Chicago Rink Rats: The Roller Capital in Its Heyday
Chicago Rink Rats
The Roller Capital in Its Heyday
Paperback      ISBN: 1625859686
By 1950, roller skating had emerged as the number-one participatory sport in America. Ironically, the war years launched the Golden Age of Roller Skating. Soldiers serving overseas pleaded for skates along with their usual requests for cigarettes and letters from home. Stateside, skating uplifted morale and kept war factory workers exercising. By the end of the decade, five thousand rinks operated across the country. Its epicenter: Chicago! And no one was left behind! The Blink Bats, a group of Braille Center skaters, held their own at the huge Broadway Armory rink. Meanwhile, the Swank drew South Side crowds to its knee-action floor and stocked jukebox. Eighteen celebrated rinks are now gone, but rinks that remain honor the traditions of the sport’s glory years. Author Tom Russo scoured newspaper archives and interviewed skaters of the roller capital’s heyday to reveal the enduring legacy of Chicago’s rink rats.
The Complete Book of Figure Skating
The Complete Book of Figure Skating
Paperback      ISBN: 0736035486
This work provides proven technique instruction for more than 100 skills, presented progressively from beginning to advanced levels of expertise. It contains special training tips and teaching exercises to help skaters understand and master correct technique.
Eight-Wheeled Freedom: The Derby Nerd's Short History of Flat Track Roller Derby
Eight-Wheeled Freedom
The Derby Nerd's Short History of Flat Track Roller Derby
Paperback      ISBN: 1928088139
From Riot Grrrls to the world cup, the Derby Nerd spins us through this fascinating sport. D. D. Miller is fascinated by roller derby. As the Derby Nerd he has been covering roller derby since 2009, travelling to games across Canada and the United States, including two world championships, reporting back to an ever-growing audience the details of the sport. In this entertaining and thorough book he explains roller derby to newcomers and charts the sport’s rise from small groups of women looking for people to skate with over the Internet to the world presence it is today. Along the way he considers roller derby’s roots in Riot Grrrl and DIY culture, and the importance of the LGBTQ community both inside and outside of the sport. This is a warm, thoughtful look at a sport that Miller understands intimately, which takes us beyond the costumes and showmanship, into the heart of what he feels may be the first truly feminist sport.
Ice Skating: Steps to Success
Ice Skating
Steps to Success
Paperback      ISBN: 0873226690
Demonstrates proper posture, illustrates skating maneuvers, provides practice tips, and features fifty drills for learning and developing skills according to ability level
Red Nails, Black Skates: Gender, Cash, and Pleasure on and Off the Ice
Red Nails, Black Skates
Gender, Cash, and Pleasure on and Off the Ice
Hardcover      ISBN: 0822351978
In her forties, Erica Rand bought a pair of figure skates to vary her workout routine. Within a few years, the college professor was immersed in adult figure skating. Here, in short, incisive essays, she describes the pleasures to be found in the rink and the exclusionary practices that make those pleasures more accessible to some than to others. Throughout the book, Rand situates herself as a queer femme, describing her mixed feelings about participating in a sport with heterosexual storylines and rigid standards about gender appropriate costumes and moves. She chronicles her experiences competing in the Gay Games and U.S. Figure Skating’s annual competition “Adult Nationals.” Aided by her comparative study of roller derby and women’s hockey, including a brief attempt to play hockey, she addresses matters such as skate color conventions, judging systems, racial and sexual norms, transgender issues in sports, and the economics of athletic participation and risk-taking. Mixing sharp critique with genuine appreciation and delight, Rand suggests ways to make figure skating more inclusive, while portraying the unlikely friendships facilitated by sports and the sheer elation of gliding on ice.

The Roller Derby Athlete: A Skater's Guide to Fitness, Training, Strategy and Nutrition
The Roller Derby Athlete
A Skater's Guide to Fitness, Training, Strategy and Nutrition
Paperback      ISBN: 1408832399
Roller derby is a unique, fast-paced sport that is taking the world by storm. This new book is the first to cover roller derby from a practical sports perspective including how to play the game including strategy, fitness, training guidance and nutritional advice.
Wonders On Ice: Figure Skating in Minnesota
Wonders On Ice
Figure Skating in Minnesota
Paperback      ISBN: 1880654350
Spiral, spins, jumps, intricate footwork - we all marvel when figure skaters perform their Wonders on Ice. Many of us are skaters, while others prefer to watch the simple grace of the sport. Minnesotans have been figure skating for 150 years. We have built rinks, started clubs, held local, national, and world competitions, and attended ice shows such as the Ice Follies, Holiday on Ice, and Tom Collin's Champions on Ice, all with strong ties to Minnesota. Skating is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family.