Japanese Art
Cruelty and Carnage: Superviolent Art by Yoshiiku & Others
Cruelty and Carnage
Superviolent Art by Yoshiiku & Others
Paperback      ISBN: 1840683082
Dream Spectres: Extreme Ukiyo-E: Sex, Blood, Demons, Monsters, Ghosts, Tattoo
Dream Spectres
Extreme Ukiyo-E: Sex, Blood, Demons, Monsters, Ghosts, Tattoo
Paperback      ISBN: 1840683104
Drop Dead Cute: The New Generation of Women Artists in Japan
Drop Dead Cute
The New Generation of Women Artists in Japan
Paperback      ISBN: 081184708x
Showcases the work of 10 cutting-edge female Japanese artists whose art combined the pop charge of Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara with intimate personal experience and a thrilling mixture of sweetness and edgy power.
Gardens of Gravel and Sand
Gardens of Gravel and Sand
Paperback      ISBN: 1880656434
Book DescriptionA simple and provocative book offering a revisionist photo-essay on the ever-popular Japanese "dry landscape" or "rock" gardens. Not Zen, possibly art, more like "meta-gardens," gravel and sand compositions reject nature, yet are made of omnipresent natural dust. Quick to crumble, they are defiantly maintained by priest/rakers. Credited with philosophical profundity, their origins are murky, their meanings uncertain but immediate. Koren deliberately ignores "celebrity" rocks, moss, and foliage to demystify and explore a most peculiar human enterprise. Beautifully illustrated with duotone photographs of gravel and sand gardens in Kyoto. About the Author Leonard Koren, who was trained as an artist and architect, writes books about design and aesthetics. Among his most popular books are WABI SABI: For Artists, Design, Poets & Philosophers and Arranging Things: A Rhetoric of Object Placement. "Featuring over 30 photos of graval and sand gardens taken in Kyoto, Japan, this thin paperback underscores the importance of 'experienceing the garden as garden.'" -- The Tri-County News
A History of Japanese Art: From Prehistory to the Taisho Period
A History of Japanese Art
From Prehistory to the Taisho Period
Paperback      ISBN: 4805310316
A History of Japanese Artt offers readers a comprehensive view of Japanese art through Japanese eyes—a view that is the most revealing of all perspectives. At the same time, it provides readers with a guide to the places in Japan where the best and most representative creations of Japanese art are to be seen.
Hokusai One Hundred Poets
Hokusai One Hundred Poets
Hardcover      ISBN: 0807612138
This lavishly illustrated, oversized (17" x 10") book brings together the last major print series of the celebrated Japanese artist Hokusai (1760-1849) and the Japanese poetry that inspired these beautiful prints. Whether showing semi-nude women abalone divers struggling with their catch while a male crew of shriveled old salts leers from a nearby boat, or the carefree rapture of a leisurely group of men and women observing cherry blossoms at their peak, Hokusai captures, with drama and delicacy, sublime and ridiculous states. The artist's simplicity, though deceptive, is also remarkable: he illustrates a poem about a lovers' seaside tryst with a magnificently imposing yet unadorned sailing vessel, its small window offering a coy glimpse of the fortunate couple inside. Each of the 111 color prints (as well as 41 black-and-white sketches of projected prints apparently never completed) is accompanied by the poem, in Japanese and English, a biographical note on the poet and by Peter Morse's comments on literary and artistic intention and execution.

Hokusai Pop-Ups
Hokusai Pop-Ups
Hardcover      ISBN: 050051884x
Celebrating the iconic art of Japanese artist Hokusai, whose work influenced Impressionism and Art Nouveau, a beautiful volume brings to life his work, which captures the spirit and traditions of his homeland, through dramatic 3-D pop-ups.

Japan: Season by Season
Season by Season
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810983826
Illustrations and photographs, each paired with an eloquent quotation, take the reader on a tour of the Land of the Rising Sun in Japan. The images include some of the earliest photographs taken in Japan, in addition to the work of contemporary photographers, plus traditional and modern prints and designs. The accompanying texts are taken from classic works like The Tale of Genji, as well as more modern literature, each one revealing a piece of wisdom from the East for each season of the year. Japan has held a certain fascination for many Westerners since its reopening by Commodore Matthew Perry in 1854. Thanks to two centuries of isolation, its classical traditions and customs survived industralization and globalization, resulting in a unique blending of old and new. This book brings together the historical and the current in a broad portrait of Japanese heritage through the centuries.

Japanese Art
Japanese Art
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 050020425x
Traces the history of Japanese painting, calligraphy, architecture, sculpture, and other arts from the prehistoric period to modern times.
Japanese Colour Prints
Japanese Colour Prints
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0714827215