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Art + Quilt: Design Principles and Creativity Exercises
Art + Quilt
Design Principles and Creativity Exercises
Hardcover      ISBN: 1596681063

Secrets for quilting success are presented through a variety of techniques, exercises, and insider tips to inspire novice quilters and experienced textile artists to make genuine works of art. Simplifying the basic fundamentals of art and teaching the underlying principles of the visual language, this guide explores texture, shape, line, color, and value with examples and hands-on exercises. Essential principles--such as focal point, balance, repetition, scale, and space--are paired with creativity exercises while guest essays, guest artwork, and inspiring artwork from the author allow readers to analyze how other artists utilize key artistic elements or principles and see how to successfully use these elements in their own work. Both a personal creativity coach and a guide for a hobbyist or professional artist, this reference clarifies quilting goals and takes the craft to the next level through design and composition.

Your First Quilt Book: (Or It Should Be!)
Your First Quilt Book
(Or It Should Be!)
Paperback      ISBN: 1564771989

If you haven't got a clue about quilting, then this is the book for you Written for beginning quiltmakers (and those who want to brush up on the basics), Your First Quilt Book introduces all the tools, supplies, and techniques you need to create simple patchwork quilts. Eight small projects are provided to help you practice your new hand- or machine-stitching skills Step-by-step illustrations, a friendly, conversational style, and a generous dose of humor keep the learning easy and fun Treat yourself to an enjoyable, anxiety-free first quilting experience and lay a solid foundation for your quiltmaking with this resource that you'll turn to again and again

Quilt Block Geometry: Sewing Blocks from Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Diamonds, and Curves
Quilt Block Geometry
Sewing Blocks from Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Diamonds, and Curves
Paperback      ISBN: 1589239083

Quilters of all skill levels will love the geometric quilt block patterns offered in this book

Quilt Block Geometry includes rotary cutting basics followed by block instructions for 13 different quick-pieced quilt blocks, all made from geometric shapes. With its mix of original designs and modern interpretations of traditional patterns, this 32-page booklet offers something for both beginners and experienced quilters.

Each block can be interpreted using endless fabric combinations, so you'll gain a color-shifting kaleidoscope of inspiration. Whether you choose to use the blocks for full quilts, small decor pieces, or even fashion accents is completely up to you. Follow the step-by-step instructions to quickly learn the order of construction and directions for pressing seam allowances, while color diagrams of the blocks show them used in multiples so you can plan out your full quilt as you go along. Let the quilting begin

350+ Quilting Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets: Updated Edition - More Tips! More Skills!
350+ Quilting Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets
Updated Edition - More Tips! More Skills!
Paperback      ISBN: 1250162777

The ultimate reference book for all quilters.

Quilt to impress using 350+ Quilting Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets to perfect your quilting creativity and skills.

350+ Quilting Tips is here to help you master all the techniques you need to create a beautiful, professional-looking quilt. With this indispensable resource, full of color photographs and step-by-step tutorials, you can learn all the inside knowledge you'll need to make quilts you can proudly display or give to your very best friends and family. Whether you are a beginner or just eager to perfect your skills, this is the perfect companion for any level of quilter.

Taking you through the entire process of quilt making from start to finish, 350+ Quilting Tips is packed with essential techniques explained using specially commissioned, detailed step-by-step instructions and artwork. Each topic is self-contained on one to two pages and arranged in a logical, easy-to-follow sequence. Plus, there are troubleshooting tips along the way just in case you run into a quilting kerfuffle In addition to useful basics, like how to plan a design or chain-piece strips together, you also learn everything from practical finishing and embellishment methods to exciting new techniques like how to digitally print on fabric.

Drawing on years of teaching experience, expert quilt maker Susan Briscoe is the perfect guide to help you create a beautiful, personalized quilt to cherish.
Lickety-Split Quilts for Little Ones
Lickety-Split Quilts for Little Ones
Paperback      ISBN: 1564777219

When the baby shower is looming, rely on "lickety-split" quilts Whip up a quilt for a newborn, toddler, or even a kid at heart in no time. Large traditional quilt blocks require less cutting, fewer seams, and just a few fun fabrics.Choose from 15 beginner-friendly quilts that feature butterflies, ducks, stars, bugs, plus classic quilt-block motifsMake a few of these fantastic quilts by sewing just one blockDiscover how to enlarge your favorite pieced blocks with a simple step-by-step method

Sarah Payne's Quilt School: New Ways to Start Patchwork and Quilting
Sarah Payne's Quilt School
New Ways to Start Patchwork and Quilting
Paperback      ISBN: 1782217304
Step into Sarah Payne's world of sewing and learn from the expert the basics of quilting and patchwork.

In this fun and practical introduction to quilting and patchwork, well-known TV personality Sarah Payne leads you through a series of techniques to build up your skills.

Each chapter includes a number of different-sized step-by-step projects, including quilts, cushions, tote bags and table runners. Sarah discusses different shapes (squares, circles, triangles) and different techniques (applique, foundation piecing, English paper piecing) in turn. She also includes information on basting, layering, quilting and binding, as well as pre-cuts.

Filled with guidance and helpful tips and tricks, this book will equip you with all you need to know to get started on your quilting adventure. Put your skills into practice and at the same time create beautiful projects to keep or give as gifts.
Vintage Made Modern: Transforming Timeworn Textiles Into Treasured Heirlooms
Vintage Made Modern
Transforming Timeworn Textiles Into Treasured Heirlooms
Paperback      ISBN: 1611801230
Create modern heirlooms using vintage materials--a collection of 35 innovative projects showcasing the exceptional beauty in timeworn textiles.

Vintage Made Modern is a book devoted to recycling just as generations before us have, utilizing timeworn textiles with histories of their own. With a little resourcefulness, gentle care, and some creative repurposing, the 35 innovative projects in this book breathe life back into these textiles, refresh their beauty, and create new memories. Whether it be Granny's well-worn apron, a threadbare family quilt, or a tattered tea towel you picked up at the thrift shop, each of these textiles has a tale to tell. Vintage Made Modern will have you collaborating with makers from the past and continuing stories composed long ago, with you becoming part of the narrative.
Modern Minimal-Print-On-Demand-Edition: 20 Bold & Graphic Quilts
Modern Minimal-Print-On-Demand-Edition
20 Bold & Graphic Quilts
Paperback      ISBN: 1607054868

Features graphic designs that use lots of white space to show off the simplicity of the quilting. This title offers beginner-friendly quilt projects that work well with any decor, in any room, and for everyone in the family. It is useful for adding a touch of colour and style to your home.

Quilts get super sleek and ultra modern with these gorgeously graphic designs that use lots of open space to show off the simplicity of the quilting. Add a splash of sophistication to your home by draping one over your bed or couch, or change up the color palette to make one for baby's room. These beginner-friendly quilt projects work well with any d cor, in any room, for everyone in your family

- Each of the 20 projects offers instructions for 2 quilting options
- Designs are perfect for all your solid fabrics-accent with your favorite prints
- Try straight, strip, or improvisational piecing using strips, squares, and rectangles

Watercolor Quilts
Watercolor Quilts
Paperback      ISBN: 1564770311

Capture nature's beauty, light, and luminosity in your quilts Discover how to create an Impressionistic masterpiece from 2" squares of floral fabrics.

Quilt Local: Finding Inspiration in the Everyday (with 40 Projects)
Quilt Local
Finding Inspiration in the Everyday (with 40 Projects)
Hardcover      ISBN: 1617691763

For Heather Jones, inspiration can be anywhere. For her debut book, Quilt Local, she designed a collection of 20 quilts, each inspired by objects and places close to home--country roads, cityscapes, street signs--the landscape of her existence. Then, in a fascinating exercise in color theory and design play, she reworked each one in a second palette to show what a striking difference just a few basic changes can make.

Pattern by pattern, Jones takes readers behind the scenes of her process, sharing photographs of her sources of inspiration, sketchbook pages, and the finished quilts. In addition, she offers an accessible lesson in color theory as it applies to quiltmaking.