Maya History
A Forest of Kings: The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya
A Forest of Kings
The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya
Paperback      ISBN: 0688112048

For hundreds of years, scholars have struggled to make sense of the mysterious written language of the Mayan people. Nearly all Maya hieroglyphics have now been deciphered, and the history of this remarkable civilization is slowly coming to light. In A Forest of Kings, scholars Linda Schele and David Friedel reveal information about the Maya civilization that has been lost for generations.

A Forest of Kings is the story of Maya royalty, from the first great pyramid builders two thousand years ago to the decline of Maya civilization and its destruction by the Spanish conquistadors. Long regarded as austere, peaceful stargazers, the Maya elites are now known to have been the rulers of populous, aggressive city-states. At its height, Maya civilization flourished under great kings like Shield-Jaguar, who ruled for more than sixty years, expanding his kingdom and building some of the most impressive works of architecture in the ancient world. A Forest of Kings reclaims the lost story of one of Mesoamerica's most remarkable cultures.

Linda Schele was a well-known authority on Maya writing and art, and the co-author of many books on the Maya including The Blood of Kings and The Code of Kings. She died in 1998. David Freidel has been a Maya archaeologist for twenty years. He teaches at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

"A Rosetta stone of Maya civilization." -- Brian M. Fagan, author of People of the Earth