1,001 Facts about the Prophet Joseph Smith
1,001 Facts about the Prophet Joseph Smith
Paperback      ISBN: 1462121993

Discover the details of Joseph Smith's life as you never have before This comprehensive, easy-to-read history shares little-known facts that will let you see the Prophet Joseph in a whole new light Taken entirely from firsthand accounts, these fascinating stories take you back to Joseph's childhood, the early days of the Church, and the legacy of faith he left behind.

10 Scriptures to Get You Through High School
10 Scriptures to Get You Through High School
Paperback      ISBN: 1462110398

Perfect for modern-day challenges, the word of God is still the best guide to avoiding evil, finding the way back to our Father, and reaching lasting joy. Gain strength from the scriptures with these top-10 verses that apply to teens right now. Full of entertaining stories, real-life applications, and profound truths, this book is a must-read for youth, parents, and leaders alike.

100 Signs of the Times (Deluxe Edition)
100 Signs of the Times (Deluxe Edition)
Hardcover      ISBN: 1462121292
350 Questions Lds Couples Should Ask Before Marriage
350 Questions Lds Couples Should Ask Before Marriage
Paperback      ISBN: 1462121799

Start your marriage off right This comprehensive book includes hundreds of questions to discuss with your future spouse so you'll both know what to expect. Practice your communication skills with questions about Sabbath day observance, family traditions, and household responsibilities. Now with an updated list of questions and a brand-new chapter about technology and social media habits

350 Questions Parents Should Ask During Family Night
350 Questions Parents Should Ask During Family Night
Paperback      ISBN: 1462121985

Protect your children from physical and spiritual danger by asking the right questions. Organized by topic, this book includes age-appropriate questions for younger and older children that will spark family discussions about important topics like emergency preparedness, the word of wisdom, and integrity. So go ahead and ask your children what they know--you might be surprised by their answers

65 Questions and Answers about Patriarchal Blessings
65 Questions and Answers about Patriarchal Blessings
Paperback      ISBN: 1462121713

Want to know if you're ready to receive a patriarchal blessing? Who to share it with once you have it? Or how to interpret your blessing? This enlightening book will help you prepare for and make the most of your patriarchal blessing. With quick answers to all your questions and a firm foundation in the scriptures, this is a must-read for youth, parents, and leaders.

65 Signs of the Times: Leading Up to the Second Coming
65 Signs of the Times
Leading Up to the Second Coming
Paperback      ISBN: 159955366x
Alexander Campbell and Joseph Smith: 19th Century Restorationists
Alexander Campbell and Joseph Smith
19th Century Restorationists
Paperback      ISBN: 1944394281

This book takes a balanced look at Campbell's and Smith's efforts to restore primitive Christianity, including what restoration meant to both groups - their beliefs, their interactions with each other, their similarities, their differences, and their unique contributions to Christianity.

American Crucifixion: The Murder of Joseph Smith and the Fate of the Mormon Church
American Crucifixion
The Murder of Joseph Smith and the Fate of the Mormon Church
Paperback      ISBN: 1610395468

On June 27, 1844, a mob stormed the jail in the dusty frontier town of Carthage, Illinois. Clamorous and angry, they were hunting down a man they saw as a grave threat to their otherwise quiet lives: the founding prophet of Mormonism, Joseph Smith. They wanted blood.

At thirty-nine years old, Smith had already lived an outsized life. In addition to starting his own religion and creating his own "Golden Bible"--the Book of Mormon--he had worked as a water-dowser and treasure hunter. He'd led his people to Ohio, then Missouri, then Illinois, where he founded a city larger than fledgling Chicago. He was running for president. And, secretly, he had married more than thirty women.

In American Crucifixion, Alex Beam tells how Smith went from charismatic leader to public enemy: How his most seismic revelation--the doctrine of polygamy--created a rift among his people; how that schism turned to violence; and how, ultimately, Smith could not escape the consequences of his ambition and pride.

Mormonism is America's largest and most enduring native religion, and the "martyrdom" of Joseph Smith is one of its transformational events. Smith's brutal assassination propelled the Mormons to colonize the American West and claim their place in the mainstream of American history. American Crucifixion is a gripping story of scandal and violence, with deep roots in our national identity.
American Massacre: The Tragedy at Mountain Meadows, September 1857
American Massacre
The Tragedy at Mountain Meadows, September 1857
Paperback      ISBN: 0375726365

In September 1857, a wagon train passing through Utah laden with gold was attacked. Approximately 140 people were slaughtered; only 17 children under the age of eight were spared. This incident in an open field called Mountain Meadows has ever since been the focus of passionate debate: Is it possible that official Mormon dignitaries were responsible for the massacre? In her riveting book, Sally Denton makes a fiercely convincing argument that they were.

The author-herself of Mormon descent-first traces the extraordinary emergence of the Mormons and the little-known nineteenth-century intrigues and tensions between their leaders and the U.S. government, fueled by the Mormons' zealotry and exclusionary practices. We see how by 1857 they were unique as a religious group in ruling an entire American territory, Utah, and commanding their own exclusive government and army.

Denton makes clear that in the immediate aftermath of the massacre, the church began placing the blame on a discredited Mormon, John D. Lee, and on various Native Americans. She cites contemporaneous records and newly discovered documents to support her argument that, in fact, the Mormon leader, Brigham Young, bore significant responsibility-that Young, impelled by the church's financial crises, facing increasingly intense scrutiny and condemnation by the federal government, incited the crime by both word and deed.

Finally, Denton explains how the rapidly expanding and enormously rich Mormon church of today still struggles to absolve itself of responsibility for what may well be an act of religious fanaticism unparalleled in the annals of American history. American Massacre is totally absorbing in its narrative as it brings to life a tragic moment in our history.