ondulé Textiles: Weaving Contours with a Fan Reed
Ondulé Textiles
Weaving Contours with a Fan Reed
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764353586
Peg Looms & Weaving Sticks: Complete How-to Guide and 30+ Projects
Peg Looms & Weaving Sticks
Complete How-to Guide and 30+ Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 0811716120
Easy to learn, portable, and lots of fun--that's weaving on peg looms and weaving sticks! This book introduces you to the craft and answers all of your questions.
Pin Loom Weaving: 40 Projects for Tiny Hand Looms
Pin Loom Weaving
40 Projects for Tiny Hand Looms
Paperback      ISBN: 0811712486
Tiny palm-sized pin looms are making a comeback. Here is the perfect book to get started with this intriguing weaving technique. - 40 appealing projects for everyone - As portable as knitting--drop a tiny loom in your bag or keep one in your car - Tips and techniques for blankets, bags, and 3-D creations - Includes directions on how to build your own pin loom
Pin Loom Weaving to Go: 30 Projects for Portable Weaving
Pin Loom Weaving to Go
30 Projects for Portable Weaving
Paperback      ISBN: 0811716139
Pin looms are hot! These palm-sized weaving looms go anywhere and make just about anything you can imagine, from fashionable wrist cuffs to full-sized blankets. Just drop a pin loom in your project bag with a ball of yarn and you are on your way to fast, fun weaving.
Rep Weaves: 27 Projects Using New and Classic Patterns
Rep Weaves
27 Projects Using New and Classic Patterns
Hardcover      ISBN: 1570764670
Using an ordinary counterbalance loom, this guide teaches beginning weavers how to create an array of projects featuring the warp-faced rep-weave technique, which initially appears very complex but is actually quite simple after learning the basic principles. Detailed descriptions of the weaving drafts are accompanied by step-by-step instructions for their completion, while helpful charts and drawings along with color photos of the finished projects illustrate the processes from start to finish. Projects such as the reversible curtain valance—with a weave-in tabby and weft-faced rep—can be worked up in a combination of colors for completely different looks, and old classic rug patterns may be woven like the original versions or used as a source of inspiration.

Respect the Spindle: Spin Infinite Yarns With One Amazing Tool
Respect the Spindle
Spin Infinite Yarns With One Amazing Tool
Paperback      ISBN: 1596681551
Why would modern spinners choose to make yarn with a prehistoric tool? Abby Franquemont explores one of the world's most productive, versatile, and convenient devices and teaches readers to make yarn using it.

The Roots of Asian Weaving: The He Haiyan Collection of Textiles and Looms from Southwest China
The Roots of Asian Weaving
The He Haiyan Collection of Textiles and Looms from Southwest China
Hardcover      ISBN: 1785701444
This ground-breaking book documents the weaving traditions and textiles of one of Asia’s most ethnically diverse areas - Southwest China, describing the looms and techniques of different ethnic groups, including diagrams, descriptions and photographs of the weaving processes and outstanding examples of textiles.
Silk: Trade and Exchange Along the Silk Roads Between Rome and China in Antiquity
Trade and Exchange Along the Silk Roads Between Rome and China in Antiquity
Hardcover      ISBN: 1785702793
"Already in Greek and Roman antiquity a vibrant series of exchange relationships existed between the Mediterranean regions and China, including the Indian subcontinents along well-defined routes we call the Silk Roads. Among the many goods that found their way from East to West and vice versa were glass, wine, spices, metals like iron, precious stones as well as textile raw materials and fabrics and silk, a luxury item that was in great demand in the Roman Empire. These collected papers connect research from different areas and disciplines dealing with exchange along the Silk Roads. These historical, philological and archaeological contributions highlight silk as a commodity, gift and tribute, and as a status symbol in varying cultural and chronological contexts between East and West, including technological aspects of silk production. The main period concerns Rome and China in antiquity, ending in the late fifth century CE, with the Roman Empire being transformed into the Byzantine Empire, while the Chinese chronology covers the Han dynasty, the Three Kingdoms, the Western and Eastern Jin and Sixteen Kingdoms, ending in 420 CE. In addition, both earlier and later epochs are also considered in order to gather an understanding of developments and changes in long-distance and longer-term relations that involved silk."
Simple Woven Garments: 20+ Projects to Weave & Wear
Simple Woven Garments
20+ Projects to Weave & Wear
Paperback      ISBN: 1620336170
Fun and wearable weaving patterns! Simple Woven Garments is both a pattern book and an idea book for creating simple woven shapes and turning them into everyday, highly wearable fashions. Readers will enjoy classic woven styles and nods to today's style trends in a collection of 20 woven garments (and 4 variations) for the "what's next" weaver. This guide will help weavers create fabric that works for the intended garment, is easy to weave, and is above all beautiful. Authors Sara Goldenberg White and Jane Patrick explore techniques such as yarn usage, spaced warps, felting, pick-up weaving patterns, finger-control weaving techniques, and embellishments. Shapes are simple rectangles and sewing requires minimal skill. Weavers will enjoy creating garments including wraps and tops, ranging from easy shawls with a twist to woven sweaters. Woven squares, rectangles, and strips are assembled into easy-sew garments with minimal finishing.
Sling Braiding Traditions and Techniques: From Peru, Bolivia, and Around the World
Sling Braiding Traditions and Techniques
From Peru, Bolivia, and Around the World
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764354302