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Monumental Minnesota: A Guide to Ourdoor Sculpture
Monumental Minnesota
A Guide to Ourdoor Sculpture
Paperback      ISBN: 096177679x

Minnesotans have in the past century honored heroes and public figures, created mythic and heroic town symbols, funded abstracts on public streets and walkways, and now find themselves surrounded by a growing forest of sculpture carved by the chainsaw. Minnesota has more than 630 different pieces of outdoor sculpture, located in 150 different communities.

Angels of Paris: An Architectural Tour Through the History of Paris
Angels of Paris
An Architectural Tour Through the History of Paris
Hardcover      ISBN: 1936941015

Angels are sculpted everywhere in Paris, not just on churches but in unexpected places: holding a lightning rod atop the Th tre du Ch telet's roof, adorning a seventeenth-century gilded sundial inside a courtyard at the Sorbonne, hovering above a railroad headquarters where a beautiful stone frieze features young angels flying in to work on the tracks. Subtly, subliminally, the angels are a part of the fanciful and romantic spirit of Paris. Angels of Paris is the first book to explore this intriguing and extraordinary subject.

Angels of Paris features beautiful photographs taken from dawn to dusk, in all seasons, accompanied by text explaining the story behind the creation of each angel and of the location in which it is found. Organized chronologically, the book delves into the artistic trends and historic movements the angels reflect and the stories of the artists who created them and of those who commissioned them. Readers will learn about Paris's history, buildings, and monuments through the abundant, beautiful, and surprising depictions of angels from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.

Rosemary Flannery has found angels in friezes, plaques, and free-standing sculpture; on fountains and fa ades, clocks and sundials, monuments and mansions, rooftops and window frames. Angels of Paris is a unique way for lovers of Paris to learn more about the city in a new and unusual way.
The Glass Glass Collection
The Glass Glass Collection
Hardcover      ISBN: 0939896990

-The Glass collection of contemporary glass represents the greatest achievements by a large and diverse group of important American and international artists This publication commemorates the public unveiling of the Sherwin and Shirley Glass Glass Collection at the Flint Institute of Arts in its new wing, dedicated to contemporary craft. Amassed during a ten-year period by Atlanta-based collectors Sherwin and Shirley Glass, this contemporary glass collection represents the greatest achievements by a large and diverse group of important international artists. With glass masterworks by more than 85 artists representing 19 countries around the world, this collection shows an explosion of creativity in the medium of glass from the late 20th through the early 21st century. In this catalog, FIA Executive Director John Henry demonstrates why Flint, Michigan, is an ideal location for a contemporary craft wing; Habatat Galleries Founder Ferd Hampson discusses how the Glasses collecting interests represented a "quest for the best;" and Patricia Grieve Watkinson contextualizes the Glass Glass Collection within international and American glass movements. Contents: Contemporary Craft in Flint - John B. Henry; A Quest for the Best - Ferdinand Hampson; Tradition, Innovation, and Meaning: The Sherwin and Shirley Glass Collection - Patricia Grieve Watkinson.

Zadok Ben-David: Human Nature
Zadok Ben-David
Human Nature
Hardcover      ISBN: 191142209x

- First comprehensive monograph of the Zadok Ben-David's work- Spans twenty years and includes four major installations, plus outdoor sculptureZadok Ben-David's inspiration derives from nature, science, magic and illusion. From Evolution and Theory (1995), where he explores scientific discoveries, to the psychological installation Blackfield (2007), with thousands of flowers, and the magical The Other Side of Midnight (2013), which incorporates hundreds of insects, one of the characteristics of Ben-David's work is the use of multiplicity as an organizing principle. He creates an alternate amplified viewing space where the relationship between viewer (human) and artwork (nature) is both sacred and destabilizing. The new ongoing installation People I Saw but Never Met, features thousands of miniatures of people that he has photographed and drawn during his travels, suggesting ways in which we are both isolated yet always close together. Together with outdoor works, completed over a twenty-year period, this new book brings these four installations together for the first time, in all their magical detail.

Chris Larson: Failure
Chris Larson
Hardcover      ISBN: 3775722327

Minnesota-based Chris Larson examines the relationship between humans and machines. In recent works, the artist has used his prodigious woodworking skills to depict large objects colliding--a spaceship nearly flattening a wooden barn, for example, about which Larson has remarked, "I wouldn't go and say this is about this church that was blown up in the 30s. I wouldn't say this is about, like, invading Iraq or some planes crashing into buildings. It's just--there's a lot of two worlds colliding right now, and it doesn't seem like they're colliding real well." Another constructed collision shows the General E. Lee (the 1969 Dodge Charger made famous by the 1970s television show The Dukes of Hazzard) crashing into Unabomber Ted Kaczynski's Montana cabin. This publication features a new film, as well as recent sculpture, drawing and photographic works, evidencing what critic Ken Johnson has termed "a promisingly strange and baroque imagination.

From Rodin to Plensa: Modern Sculpture at the Meadows Museum
From Rodin to Plensa
Modern Sculpture at the Meadows Museum
Hardcover      ISBN: 178551105x

-The first book on the Meadows Museum's outstanding collection of Modernist sculptures -Features the work of the world's most renowned sculptors from Jacques Lipchitz and Henry Moore to Rodin and Giacometti -An elegantly designed publication, with full color photography that brings the sculptures to life Featuring works by many of the leading twentieth-century Modernists, the sculpture collection of the Meadows Museum in Dallas, Texas, is an American gem. Large- and small-scale works by renowned artists such as Jacques Lipchitz, Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi and Claes Oldenburg can be seen on the Museum's welcoming outdoor plaza, while important figural sculptures by Auguste Rodin, Aristide Maillol and Alberto Giacometti are on display within the Museum. This elegantly designed book is the first publication on this outstanding collection, offering photography by Laura Wilson and new scholarship by Steven A. Nash on works by some of the most accomplished artists to work in three dimensions. Follow @MeadowsMuseum on Twitter (1630 followers).

Anthony Caro: A Life in Sculpture
Anthony Caro
A Life in Sculpture
Hardcover      ISBN: 1858942594

Coincides with an exhibition of new sculpture at Kenwood, London, a major retrospective at Tate Britain, and exhibitions elsewhere in Europe, the United States and the Far East. Complete introduction to one of the world's most respected and influential sculptors.

Art in Industry: The Silver of Paul Storr
Art in Industry
The Silver of Paul Storr
Paperback      ISBN: 1898565147

The first book on Paul Storr for more than fifty yearsBicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, so Regency period in the newsPaul Storr (1770-1844), acknowledged to be the greatest silversmith of the Regency period, holds a special place in the history of English silver. The workshops he directed, first for the Royal Goldsmiths Rundell, Bridge & Rundell, and later on his own account, wrought some of the greatest silver of the first half of the nineteenth century. The designs were provided by well-known Regency names such as John Flaxman, William Theed, Edward Hodges Baily, and Thomas Stothard. Storr numbered among his clients not only British royalty and aristocracy, but continental European nobility and prominent Americans. The year 2015 marks the bicentennial of the Battle of Waterloo, which saw Britain emerge as the dominant power in Europe. Military campaigns on land and sea, a more international outlook, newly fashionable foods, changes in table settings, and above all the creation of great wealth for Britain resulted in a revolution in silverware.

Cellini: Artist, Genius Fugitive
Artist, Genius Fugitive
Hardcover      ISBN: 075092957x

The life of Cellini is a romping good story which at present exists only in the form of a memoir, read by students and specialists. Derek Parker retells Cellini's life, setting it in the context of the turbulent world of Renaissance Europe. Cellini, famous as sculptor and goldsmith, and patronized by both Francis I of France and the Medici courts of Tuscany, was one of the most picturesque figures of the Renaissance. His adventures, hot temper and tendency to fight, his escapes from prison and amorous escapades among the Florentine and Roman nobility, and his interest in magic, made him a figure of renown in his own time, and beyond.

Sculpture in the Age of Donatello: Renaissance Masterpieces from Florence Cathedral
Sculpture in the Age of Donatello
Renaissance Masterpieces from Florence Cathedral
Hardcover      ISBN: 1907804560

This remarkable and beautiful new volume examines twenty-three major artworks that were produced to decorate Sta. Maria del Fiore in Florence, better known to visitors as the Duomo, or cathedral, in the first decades of the 1400s.

These include nine works alone by Donatello, considered one of the greatest and most influential Italian sculptors, including his masterpiece Lo Zuccone, and The Evangelist John which inpsired Michelangelo. There is also a detailed discussion of Ghiberti's gilded bronze Gates of Paradise, created for the Eastern end of the cathedral, which includes remarkable shots of the doors before, and after, their current restoration.

With four chapters by leading scholars, and a catalog presenting over fifty superb color plates of the artworks, beautifully photographed by leading art photographer Antonio Quattrone, this volume explains how these masterpieces had a profound impact on the art of the Italian Renaissance.

This is a major new scholarly survey, and will become a seminal text on the artistic imagination, creativity, and skill of the Florentine Renaissance.

Mons. Timothy Verdon is the director of both the Diocesan Office of Sacred Art and Cultural Heritage Ecclesiastical and the Museo dell'Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore.

Daniel Zolli is a doctoral candidate in Harvard University's history of art and architecture department.

Amy R. Bloch is assistant professor of art history at the University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY).

Marco Ciatti is director of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Florence.