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Hokusai: Prints and Drawings
Prints and Drawings
Paperback      ISBN: 3791342223

This volume includes full-color reproductions of drawings and woodblock prints by Japan's most beloved artist. These landscapes-including his famous views of Mount Fuji- portraits of lovers and kabuki actors, nature and animal illustrations, as well as scenes of daily life in eighteenth and nineteenth-century Japan reveal the artist's genius for rendering a wide variety of subjects. Matthi Forrer discusses in his essay Hokusai's life and lasting popularity while placing his work within the context of Japanese society and the work of his contemporaries.

The Illuminated Page: Ten Centuries of Manuscript Painting in the British Library
The Illuminated Page
Ten Centuries of Manuscript Painting in the British Library
Hardcover      ISBN: 0802043461

Illuminated manuscripts are among the richest and most revealing relics of the pre-print Western world, and are central to our understanding of medieval social and cultural history. The British Library boasts the world's finest collection of medieval manuscripts, and in this new and lavishly illustrated survey, Janet Backhouse draws on these collections to provide a comprehensive introduction to these exciting and colourful materials.

The manuscripts featured include bestiaries, psalters, Bibles, books of hours, and medical and herbal collections that originated in workrooms as geographically diverse as the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria and the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem. There is also a great chronological diversity among the selected manuscripts, with examples ranging from the seventh century AD and the Lindisfarne Gospels to early Renaissance offerings.

Each of the almost 220 illluminations presented are accompanied by a caption and have been reproduced in colour. Many of the immages chosen have been reproduced here for the first time.

Imaginary Concerts Volume 1
Imaginary Concerts Volume 1
2nd Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1944860169

Artist Peter Coffin began his work with the iconic designs of LA's Colby Poster Printing Company in 2008. Over the years, he solicited friends to contribute their dream concerts--invented lineups for impossible gigs--and combined them with the print shop's famously eye-popping poster backgrounds, resulting in Imaginary Concerts: a stirring, two-volume celebration of music's vast conceptual universe. Featuring 160 concert lineups from a roster of artists, authors and daydreamers including Yoko Ono, Larry Clark, Quasimoto, Genesis P-Orridge and dozens of others, Imaginary Concerts: Volumes One and Two transport the reader into an uncannily evocative, nostalgia-tinged and personally revealing realm of musical what-ifs.

Instant Wall Art - Butterfly Botanical Prints: 45 Ready-To-Frame Vintage Illustrations for Your Home Décor
Instant Wall Art - Butterfly Botanical Prints
45 Ready-To-Frame Vintage Illustrations for Your Home Décor
Paperback      ISBN: 1507205287

Add style to any wall with forty-five vintage, colorful butterfly and botanical prints--a top design trend for 2017 according to Elle D cor and Better Homes and Gardens.

Wall art adds instant style to any space, but paintings, prints, and posters can quickly eat up a decorating budget. Instant Wall Art: Butterfly Botanical Prints features forty-five beautiful ready-to-frame prints inspired by vintage scientific illustrations allowing you to affordably adorn your walls. The intricately detailed prints are perfect for any type of space whether you are decorating your first apartment or updating the walls in your dream home. Combine multiple prints to create a gallery of gorgeous drawings. Printed on high quality, perforated paper, each 8x10 image is ready for easy removal and quick framing.

Instant Wall Art - Vintage Map Prints: 45 Ready-To-Frame Illustrations for Your Home Décor
Instant Wall Art - Vintage Map Prints
45 Ready-To-Frame Illustrations for Your Home Décor
Paperback      ISBN: 1507205899

Refresh the look of your home with these forty-five vintage map prints, ready for framing and displaying

Updating your home d cor has never been easier with Instant Wall Art-Vintage Map Prints featuring high quality, 8x10 prints with perforated edges for easy removal and quick framing. Create your own personalized gallery or place individual images throughout your home. Perfect for a new apartment or a family home in need of a change, these gorgeous vintage map prints are an affordable way to start your own unique art collection.
Japanese Woodblock Prints: Artists, Publishers and Masterworks: 1680 - 1900
Japanese Woodblock Prints: Artists, Publishers and Masterworks
1680 - 1900
Hardcover      ISBN: 4805310553

Japanese woodblock prints, or ukiyo-e, are the most recognizable Japanese art form. Their massive popularity has spread from Japan to be embraced by a worldwide audience. Covering the period from the beginning of the Japanese woodblock print in the 1680s until the year 1900, Japanese Woodblock Prints provides a detailed survey of all the famous ukiyo-e artists, along with over 500 full-color prints.

Unlike previous examinations of this art form, Japanese Woodblock Prints includes detailed histories of the publishers of woodblock prints--who were often the driving force determining which prints, and therefore which artists, would make it into mass circulation for a chance at critical and popular success. Invaluable as a guide for ukiyo-e enthusiasts looking for detailed information about their favorite Japanese woodblock print artists and prints, it is also an ideal introduction for newcomers to the world of the woodblock print. This lavishly illustrated book will be a valued addition to the libraries of scholars, as well as the general art enthusiast.
John Baldessari: A Print Retrospective from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation
John Baldessari
A Print Retrospective from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation
Hardcover      ISBN: 1935202103

Conceptual art veteran John Baldessari (born 1931) began making prints in the mid-1970s, and has placed printmaking at the center of his appropriative practice, in which found photographs of people are amended with colorful dots that blot out the heads of the subjects, redirecting the viewer's attention towards marginal detail. "In my work," he says, "I found that I could be the master of my own universe and control what people see and pay attention to." For Baldessari, keen as he is to minimize or erase his own manual presence, printmaking also helps to flatten out these collaged additions and interventions, heightening their sense of estrangement and beguiling anonymity. Many of Baldessari's prints series have been extremely influential, such as the 1970s Raw Prints series, for which he amended photos of Santa Monica mallgoers with abstracted shapes printed above the images that replicate details from them; this series was pivotal in democratizing photo-based prints in the art world. Since then, Baldessari has gone on to collaborate with some of the world's great printmakers, such as Brooke Alexander, Gemini G.E.L., Cirrus Editions, Edition Jacob Samuel, Mixographia and Crown Point Press. An essential volume in any contemporary art library, this first full survey of Baldessari's four-decade printmaking career is the definitive volume on the prints, and boasts 140 color plates alongside testimonies from his printmaking collaborators.

L'Affichomania: The Passion for French Posters
The Passion for French Posters
Paperback      ISBN: 0578168022

Bright and bold and found everywhere in fin-de-si cle Paris, the poster was a brilliant fusion of art and commerce. New printing methods made it possible to distribute and post vivid full-color prints, spurring both artists and advertisers to take advantage of these public canvases. During its golden age in Paris, the poster was acclaimed for enlivening city streets, even as it was decried for its raucous colors, overt commodification, sexualized female figures, and oversized imagery. Collectors raced to snap up these ephemeral art pieces, sparking a frenzied demand dubbed affichomania, complete with its own experts and specialized publications containing small-scale prints for the home.

L'Affichomania: The Passion for French Posters is a lavishly illustrated collection of these posters focusing on the work of five masters: Jules Ch ret, the acknowledged founder of the field, Eug ne Grasset, Th ophile-Alexandre Steinlen, Alphonse Mucha, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. All are drawn from the collection of Richard H. Driehaus. With rising auction prices and the popularity of modern reprints, it is clear that affichomania is here to stay.

Lest We Forget: The Great War
Lest We Forget
The Great War
Hardcover      ISBN: 0998968900

As the United States commemorates the centennial of World War I, one of the nation's premier military history institutions pays tribute to the Americans who served and the allies they fought beside to defeat a resourceful enemy with a lavishly illustrated book published in partnership with the Unites States World War One Centennial Commission. The story of WWI is told through the memorable art it spawned―including posters from nations involved in the conflict―and a taut narrative account of the war's signal events, its major personalities and its tragic consequences; and the timely period photographs that illustrate the awful realities of this revolutionary conflict. Most importantly, this book is a tribute to those who served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and what would become the Air Force. It serves as a lasting reminder that our world ignores the history of World War I (and the ensuing WWII) at its peril―lest we forget. Proceeds from the sale of this book help build the WWI Memorial in Washington D.C.

A Life Among Fishes: The Art of Gyotaku
A Life Among Fishes
The Art of Gyotaku
Hardcover      ISBN: 1940743338

A Life Among Fishes explores the lifelong passion of fisheries by scientist and artist Christopher M. Dewees. The book features over 100 of his Japanese fish prints since 1969. Many of these are linked to stories about the journey, and history and information about the art form are also described within. The book presents Dewees? half-century of printing fish and shellfish to full color. We follow his evolution from being exposed and fascinated to gyotaku as a graduate student to his status now as an internationally recognized master in the field. He documents his journey and growth by sharing fifty years of experiences and adventures. In recent years Dewees has focused more on writing stories and poems that are linked to his art.