Caribbean Islands
Martha Brae's Two Histories: European Expansion and Caribbean Culture-Building in Jamaica
Martha Brae's Two Histories
European Expansion and Caribbean Culture-Building in Jamaica
Paperback      ISBN: 0807854093
Based on historical research and more than thirty years of anthropological fieldwork, this wide-ranging study underlines the importance of Caribbean cultures for anthropology, which has generally marginalized Europe's oldest colonial sphere. Located at the gateway to the New World in the plantation heartlands of the Americas, the settlement of Martha Brae, Jamaica, has witnessed the unfolding of two distinct, yet interrelated histories. Exploring the significance of Martha Brae as a European-Caribbean slaving port in the eighteenth century, Jean Besson simultaneously uncovers the neglected tale of Martha Brae's gradual appropriation by ex-slaves and its transformation into an African-Caribbean free village, bringing the story right up into the present day. Central to this transformation is the system of "family land", which interrelates with kinship, community, economy, cosmology, gender, oral tradition, and state law. Besson shows that this customary land tenure is not a passive survival from either Africa or Europe, as conventional theories contend, but a dynamic creole institution created by Caribbean people in response to European-American land monopoly and cultural dominance. This perspective advances debates on African-American cultural history and the anthropological study of culture.
Mastery, Tyranny, and Desire: Thomas Thistlewood and His Slaves in the Anglo-Jamaican World
Mastery, Tyranny, and Desire
Thomas Thistlewood and His Slaves in the Anglo-Jamaican World
Paperback      ISBN: 0807855251
Eighteenth-century Jamaica, Britain's largest and most valuable slave-owning colony, relied on a brutal system of slave management to maintain its tenuous social order. Trevor Burnard provides unparalleled insight into Jamaica's vibrant but harsh African and European cultures with a comprehensive examination of the extraordinary diary of plantation owner Thomas Thistlewood. Thistlewood's diary, kept over the course of forty years, describes in graphic detail how white rule over slaves was predicated on the infliction of terror on the bodies and minds of slaves. Thistlewood treated his slaves cruelly even while he relied on them for his livelihood. Along with careful notes on sugar production, Thistlewood maintained detailed records of a sexual life that fully expressed the society's rampant sexual exploitation of slaves. In Burnard's hands, Thistlewood's diary reveals a great deal not only about the man and his slaves but also about the structure and enforcement of power, changing understandings of human rights and freedom, and connections among social class, race, and gender, as well as sex and sexuality, in the plantation system.
The Middle Passage: The Caribbean Revisited
The Middle Passage
The Caribbean Revisited
Paperback      ISBN: 0375708340
A look at Trinidad, British Guiana, Surinam, Martinique, and Jamaica focuses on the influence of European colonization on the language, politics, values, and culture of the Caribbean. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.
Modernity Disavowed: Haiti and the Cultures of Slavery in the Age of Revolution
Modernity Disavowed
Haiti and the Cultures of Slavery in the Age of Revolution
Paperback      ISBN: 0822332906
A study of the ways that knowledge of the slave revolt in Haiti was denied/repressed/disavowed within the network of slave-owning states and plantation societies of the New World.
The Negro in the Caribbean
The Negro in the Caribbean
Paperback      ISBN: 1617590088
The New Rum: A Modern Guide to the Spirit of the Americas
The New Rum
A Modern Guide to the Spirit of the Americas
Hardcover      ISBN: 1682680002
Rum, traditionally relegated to cloying cocktails or tropical- themed novelty drinks, is undergoing a global renaissance. In bars and distilleries across the world, rum is being defined as a dynamic, complex, and versatile drink. New to the scene of connoisseurship, rum is a spirit of possibilities, inviting imaginative bartenders and mixologists to leave their marks on this burgeoning movement.In The New Rum, award- winning drinks author Bryce T. Bauer charts the historical and cultural journey of the spirit of the Americas from its origins in the Caribbean, to its long- held status as a cheap vacation drink, to today’s inspiring craft revival. This rum-spiked travelogue also includes a producer- focused drinks guide, covering dozens of the world’s most innovative and iconic producers, making everything from Martinique rhum agricole to long-aged sippers from Barbados and the Dominican Republic.
Night of Fire: The Black Napoleon and the Battle of Haiti
Night of Fire
The Black Napoleon and the Battle of Haiti
Paperback      ISBN: 0962761370
Napoleon was forced to divert badly needed troops to deal with a slave army in Haiti led by Jean Jacques Dessalines.
On That Day, Everybody Ate: One Woman's Story of Hope and Possibility in Haiti
On That Day, Everybody Ate
One Woman's Story of Hope and Possibility in Haiti
Paperback      ISBN: 0977333892
The Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd
The Pirate Hunter
The True Story of Captain Kidd
Paperback      ISBN: 0786884517
The author of History Laid Bare traces the legendary career of American buccaneer Captain William Kidd, a New York sea captain hired to chase pirates, from his early voyages through his death on the gallows, and discusses the role played by Robert Culliford, a rogue and mutineer, in Kidd's downfall. Reprint. 40,000 first printing.
Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship
Pirate Hunters
Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship
Compact Disc      ISBN: 0735209421
Traces the high-stakes quest of John Mattera and Shadow Divers' John Chatterton to find the lost pirate ship of Joseph Bannister, discussing their teamwork with technology-eschewing Tracy Bowden and the story behind Bannister's elusive treasure.