Juggling Step-By-Step
Juggling Step-By-Step
Paperback      ISBN: 0806908157

Written by a professional juggler, this guide teaches the basic techniques of juggling. Learning starts with rolled-up scarves and finishes with under-the-leg and behind-the-back throws. The colour photographs illustrate clearly every step.

Selected Chaff: The Wartime Columns of Al McIntosh, 1941-1945
Selected Chaff
The Wartime Columns of Al McIntosh, 1941-1945
Paperback      ISBN: 0760333033

An eyewitness to the ebbs and flows of World War II, Al McIntosh's wartime weekly columns became a staple for millions of Americans, chronicling events abroad and at home with immediacy, vivid description, and balanced prose. This is a collection of his columns.