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Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much
Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much
Paperback      ISBN: 0062548662

Many of today's women are overextended栤diction to working, rushing, taking care of other people's needs. With wisdom, insight, and humor, these 365 mediations梯mbined with quotations from women of different ages, cultures, and perspectives涩ll help women recognize that cycle. In a welcome antidote to the mad rush of modern living, Schaef's concise meditations will open new doors to new ways of living. These meditations will provide sustenance and inspiration and create possibilities for positive change in the lives of all women who do too much.

Adult Children Secrets of Dysfunctional Families: The Secrets of Dysfunctional Families
Adult Children Secrets of Dysfunctional Families
The Secrets of Dysfunctional Families
Paperback      ISBN: 0932194532

It is estimated that as many as 34 million people grew up in alcoholic homes. But what about the rest of us? What about families that had no alcoholism, but did have perfectionism, workaholism, compulsive overeating, intimacy problems, depression, problems in expressing feelings, plus all the other personality traits that can produce a family system much like an alcoholic one?

Countless millions of us struggle with these kinds of dysfunctions every day, and until very recently we struggled alone. Pulling together both theory and clinical practice, John and Linda Friel provide a readable explanation of what happened to us and how we can rectify it.
What's My Type?
What's My Type?
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0062504215

Hurley and Dobson explore how the wisdom of the Enneagram allows you to bring out the best in yourself and others. Delving deeper than other systems of personality exploration, the Enneagram system of nine distinctive patterns of unconscious motivation reveals the primary sources of our behavior and the reasons we live as we do.

Through detailed descriptions and discerning self-inventory questions, Hurley and Dobson make discovering your personality type fun and easy. They provide simple, proven methods for neutralizing negative attitudes about self and others and releasing untapped potential. Armed with the Enneagram's insights, readers learn to transform weaknesses into strengths, break free of crippling patterns, choose new ways of relating to others, and enjoy balance and harmony. For example:
  • The Achiever can move from dissatisfied perfectionism to effective leadership and become a Pathfinder.

  • The Observer can move from fear of commitment to curiosity and courage and become an Explorer.

  • The Helper can move from over-involvement in the lives of others to mutual relationships and become a Partner.
Inspirational, easy-to-use and practical -- What's My Type? puts the Enneagram system to work for you.
An American Childhood
An American Childhood
Paperback      ISBN: 0060915188

A book that instantly captured the hearts of readers across the country, An American Childhood is Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Dillard's poignant, vivid memoir of growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1950s.

Practical Guide to Psychic Powers: Awaken Your Sixth Sense
Practical Guide to Psychic Powers
Awaken Your Sixth Sense
Paperback      ISBN: 0875421911

ESP. Divination. Psychometry. Telekinesis. Astral vision. You've heard of all these talents. The amazing truth is that you can have all of these abilities when you practice the simple, but powerfully effective, exercises in Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips' Practical Guide to Psychic Powers.

World-famous experts Denning and Phillips explain exactly what you need to develop your own innate abilities, including advice on diet, rest, and exercise. They advise you to meditate daily, and give instructions how you can bring this wonderful skill into your life. They also reveal how you can make your own tools for psychic development, such as a pendulum, ESP cards, and a Vision Mirror.

Practical Guide to Psychic Powers explains that your attitude is important in establishing these abilities in your life. You'll discover how to eliminate boredom and stress, practice mental concentration for long periods, and have foreknowledge of the future.

Many of the exercises to help you to develop psychic abilities are in the form of games, making them fun, preventing boredom, and creating faster success. For example, you'll learn a game of guessing dice, one with ESP cards, and another that uses the vision mirror to predict your future.

The book teaches you how to become aware of the impressions a material object has gathered, the art of psychometry. You'll learn about contacting spiritual entities the way Spiritualists do. You'll also discover the secrets of dowsing and how to develop and use this ability.

Denning and Phillips are known for their clarity of thought and for having effective techniques, as demonstrated in Practical Guide to Psychic Powers.

Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes
Making Sense of Life's Changes
Paperback      ISBN: 0201000822

Whether switching jobs or moving house, leaving school or retiring, change brings both opportunities and turmoil. Most of us struggle through such periods. This classic book shows how making a successful transition lets you recognize and seize new opportunities. Transitions has helped hundreds of thousands of readers to cope with changes by providing a road map of the transition process. With the understanding born of experience, William Bridges takes us step by step through the three stages of transition: Endings. Recognize endings as opportunities as well as losses, and even celebrate them with rituals designed to open new doors.The Neutral Zone. In this seemingly unproductive "time-out," we feel disconnected from the past and emotionally unconnected to the present. The most frightening stage of transition, the Neutral Zone is really an important time for reorientation.The New Beginning. A successful transition requires more than persevering: it means launching new priorities. Understand the external and internal signs that point the way to your future.

Leaving the Enchanted Forest: The Path from Relationship Addiction to Intimacy
Leaving the Enchanted Forest
The Path from Relationship Addiction to Intimacy
Paperback      ISBN: 0062501631

Chapter One

The Love Potion: Chemistryand Dependence

On a recent TV talk show, the hostess asked about relationship addiction. She had heard the term a lot lately, she said, but was still puzzled. She asked, 'Just what is relationship addiction? What does it really look like? Is it like any other addiction?" Her guest replied, "Well, it can show up in any number of ways: as an obsession, for example -- a constant thinking, ruminating about the person you're in relationship with. Or there may be a compulsive quality about the behavior -- for instance, making frequent detours just to drive or walk by the partner's workplace. There may also be signs of tolerance increase. In the relationship addict's case, this translates into needing more and more of the other person's presence to feel OK.

"There is a need to protect the supply, which shows up as an unreasonable degree of possessiveness or jealousy. And there may be symptoms of withdrawal. When the relationship addict is separated from the I source, ' he or she may become anxious and depressed." "Hmm...," mused the show's hostess with a frown. "Sounds to me like you're describing love "

Although we have been socialized to think of this obsession as love, in fact, the compelling allure of its spell has little to do with the depth and enduring quality of true caring. Addiction to another person is what "falling in love" feels like-it is the wild abandon of the enchanted forest. The crucial distinction between relationship addicts and other people who fall in love is that the former expect this fleeting phase of a relationship to become a utopian endless summer that sustains forever the poetry, the ecstasy, and the feelings ofmerger they experience in their infatuation. Not only have women been socialized to nurture and take care of men in relationship, but they-in particular-have believed the myth of romance.

As women, we have accepted the notion that if only we find the right person, we'll fall in love and live happily every after-as fairy tales promise. Given this stage setting, it is not surprising that even women who are not relationship addicts show many signs of dependence. But obsessions, compulsions, and the temporary high of being "in love" are neither love nor proof of love; on the contrary, they are the signposts of falling in love-that tempting ecstatic feeling that can so easily lead to dependence and addiction.


At thirty-three, Maria has been a relationship addict most of her adult life. When she met Vic, Maria thought she had met her soulmate, a reallife version of the fairy tale prince: tall, dark, handsome, socially prominent, charming, and somewhat mysterious. Maria instantly fell for him. Within a few months they were married; like Tristan and Iseult, however, they did not live happily ever after.

When she fell in love with Vic, Maria misread some very important clues about him. She saw a superior man who was exciting, outgoing, friendly, and entertaining, but she saw him only in desirable contrast to her own alcoholic father-not in relation to herself. Unable to see past the glamour, she ignored warning signs about the inner man and failed to consider her inner needs or to ask herself what their life together might be like. As time went on, it became apparent that Vic was responsive to people only when he could be the center of attention. Because he was so self-centered,his delight in Maria's admiration was shortlived; he needed a challenge, a bigger audience. They became polarized: she became more focused on him, on trying to recapture his attention. But the harder she tried to get close to him, the more distant he became, escalating his involvement in his public and business life.

Maria became an extension of Vic, giving up her own aspirations and outside interests in favor of his. Soon her life became very narrow and isolated, and she was in constant emotional pain. Loneliness and abandonment, the things she feared most and had desperately tried to escape through relationships, kept creeping back into her life. To make matters worse, many of her friends had distanced themselves from her. They had become impatient with Maria, because despite her frequent tears, tales of woe, and pleas for sympathy, she often continued to stay in relationships that were clearly damaging to her health and self-esteem. Maria simply couldn't see it. She got her sense of self-worth from the rush of being in love and the initial admiration of the men she dated. With intense desperation she stubbornly continued to cling to her romantic dreams long after her men had turned their backs on her. So it was with her marriage to Vic. Even when she finally admitted to herself that it was not working, she could muster neither the courage nor the self-confidence to make the break until she had a new love in her life. The thought of having to face alone the emotional pain of a breakup terrified her. Not too surprisingly, this new relationship failed too, even though (or, rather, because) she focused all her energy and attention on the new man. Her fantasy that the right partnerwould fulfill all her needs-romantic love, excitement, self-worth, and the warding off of loneliness-continued into several other relationships.

The Subtle Nature Of Relationship Addiction

Overall, relationship addiction follows a process common to all addictions. But although it does not differ in kind from other addictions, relationship addiction expresses itself in subtler ways than some other forms of addictive behavior. For one thing, many of the indicators of relationship addiction in women were considered acceptable, and even applauded, in the past. For example, when Maria married Vic, few of their friends thought it inappropriate or unwise for her to quit the job she loved or for her to give up her workout schedule so she could have more flexibility to adjust her schedule to his.

Gift from the Sea: 50th-Anniversary Edition
Gift from the Sea
50th-Anniversary Edition
Paperback      ISBN: 0679732411
In this inimitable classic, Anne Morrow Lindbergh shares her meditations on youth and age, love and marriage, peace, solitude, and contentment during a brief vacation by the sea.

Drawing inspiration from the the shells on the shore, Lindbergh's musings on the shape of a woman's life will bring new understanding to readers, male and family, at any stage of life. A mother of five and professional writer, she casts an unsentimental eye at the trappings of modern life that threaten to overwhelm us -- the timesaving gadgets that complicate our lives, the overcommitments that take us from our families -- and by recording her own thoughts in a brief escape from her everyday demands, she guides her readers to find a space for contemplation and creativity in their own lives. With great wisdom and insight she describes the shifting shapes of relationships and marriage, presenting a vision of a life lived in enduring and evolving partnership. A groundbreaking work when it was first published, this book has retained its freshness as it has been rediscovered by generations of readers and is no less current today.
Magic of Thinking Big
Magic of Thinking Big
Paperback      ISBN: 0671646788

Millions of readers have acquired the secrets of success through The Magic of Thinking Big. Achieve everything you always wanted: financial security, power and influence, the ideal job, satisfying relationships, and a rewarding, happy life.

Set your goals high...then exceed them

Millions of people throughout the world have improved their lives using The Magic of Thinking Big. Dr. David J. Schwartz, long regarded as one of the foremost experts on motivation, will help you sell better, manage better, earn more money, and--most important of all--find greater happiness and peace of mind.

The Magic of Thinking Big gives you useful methods, not empty promises. Dr. Schwartz presents a carefully designed program for getting the most out of your job, your marriage and family life, and your community. He proves that you don't need to be an intellectual or have innate talent to attain great success and satisfaction--but you do need to learn and understand the habit of thinking and behaving in ways that will get you there. This book gives you those secrets

Believe you can succeed and you will:

-Cure yourself of the fear of failure
-Think and dream creatively
-You are what you think you are
-Make your attitudes your allies
-Learn how to think positively
-Turn defeat into victory
-Use goals to help you grow
-Think like a leader
Inspiration Sandwich: Stories to Inspire Our Creative Freedom
Inspiration Sandwich
Stories to Inspire Our Creative Freedom
by Sark
Paperback      ISBN: 0890876789

Suggests activities to develop creativity, and tells how to live creatively free and develop a more positive and open outlook on life.