Armed with Righteousness: Winning Your Battles with Satan
Armed with Righteousness
Winning Your Battles with Satan
Paperback      ISBN: 1462121705

In all his years of existence, Satan's tactics haven't changed; he still uses the same sorry lies, just in modern disguises. Learn to see through the deceptions and defend yourself and your loved ones from his enemy propaganda. Filled with practical, timeless wisdom, this book will help you find the peace and protection you need, with specific instructions you can follow each day to arm yourself with righteousness.

As Iron Sharpens Iron: Listening to the Various Voices of Scripture
As Iron Sharpens Iron
Listening to the Various Voices of Scripture
Paperback      ISBN: 1589585011

Our scripture study and reading often assume that the prophetic figures within the texts are in complete agreement with each other. Because of this we can fail to recognize that those authors and personalities frequently have different-and sometimes competing-views on some of the most important doctrines of the Gospel, including the nature of God, the roles of scripture and prophecy, and the Atonement. In this unique volume, fictionalized dialogues between the various voices of scripture illustrate how these differences and disagreements are not flaws of the texts but are rather essential features of the canon. These creative dialogues include Abraham and Job debating the utility of suffering and our submission to God, Alma and Abinidi disagreeing on the place of justice in the Atonement, and the authors Mark and Luke discussing the role of women in Jesus's ministry. It is by examining and embracing the different perspectives within the canon that readers are able to discover just how rich and invigorating the scriptures can be. The dialogues within this volume show how just as "iron sharpeneth iron," so can we sharpen our own thoughts and beliefs as we engage not just the various voices in the scriptures but also the various voices within our community (Proverbs 27:17).

Authoring the Old Testament: Genesis-Deuteronomy
Authoring the Old Testament
Paperback      ISBN: 1589585887

Book Description: For the last two centuries, biblical scholars have made discoveries and insights about the Old Testament that have greatly changed the way in which the authorship of these ancient scriptures have been understood. In the first of three volumes spanning the entire Hebrew Bible, David Bokovoy dives into the Penateuch, showing how and why textual criticism has led biblical scholars today to understand the first five books of the Bible as an amalgamation of multiple texts into a single, though often complicated narrative; and he discusses what implications those have for Latter-day Saint understandings of the Bible and modern scripture. Praise for Authoring the Old Testament: "Authoring the Old Testament is a welcome introduction, from a faithful Latter-day Saint perspective, to the academic world of Higher Criticism of the Hebrew Bible. . . . R]eaders will be positively served and firmly impressed by the many strengths of this book, coupled with Bokovoy's genuine dedication to learning by study and also by faith." - John W. Welch, editor, BYU Studies Quarterly "Bokovoy provides a lucid, insightful lens through which disciple-students can study intelligently LDS scripture. This is first rate scholarship made accessible to a broad audience-nourishing to the heart and mind alike." - Fiona Givens, co-author, The God Who Weeps: How Mormonism Makes Sense of Life "Authoring the Old Testament opens up a much-needed dialog on the historical-critical approach for Latter-day Saints. It demonstrates, in insightful and meaningful ways, how the historical-critical method can be faithfully applied to the Book of Mormon, the Book of Moses, and the Book of Abraham. In my view, this book is a must for those seeking to incorporate the best of biblical scholarship in their personal or professional scripture study." - Brian Hauglid, author, A Textual History of the Book of Abraham: Manuscripts and Editions "Bringing fresh insights to the Old Testament, a book like this for a Latter-day Saint audience is long overdue. Bokovoy skillfully weaves together biblical scholars with LDS leaders and texts to demonstrate the religious benefits of confronting post-Enlightenment readings of the Bible, clarifying long-standing questions. Charting a middle path between conservative inerrancy and secular dismissal of biblical texts, this book refreshingly expounds on the nature of ancient and modern scripture." - Taylor G. Petrey, Lucinda Hinsdale Stone Assistant Professor of Religion, Kalamazoo College "As clear an introduction to historical and source criticism as Friedman's Who Wrote the Bible and Baden's The Composition of the Pentateuch, Bokovoy's Authoring the Old Testament: Genesis-Deuteronomy provides an important resource in making many of the intricacies of higher criticism available to Latter-day Saint readers in an accessible fashion. Because Bokovoy has geared it to an LDS audience, he has also been able to make interesting suggestions for critically reading Restoration texts. Regardless of one's final position on the Documentary Hypothesis, this book should be basic reading for serious LDS students of the Bible." - Eric D. Huntsman, Coordinator of Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Brigham Young University

Be Organized: Reclaim 90 Minutes of Your Day, Every Day
Be Organized
Reclaim 90 Minutes of Your Day, Every Day
Paperback      ISBN: 1462122108

Keep your house clean, your family fed, and your budget balanced. With over three decades of professional organizing experience, Marie Ricks will walk you step by step to a calmer, happier life. Each chapter focuses on a specific topic like meal prepping, shopping, organizing your whole house, managing stress, and more to help you create more time in your day and more peace in your home.

Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage
Becoming Sister Wives
The Story of an Unconventional Marriage
Paperback      ISBN: 1451661304
The uncensored, New York Times bestselling memoir by the polygamist stars of the hit show Sister Wives, Kody and his four wives openly discuss what it's like living in a plural marriage.


Since TLC first launched its popular reality program Sister Wives, Kody Brown, his four wives--Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn--and their seventeen children have become one of the most famous families in the country.

Now, with the candor and frankness that have drawn millions to their show, they reveal exactly how their special relationship works--the love and faith that drew them together, the pluses and pitfalls of having sister wives, and the practical and emotional complications of a lifestyle viewed by many with distrust, prejudice, even fear. How do the four relationships differ? What effect does a polygamous upbringing have on their children? What are the challenges--emotional, social, or financial--involved in living this lifestyle? Is it possible for all four sister wives to feel special when sharing a husband? How has being on camera changed their lives? And what is it like to add a new wife to the family--or to be that new wife?

Filled with humor, warmth, surprising insights, and remarkable honesty, theirs is a love story at heart, unconventional but immediately recognizable in the daily moments of trust, acceptance, forgiveness, passion, and commitment that go into making one big, happy, extraordinary family.
Beholding the Tree of Life: A Rabbinic Approach to the Book of Mormon
Beholding the Tree of Life
A Rabbinic Approach to the Book of Mormon
Paperback      ISBN: 1589587014

Too often readers approach the Book of Mormon simply as a collection of quotations, an inspired anthology to be scanned quickly and routinely recited. In Beholding the Tree of Life Bradley J. Kramer encourages his readers to slow down, to step back, and to contemplate the literary qualities of the Book of Mormon using interpretive techniques developed by Talmudic and post-Talmudic rabbis. Specifically, Kramer shows how to read the Book of Mormon closely, in levels, paying attention to the details of its expression as well as to its overall connection to the Hebrew Scriptures-all in order to better appreciate the beauty of the Book of Mormon and its limitless capacity to convey divine meaning.

Bible Verses Every Successful Lds Missionary Needs to Know
Bible Verses Every Successful Lds Missionary Needs to Know
Paperback      ISBN: 1462122094

For most Christians, the Bible is the only book presenting God's word to the world. That means if we want to teach our faithful brothers and sisters about our beliefs, we'll need the Bible to do it. Expand your knowledge of the Bible and the Book of Mormon with this informative and insightful look at key Bible verses and how they align with LDS teachings.

The Book of Mormon
The Book of Mormon
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0195369319

With over 140 million copies in print, and serving as the principal proselytizing tool of one of the world's fastest growing faiths, the Book of Mormon is undoubtedly one of the most influential religious texts produced in the western world. Written by Terryl Givens, a leading authority on Mormonism, this compact volume offers the only concise, accessible introduction to this extraordinary work.

Givens examines the Book of Mormon first and foremost in terms of the claims that its narrators make for its historical genesis, its purpose as a sacred text, and its meaning for an audience which shifts over the course of the history it unfolds. The author traces five governing themes in particular--revelation, Christ, Zion, scripture, and covenant--and analyzes the Book's central doctrines and teachings. Some of these resonate with familiar nineteenth-century religious preoccupations; others consist of radical and unexpected takes on topics from the fall of Man to Christ's mortal ministries and the meaning of atonement. Givens also provides samples of a cast of characters that number in the hundreds, and analyzes representative passages from a work that encompasses tragedy, poetry, sermons, visions, family histories and military chronicles. Finally, this introduction surveys the contested origins and production of a work held by millions to be scripture, and reviews the scholarly debates that address questions of the record's historicity.

Here then is an accessible guide to what is, by any measure, an indispensable key to understanding Mormonism. But it is also an introduction to a compelling and complex text that is too often overshadowed by the controversies that surround it.

About the Series: Combining authority with wit, accessibility, and style, Very Short Introductions offer an introduction to some of life's most interesting topics. Written by experts for the newcomer, they demonstrate the finest contemporary thinking about the central problems and issues in hundreds of key topics, from philosophy to Freud, quantum theory to Islam.
The Book of Mormon
The Book of Mormon
Paperback      ISBN: 0143105531
The spiritual text that forms the basis of Mormonism, in the last edition edited by its founder, Joseph Smith, Jr.

The Book of Mormon is one of the most influential, as well as controversial, religious documents in American history, and is regarded as sacred scripture by followers around the world, including members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the fourth-largest religious body in the United States. According to Mormon belief, The Book of Mormon was inscribed on golden plates by ancient prophets. It contains stories of ancient peoples migrating from the Near East to the Americas, and also explains that Jesus Christ appeared to the New World after his resurrection. The golden plates were discovered in upstate New York and translated by Joseph Smith, Jr., under the guidance of an angel, Moroni. From this divine revelation, Smith founded the Mormon sect, which is now comprised of more than 12.5 million members worldwide.

For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.
The Book of Mormon: A Reader's Edition
The Book of Mormon
A Reader's Edition
Paperback      ISBN: 025207341x

Regarded as sacred scripture by millions, 'The Book of Mormon' - first published in 1830 - is one of the most significant documents in American religious history. This new reader-friendly version reformats the complete, unchanged 1920 text in the manner of modern translations of the Bible.