Chicago Rink Rats: The Roller Capital in Its Heyday
Chicago Rink Rats
The Roller Capital in Its Heyday
Paperback      ISBN: 1625859686
By 1950, roller skating had emerged as the number-one participatory sport in America. Ironically, the war years launched the Golden Age of Roller Skating. Soldiers serving overseas pleaded for skates along with their usual requests for cigarettes and letters from home. Stateside, skating uplifted morale and kept war factory workers exercising. By the end of the decade, five thousand rinks operated across the country. Its epicenter: Chicago! And no one was left behind! The Blink Bats, a group of Braille Center skaters, held their own at the huge Broadway Armory rink. Meanwhile, the Swank drew South Side crowds to its knee-action floor and stocked jukebox. Eighteen celebrated rinks are now gone, but rinks that remain honor the traditions of the sport’s glory years. Author Tom Russo scoured newspaper archives and interviewed skaters of the roller capital’s heyday to reveal the enduring legacy of Chicago’s rink rats.
The Complete Book of Figure Skating
The Complete Book of Figure Skating
Paperback      ISBN: 0736035486
This work provides proven technique instruction for more than 100 skills, presented progressively from beginning to advanced levels of expertise. It contains special training tips and teaching exercises to help skaters understand and master correct technique.
The Complete In-Line Skater: Basic and Advanced Techniques, Exercises, and Equipment Tips for Fitness and Recreation
The Complete In-Line Skater
Basic and Advanced Techniques, Exercises, and Equipment Tips for Fitness and Recreation
Paperback      ISBN: 0312152671
A guide to in-line skating includes information on equipment, basic and advanced skating techniques, stamina-building workouts, and tips for avoiding injuries
Edge of Glory: The Inside Story of the Quest for Figure Skating's Olympic Gold Medals
Edge of Glory
The Inside Story of the Quest for Figure Skating's Olympic Gold Medals
Paperback      ISBN: 1476771960
They practice for years in cold, dark rinks with a single dream; they train for decades for one moment: to skate onto the ice with the whole world watching to try to win the Olympic gold medal. If they stumble, the gold is gone. If they succeed, their lives can be changed forever. In Edge of Glory Christine Brennan tells the riveting stories of the world’s best figure skaters as they travel through the most intense year of their young lives. As she did in the bestselling Inside Edge, Brennan goes backstage at major competitions and behind the scenes at the practice rinks to chronicle the figure skaters’ quest for victory at the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan. The year opens with the 1997 U.S. national championships in Nashville, where the teenage Michelle Kwan, a favorite for the Olympic gold medal, dissolves on the ice during a wrenching four-minute performance. As Kwan bursts into tears leaving the rink, tiny Tara Lipinski arrives on the ice and steals the show. The crowd roars, and a new ice queen—all seventy-five pounds of her—is crowned. Tara shrieks in delight as she begins a run of historic victories, but she knows that she is paying a high price for winning. Living apart from her father, Tara can find her practice sessions overwhelming, and sometimes leaves the ice in a frenzy as her mother watches in horror. In the 368 days from Nashville to Nagano, other women will vie for the gold, including the unpredictable Nicole Bobek, the lyrical Lu Chen, and even a college graduate, Tonia Kwiatkowski, who would love simply to make the U.S. team. The men's competition has turned into an unprecedented jumping contest, led by Canada's controversial Elvis Stojko. But the men's field is deep, and nothing is certain when a skater flies into the air for a four-revolution jump. Todd Eldredge of the United States and Russia's Alexei Urmanov and Ilia Kulik are chasing Stojko, as are some youngsters, including America's top jumper, Michael Weiss. On the way to the Olympics, Brennan catches up with the famous and infamous, including Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan, Oksana Baiul, Brian Boitano, Scott Hamilton, Rudy Galindo, and the exquisite Russian pairs. She introduces us to the people behind the scenes: the edgy agents who are never far from their cellular phones; the attentive coaches and choreographers who have devised the intricate moves that will determine who wins the gold and who does not; and the stern judges, who control the sport from their rinkside seats. But Edge of Glory is, ultimately, the story of the athletes who compete in the most popular and beloved of all winter sports. What drives these skaters through the year? What do they fear? What are their dreams? More importantly, who will win? And who will lose?
Figure Skating: A History
Figure Skating
A History
Paperback      ISBN: 0252072863
Discusses skating's many technical and artistic advances, its important figures, its intrigues and scandals, and the historical high points during its evolution.
Figure Skating and the Arts: Eight Centuries of Sport and Inspiration
Figure Skating and the Arts
Eight Centuries of Sport and Inspiration
Hardcover      ISBN: 076433803x
Former professional Canadian ice dancer and Canadian, international, world, and Olympic ice dancing judge Dafoe presents a visual history of figure skating as it has been captured over the past eight centuries in the arts. Illustrated throughout with full-color and b&w photographs and reproductions, the text includes images created by painters, sculptors, graphic artists, photographers, film makers and choreographers, and those who designed skates and costumes, medals and trophies, programs and posters, advertising, dolls, and other decorative objects. The text includes an introduction by skating great Dick Button in which he describes his own passion for collecting art capturing the spirit of the sport. Oversize: 12x9.25". Annotation ©2012 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Home Ice: Reflections on Backyard Rinks and Frozen Ponds
Home Ice
Reflections on Backyard Rinks and Frozen Ponds
Paperback      ISBN: 1930845049
There is no shortage of books that describe how participating in a particular sporting activity strengthens bonds between people. Falla's book accomplishes this feat through a collection of essays on backyard skating rinks and frozen ponds and how these local skating venues allow their participants to get in touch with the game of hockey in addition to building relationships with family and friends. The author, a sportswriter and author of Sports Illustrated Hockey, is the architect and CEO of his full-scale backyard rink, the Bacon Street Omni, around which neighborhood life seems to revolve during the long, cold months. Each essay is short and provides for excellent recreational reading for people interested in skating in general and hockey in particular. Throughout, the author's love for winter sports is clear, especially as a link between his New England childhood and his current life, but readers who have never put on a pair of skates may have trouble connecting with this well written book. --Library Journal
Ice Skating: Steps to Success
Ice Skating
Steps to Success
Paperback      ISBN: 0873226690
Demonstrates proper posture, illustrates skating maneuvers, provides practice tips, and features fifty drills for learning and developing skills according to ability level

Icebreaker: The Autobiography of Rudy Galindo
The Autobiography of Rudy Galindo
Paperback      ISBN: 0671003917
The renowned gay figure skater describes how he overcame such painful times as the deaths of his loved ones and his struggle with drugs and alcohol while presenting his experience with the universal determination to never quit. Reprint.
Only With Passion: Figure Skating's Most Winning Champion on Competition and Life
Only With Passion
Figure Skating's Most Winning Champion on Competition and Life
Paperback      ISBN: 1586484273
The champion figure skater describes her life and career and offers advice to young skaters on love, competition, and how to achieve success.