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Sculpture in the Age of Donatello: Renaissance Masterpieces from Florence Cathedral
Sculpture in the Age of Donatello
Renaissance Masterpieces from Florence Cathedral
Hardcover      ISBN: 1907804560
"Publication accompanies the opening of the exhibition on the art of the Museo dell'Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, at the Museum of Biblical Art in New York, in February 2015. It is a ground-breaking examination of the art and decoration of Sta. Maria del Fiore in Florence, better known to international visitors as the Duomo, much of which has not been seen in the USA before. With four essays by leading scholars plus a catalogue of 23 works, it features masterpieces that had a profound and lasting influence on the art of the Florentine (and wider Italian) Renaissance, and serves as a major new survey of early Renaissance art. Featured works by Donatello include Lo Zuccone (which the artist considered to be one of his best works), The Evangelist John carved for the facade of the cathedral between 1408 and 1413 and an inspiration for Michelangelo's Moses, and the highly dramatic Sacrifice of Isaac.The main colour plates of the artworks have been shot by leading art photographer Antonio Quattrone. "--
Encyclopedia Anatomica
Encyclopedia Anatomica
Paperback      ISBN: 3822855103
The Mourners: Tomb Sculpture from the Court of Burgundy
The Mourners
Tomb Sculpture from the Court of Burgundy
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300155174
During the late Middle Ages, the dukes of Burgundy––the wealthiest and most powerful aristocrats in northern Europe––commissioned sculptors of great renown to decorate their magnificent court in Dijon. Working in a studio presided over by Claus Sluter, these sculptors created monuments for the ducal family that rivaled contemporary Italian works. This stunning book provides an in-depth study of the twin summits of the achievement of these artists––sculptures from the tombs of Philip the Bold (1342–1404) and his son, John the Fearless (1371–1419). These extraordinary marble and alabaster tombs serve as platforms for the ducal figures, who rest atop fully carved arcades. Within the spaces of the arcades, the artists carved individual monks in procession. Just over two feet high, each monk is a miniature embodiment of late medieval devotion. Shown in various states of mourning, they move in perpetual procession beneath the marble bodies of their rulers. Accompanying the first major traveling exhibition of these recently restored sculptures, The Mourners illuminates the artistic sophistication and craftsmanship of these works.
Ancient Bronzes Through a Modern Lens: Introductory Essays on the Study of Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Bronzes
Ancient Bronzes Through a Modern Lens
Introductory Essays on the Study of Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Bronzes
Paperback      ISBN: 0300207794
This publication brings together prominent art historians, conservators, and scientists to discuss fresh approaches to the study of ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern works of bronze. Featuring significant bronzes from the Harvard Art Museums
Eva Hesse: Sculpture
Eva Hesse
Hardcover      ISBN: 0943221021
Alluring Presence: Jade & Gem Stone Sculptures
Alluring Presence
Jade & Gem Stone Sculptures
Hardcover      ISBN: 1897476604
From classical to abstract to iconic, Lyle Sopel’s sublime repertoire of original gemstone sculptures is featured for the first time in one volume of over 180 pages of breathtaking images. Both eclectic and prolific in his approach to his subject matter, Lyle Sopel is internationally recognized for his ability to capture the essence of nature and human form and mythology with his sculptures. His one-of-a-kind works of art dance with life and are imbued with whimsy and elegance. A visual feast of color, texture and story, this book invites you to experience his work for yourself and glimpse into the soul of an extraordinary artist.
The Arundel And Pomfret Marbles
The Arundel And Pomfret Marbles
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1854442074
The largest surviving portion of the first major collection of Classical antiquities in Britain - the sculptures and inscriptions collected in the early 17th century by Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel for his London house and garden - is in the Antiquities Department of the Ashmolean Museum. This handbook tracks their eventful history.
Living Materials: A Sculptor's Handbook
Living Materials
A Sculptor's Handbook
Paperback      ISBN: 0520064526
Covers clay, plaster building, mold-making, cement, stone carving, wood, plastic, metals, welding, bronze casting, and sand casting
Hardcover      ISBN: 1907804838
Wonder looks at the whole notion of discovery and awe in the presence of marvellous things. As well as nine specially commissioned works by leading contemporary artists, including Jennifer Angus, Chakaia Booker, Gabriel Dawe, Tara Donovan, Patrick Dougherty, Janet Echelman, John Grade, Maya Lin, and Leo Villareal, this thought-provoking new volume features twenty-seven unique objects drawn from history.
Karel Appel Sculpture: A Catalogue Raisonne
Karel Appel Sculpture
A Catalogue Raisonne
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810919451
Rebellious, spontaneous, childlike, avant-garde, intensely personal, passionately colorful - all these characterize the completely unique sculptures of the renowned artist Karel Appel. Karel Appel Sculpture is the first complete volume on his sculptures, from his earliest pieces of 1947, when the young founder of the CoBrA movement burst on the scene in Europe, to Appel's most recent works of this past year. In the text, Donald Kuspit delves into the intense emotion that he says is the essence of Karel Appel's art. He follows the artist's mental and artistic development, touching on threads that run throughout his works: the childlike aspects of his art, the role of insanity, the anticipation of death, his fluid, constantly changing creative expression. With one hundred rich colorplates and over 130 black-and-whites, Karel Appel Sculpture represents a catalogue raisonne of every work the artist has created. The entire range of Appel's sculptural career to date is here: from his notorious Questioning Children relief assemblages which brought him to the forefront of the avant-garde art scene in Amsterdam in 1948-49; to the totem-like structures of the late 1940s; the organic shapes of his rough, wildly painted olive-tree roots of 1960; the Standing Nudes of 1980s; to his latest works - the Pyre Series - massive, complex sculptural fantasies that combine painting, sculpture, architecture, and found objects and are based on folk legends and primitive myths.